Charles Arctic Polarson is a Ursapiens from the planet Earth in Charles 10 who wields the Polytrix.

Charles Polarson
Charles polarson
General Information
Species 1/2 Ursapien

1/2 human

Home World Earth
Quote "The funny thing about logic is, that you sometimes come up with the strangest answers. Like for example. logically a French fry can last forever. And logically, you should have defeated me hours ago."
Alternate Counterparts Chaz Polarzon
Affilations Firepower



El Diablo


Relatives Joey
Age 10
Part in Team leader
Redsidence Fire-bird Academy
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities shapeshift
Equipment Polytrix
Astral Form polar bear-headed, wears cape
First Appearance The Fire Eternal


He has two forms, because Ursapiens are flip-sided shapeshifters, with two forms each. In his human form, he has ice-blue eys, extremely messy brunette hair, and a dark red collared shirt under a grey hoodie with red accents. He wears the Polytrix on his left wrist, even though he is left handed. And of course he wears pants. In his alien form, he resembles a bipedal polar bear with a patch of messy, longer fur on his head. He wears a larger version of his shirt from his human form, and is very skinny (in terms of the species he is, in his alien form he is still pretty muscular) in both forms. He wears the Polytrix as a collar in his alien form, and he has a basket strapped to his back with a young dragon in it. In season 3, the dragon does not fit in the basket. In a possible future (seen only in a live-action movie), the brightness of his eyes is greatly magnified by the Polytrix, and he dresses similarly to the 12th Doctor. His hair is grey, and he carries a sonic screwdriver.


He is very playful, and optimistic. Or he is self-critical, and pessimistic. Didn't I tell you Ursapiens were flipsided?

He is bookish and humorous. He sometimes yells, though. Trust me, you do not want to hear a polar bear yelling.

Powers and Abilities

He can switch between his two forms, and can transform into different aliens. He is a trained Plumber (no, not the ones that fix pipes! At least not actually fix pipes.) At some point, he will gain a biological automaton's arm with a disguised hand.


Fire. Also if his Polytrix times out, he cannot use it for any function.




Joey (cousin)

Lisa (aunt)


Firepower (his dragon)


Kevin E. Levin

Love Interests

Jackie Amalgam (possible future, they certainly seem just friends right now)




He appears in all episodes of Charles 10.


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