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Chemicon X
General Information
Star System Chemic System
Entity Type Planet
Environment Factory
Habitability Habitable
Sapient Species Sentient Chemicoal
Non-Sapient Species Living Chemicoal
Non-Native Species Ornithis

Chemicon X is a planet that is home to the Sentient Chemicoal, and is the tenth planet in the Chemic system. The planet is interchangeably referred to as both 'Chemicon ex' and 'Chemicon ten'.

Chemicon X is free, along with Sentient Chemicoal and MindMatter, to be used in your own series.


Chemicon X is one massive power plant. In some corners of the planet large areas of land are used as dumping grounds for waste material, these lands are home to the Sentient Chemicoal. Whilst these wastelands are found all over the planet few of them actually see the light of the Chemic sun, most are hidden beneath many stories of yet more power plant.


Long ago, Chemicon X was colonised by the Ornithis. Since the planet was lifeless then, they used it to create a single massive power plant. Short of a Dyson sphere, Chemicon X was the most impressive power source the galaxy had ever seen. However, the planet became almost obsolete upon the discovery of sub energy.

During the planet's halcyon years, the wastelands and dumping grounds used to store waste quickly became breeding grounds for life. In just a few thousand years, bacteria through to complex multi-celled lifeforms began to form. In the trash dumping grounds, plant life like the Junk Coral began to grow.

Eventually deposits of expended Chemicoal began to animate and come to life. Some of these deposits even gained sentience, though their ability to communicate was limited amidst the deafeningly loud engines of Chemicon X. They eventually managed to communicate with the owners of the power plant species by developing a primitive symbol-based language, until they could get somewhere quiet enough to begin developing their own audio-based language.

Nowadays the planet is kept partially as a nature reserve for the native Chemicoal, but also to auction off the created power to races that cannot afford sub energy.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient Species

Non-Sapient Species

  • Living Chemicoal
  • Various bacterium species


  • Junk Coral


  • This planet is home to both sentient and non-sentient variants of living Chemicoal, as only some deposits actually managed to achieve sentience.


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