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Charmcaster 3rd outfit




Mana Manipulation
Charmcaster's Stone Creatures


Hex (uncle;Deceased)
Spellbinder (father;Deceased)
Afearna (sister)
Michael Morningstar (ex-boyfriend/Former partner)
Team Ben
Craig Reed (Partner)

First Appearance

Tough Luck


15 (Original series)
20/21(Alien Force/R-Evolve)
21/22(Ultimate Alien/Voltex)
23-24 (Bob 10)


Caroline (Kevin)
Princess (Pinky and Missy)

Theme song: Skrillex - Summit (Ft. Ellie Goulding)

Hope, better known as Charmcaster, is one of the villains in the Ben 10 series and the niece and apprentice of Gwen's nemesis Hex. Like her uncle, she depends on magic to fight. Though like most villains, she hates Ben, but her hatred is mostly turned towards Gwen for their shared affinity in magic, mirroring Ben's and Kevin's rivalry in the original series. In Where the Magic Happens, she briefly became a heroine when she and Gwen fought on the same side together, but her time spent alone in her homeworld afterward caused her to become corrupted again. In the Agito90 Timeline, After Charmcaster killed Adwaita, She decide to graph The Alpha Rune and almost throw it into the river until someone got it and sends her to prison. A couple years later, She free by Gwen and Penny to stop her sister,Afearna.


Charmcaster does not use her bag anymore, relying mainly on mana manipulation. However, she is still seen using various spells, including levitation, manipulating mana for lightning-like blasts, telekinesis, mind control, elemental control (water, plants, etc.), altering her appearance, bringing life to inanimate objects, transmogrification, summoning and controlling her rock monsters, teleportation, and opening portals for viewing or transport. She can also summon objects to her hand by teleportation or from her magic bag. She now has a staff that's similar to her uncle's that she can use to emit mana blasts.

Unlike Gwen's, Charmcaster's magic has a lightning-like effect and a whiter coloration, while Gwen's is more solid and darker, also instead of creating balls of pure mana for projectiles attack, Charmcaster creates lightning bolts. An interesting fact is that when creating magical attacks the large sphere that forms on her hand is atom shaped (two thin rings can be seen), Also she never used a shield unlike Gwen, mainly because when she attacks her spell will collide with the enemy's attack.


Ben 10[]

Ben 10: Reloaded[]

  • Rise of Hex (Only appearance)

Ben 10: Alien Force[]

Ben 10: R-Evolve[]

  • Heatfreak Reborn Pt1 (First re-appearance)
  • Heatfreak Reborn Pt2

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien[]

Ben 10:Voltex[]

  • Next Way (Cameo)
  • The crazy no.1 fan
  • Stange girl like Gwen (Mentioned)

Bob 10[]

  • Like Siblings (First re-apperance;became good side)
  • A New Darkstar

Ben 10: Legacy[]

  • Charmcaster (Episode)