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Chemictron is an alien from an unknown species from an undiscovered planet, that appears frequently in Gonza & Isma vs. The Mini-verse.

"Not very environmentalist"
Home planet: Unknown for now
Species: Undiscovered
Body Type: Hazardous chemicals
Powers: Melt objects
Limited regeneration
  • Harmful compounds
  • Immobilize
  • Other stuff
Predator: {{{Predator}}}
Prey: Sandbox
First Appearance: Pursued...on an Iceberg


Chemictron is completely made out of a harmful chemical, that can change at any time, for example, he changes from being made of hydroxide sodium, to just alcohol. All of this while remaining the same viscosity and color: purple as the main one, and blue in the special, random form.

He has a deformed humanoid form, with a head but without neck, that shows some angry green/red eyes (depending if Gonza or Isma is using him) along with a wavy closed mouth. He has a type of gill hidden behind his mouth, supposedly for helping him to "breath".

His arms and legs are long and stretchy, their hands and legs are even more deformed because of the heat they produce.

He constantly drips chemicals like sweat because he is "80% Stable".

He has the Minitrix symbol on his chest.


  • Enhanced durability.
  • Slow regeneration
  • Transforms his body into any element/compound, except for some simple ones like Hydrogen.
    • With this, he can, for example, intoxicate people with sulfur mustard, or burn them with ammonia.
    • With his semi-liquid form, he can trap someone inside his body and immobilize him completely.
  • Resists the cold like nothing.
  • Can shape his body a bit to avoid attacks.
  • Using the "Non-Newtonian strategy", he can become solid for a while.
  • It's an smart alien, despite having no brains.


  • Fire is his worst enemy, as he can melt, burst or even explode in pieces, depending on the current substance he's made of.
    • Some other bad things can happen without touching fire, like the chlorine being transformed in normal sodium.
  • As said, he regenerates very slowly.
  • And also he's not very agile.


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