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General Information
Species 1/2 Anodite
1/2 Necroterran
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Healing
Other Powers Unknown
Weaknesses No Known Weaknesses
Used By Ben 10'000
Appears in Death of Ben 10

Charmedge is the Biomnitrix's fusion of Charmblaster and Triedge, an Anodite DNA sample and Necroterran DNA sample respectively. He appears in Death of Ben 10.


He is a thin humanoid figure with ash black skin. His head is sharp and triangular, with deep grooves in his chest. Flowing energy pours out of the back of his head and ankles, and his eyes are bright green. The Biomnitrix symbol is on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

Extract from Death of Ben 10 Chapter 12:

"He brings his two green gauntlets together in front of his face. He quickly becomes lean and thin, his skin turning an ashen black. Grooves begin to form in his chest, as his face becomes sharp and triangular. His two eyes become a piercing green and flowing energy pours out of his head and ankles. The Biomnitrix symbol materialises on his chest as the green glow fades and the transformation completes."

Powers and Abilities

His only known power was his ability to heal people, bringing them out of unconsciousness. Bizarrely, doing so caused the grass behind Charmedge to wilt.


Having only been seen briefly his weaknesses are unknown.


Death of Ben 10

Ben 10'000 used Charmedge to heal Ben Prime in Chapter 12, but immediately returned to his human form after doing so.

He was used again in Trials by Fire: Part 2 to help defeat Ollopa. He used the same healing powers as before, but due to Ollopa's nature this actually weakened him.


Death of Ben 10

Ben 10'000


  • In Death of Ben 10, the present Bens do not know which species make up Charmedge (Ben Prime hasn't even seen this fusion). The future Bens do know which aliens make up Charmedge, but refuse to say.
  • This alien was subject to a small competition that, upon completion, would result in the release of his artwork and the aliens that compose him. This competition can be seen below, and it was won by CaT because of course it was.
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