Charybdis, is one of the alien, Ben will unlock.

Charybdis (made by Omernoy121)

. Charybdis is a man-sized fish alien. Their species were believed to lurk in many planets after the destruction of Sagrasso , the ocean area of Planet Orinico . The armour that Charybdis wears can withstand water pressure enabling him to dive into the deepest parts of ocean. He is a Poseidonian from Orinico.


  • Create bubbles that grow in size until they explodes
  • Create powerful currents to form a whirlpool
  • Shoots energy bullets


  • Mud, can slow down his speed or his energy bullets

Ultimate Form

Charybdis Ultimate
Charybdis's Ultimate form has been revealed, but Ben wouldn't use it. He is Beast type alien which rules over all Aquatic type aliens in Orinico. Though the Scale Mail which covers his body, he is made of "Zoid " converted into the "Blue zoid" which excels in agility, it prefers to remove it when possible due to its poor speed in the water. Poseidonians constructed the deep-sea shrine known as "Abyss Sanctuary "; as its description suggests, the castle is built within the bottommost area of Planet Orinico and only those who can withstand the severe water pressure can safely enter the fortress. He can create a massive tsunami that swallows everything in his path. He is thought to be a expert spearist.

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