General Information
Home World Rhoyack Komarr
Body Insect Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Leg Stretching

Heat Sensor
Heat Rays
Enhanced Agility
180 Degree Vision


Chemahomachs are insect-humanoid like species from the planet Rhoyack Komarr. Their DNA sample is the alien Protosect.


Chemahomachs have an oval-like head with Bug eyes and an exo-skeletion like torso. They have long legs and two claws on his hands. They are primary white in color, have red armbands and forehead, green claws and inner body.

Some Chemahomachs have blue energy cables connecting from their backs to their tails.

Powers and Abilities

They have the ability to stretch their legs almost endlessly. They can project heat rays from their claws. Their bug-like eyes give them full 180 degree vision, allowing them to see everything infront of them. They can also detect objects and living beings by sensing their Heat Trail. Because of their stretchable legs, their agility is enhanced.

Known Chemahomachs

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