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Cheat Clone is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Digileculan from the planet Hakdamedia.


Cheat Clone has a short, humanoid stature with light aquamarine skin. His head has large green eyes and is a brighter shade of blue than his skin. He wears a blue helmet with three green blades coming from the sides, as well as a green visor. He has a green jumpsuit with a line running from the neck to the pants. He has green boots directly connected to his jumpsuit. He has two arms with four fingers each, which are slightly larger and disproportionate to his limbs.

Cheat Clone wears the Omnitrix symbol on his back.


Cheat Clone's voice is dual medium-toned.

Powers and Abilities

Cheat Clone can enter technology; he can enter screens such as television or computer screens as if they were actually doors. He can utilize this ability to teleport through screens into other devices, or even travel through circuitry or wiring.

Cheat Clone is intelligent in the technological field and can navigate his way through coding very well, as well as hack or restore missing coding.

Cheat Clone can duplicate himself seemingly to no limit; the duplication works in doubles, meaning he will always have an even number of clones. There will also not be any duplication time, as they will appear out of thin air. Each clone acts together with each other, allowing them to safely formulate a plan without arguing.

Cheat Clone can detach his disproportionate hands from his sockets and teleport them through any solid material, and can use them to deliver a far-range punch, which is much stronger than his seemingly small size.

Cheat Clone is very agile and quick and can dodge attacks at a fast pace.


The Omnitrix provides Cheat Clone with a sturdy and durable helmet, which is ridiculously difficult to get off his head.

The helmet grants Cheat Clone a visor, which helps him see in a technological way, meaning he can see the code of anything. He can also see invisible opponents via thermographic vision.

The visor possesses excellent luminescence, allowing Cheat Clone to see in the dark.


Cheat Clone has a shared sensory web or nervous system, making it impossible to create an army of infinite clones, as if one of them is destroyed, all of them will feel the same pain.

Considering the fact that Cheat Clone has the reach and durability of a 10-year old, he can be easily hurt by stronger foes.


Cheat Clone comes from cheat code, referencing his abilities, and clone, referencing his duplication abilities.


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