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Charles 10
Creator Greenwatchandabluebox
Co-Writers {{{Co-Writers}}}
Art Designer(s) and Others PokeRob


Seasons TBA
Episodes TBA
Created on 10/4/15
Rating TV-Y7
Preceeded By none
Succeeded by Charles 10: Alien Generation

Charles 10 is a series by Greenbox that follows Charles Polarson as he fights off aliens. It is supposed to have 3 seasons, and it was created on October 4, 2015.

Theme Song:

By CaT


Charles Polarson, an Ursapien, lives in a world where fog made up of particles from the Intergalactic Medium covers Earth, bringing along with it technology, aliens, and experiments from outer space, some hostile, some friendly. Then he finds an alien watch called the Polytrix, which allows him to turn into 10 different aliens. But soon he finds out that Vilgax, the destroyer of ten worlds, is hot on his trail after the Polytrix.


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  • Vilgax
  • Selrach
  • Cybermen
  • Malware
  • Ix (focus on these guys for Season 1)


Omnitrix Aliens

Ultimate Forms

  • Ultimate Greymatter (future)
  • Ultimate Gravvatack (future)

Nemetrix Aliens

  • Omnivoracious
  • Malware Variant

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