Charmcaster, born Hope, is the Human ruler of Ledgerdomain, the realm of magic, who appears in Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Charmcaster's father Spellbinder stalled Adwaita, the tyrant of Ledgerdomain, in a hail mary that allowed her and her uncle Hex to escape to Earth.

She was nine years old when she was torn from her father and her only family became the uncle so magically inept that even she could bend his mind. Almost instantly, she began a still-ongoing friendship in Chelsey Tennyson, but against Hex's original wishes of maintaining secrecy. Rather than Chelsey making Hope a better person, Hope easily manipulated and corrupted Chelsey.

It was also at this young age that her uncle began teasing her with the prospect of him still being alive, claiming he knew it to be true so she would do his bidding in exchange for seeing him again. 

It was not until recent years, in revisiting Ledgerdomain, that she discovered this was all a lie. World conquest, in trying to amass an army - magical or not - strong enough to take on Adwaita, was a meaningless endgame. And in the end, life merely spat in her face when reviving her father meant being called worse than the one who separated their family in the first place.


For a human, Charmcaster is a prodigy magician, whose devotion to reclaiming her home drove her to explore all avenues of magic - light and dark. Unafraid to toe the line, or go overboard, she's amoral enough to have sacrificed the lives of 600,000 - many of which were being manipulated by her - in exchange for her father.

She possesses some degree of emotion (or longing for it), having loved deeply her father, held a life-long friendship in Chelsey Tennyson, and for one short period dated Darkstar.


Back in Action: Alien Universe

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