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Charlotter Leclair
coming soon, or NEVER
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age 15
Affiliations Miguel Blackheart
Occupations Apprentice Magician
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic
Equipment Magic Amulet
Spell Book
Aliases Charmcaster
Witch Girl
Voice Actor Any Volunteers?

Charlotte Leclair is a villain in A Hero of 10; Rebooted. She first appeared in "Witch Girl Hunting". She is a Human from the planet Earth.


Before she got magic, she had auburn hair in the style of her favorite magical heroine from the "Witch & Wizard" book series that she loved and still does. She wore a dark grey hoodie with a white shirt under it that has a hard-to-distinguish graphic print and jean skirt with black leggings that go down to her grey-blue sneakers that have sparkly laces.

Now, she still has that auburn hair but with naturally occurring white ombre tips shortened and with a small pony in the back, while having red headband with gold devil horns on it. She wears a gold dress with a deep crimson red coat, and brown boots and white knee socks.


She always loved magic for as long as she could remember and always got teased and picked on for it, she was timid and kept to herself out of fear and from the bullying she always got.

Once she gained magicm she became the bully she oh so despised. She doesn't take lip from no one anymore, but deep down she is still a caring person but will not show that weak side to anyone.

Powers and Abilities

She has an old spell book that she uses to perform various magical feats such as teleporting or flying. Emilia eventually steals this from her.

She has a magical amulet that she uses to perform different things with magic and magical energy of the color red with gold accenting color. It also eventually gets stolen by Emilia.

Now, the one thing that didn't get stolen by Emilia is her familiar Ariel. Its origins are unknown, but it is completely loyal to her and her alone.



  • Witch Girl Hunting (first appearance)
  • Appearance 2
  • Etc.