Larger Chemikrab

Chemicrab is a Crusteacious Fi Sillicoid, essentially a living vat of chemicals that lives within a large metallic shell that grows along with it as it matures. Each shell is different between individual members of the species, meaning no two are alike. This one in particular traps water within a vacuum in it's shell, either to expell it as a defense mechanism as either a high pressure stream of water or jets on it's back to propell it through the air or water. He is a transformation within the Deltamatrix.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Large Body
  • Nearly Indestructible Shell
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Acidic (Inner Body)
  • Elasticity (Inner Body)
  • Able to Fire High Pressure Water Jets from Claw and Thrusters on back.
  • Able to Store water within body.
  • Strong Claw


  • Highly Vulnerable without Shell.
  • Extremely Heavy
  • Slow
  • Susceptible to drying up without moisture.
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