Chelsey Jae Tennyson is Charmcaster's longest and best friend, as well as the magical second cousin of Gwen and Ben Tennyson. She appears in Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Since she was five years old, she has known her great aunt Verdona Tennyson, having been introduced through her Anodite parents.

She grew up in Colorado, out of sight of the other Tennysons. There, when she was 8 years old, she met her to-be best friend Charmcaster, who for a long time she only knew by "Hope." As Plumbers, Chelsey's parents did not (and to this day, do not) make too much, making it difficult to financially support the family. As such, through the years where one, two, three, and now four sisters have joined her, Chelsey schemed alongside Charmcaster for valuable treasures or cash to help pay the bills.

Her family eventually moved to Bellwood to rekindle ties with the other Tennysons, and simultaneously, she met Ben, who extended a helping hand.


A free spirit like many Anodites, especially her grandmother, Chelsey is a lover of older music and general aesthetics. In addition, she is extremely lax, whether it be in relationships or with the tenuous line between legal and otherwise. She is, however, constantly thinking of how what she's doing benefits her family - without the money, they'd have been on the streets for a decade now.


Back in Action: Alien Universe


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