This content contains material that may be unsuitable for children age 14 and below.

Mutant Drake
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date 5/3/20
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Chaos Unfolds is the twenty-eighth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In a dark chamber, the next morning, a series of monitors can be seen, hooked up against a wall showcasing various areas of the city. Some monitors capture footage of Mutant attacks while others capture footage of MCA officers following routine. A humanoid shadow stands in the midst of the monitors, watching from below as the light reflects off his dark figure.

Voice: Sir. We’ve found the target’s location.

The figure lowers his head from the screens. He then turns to face the voice behind him.

Anton Reeves: Then get ready to proceed as planned. But- before you do- I must rally our troops.

Veronica stands just out of reach out of the shadows. A slight smile appearing on her face.

Veronica: Of course, sir. We’ll be looking forward to it.

Veronica turns away and leaves the chamber. Reeves’ eyes continue glaring where Veronica has been standing before darting away as he ponders within the dark room. The scene then cuts over to the members of the Society rallied together in a lobby of some kind. Reeves soon appears before them, standing on a short balcony above the lobby. Veronica stands besides Reeves- with strong posture and stance.

Anton Reeves: My soldiers. You have gone through quite a lot before reaching my presence. While I can not imagine the feeling of what you’ve been through, I have taken extra measures to assure you that I understand it completely. After all, my research is quite infallible. More to the point, you have all been banded together through extreme circumstances for one purpose! To become the guardians of a new world- the world that we had envisioned for ourselves. This city that we have found ourselves in clings to life after these Mutants have climbed their way into it. It was weak and rotting. It reeks of suffering. And after the experiment, it seems that Mutant life had expanded within this city. They see it as a problem but I see it as the solution. And it will be their severe undoing. Now go. Go and secure our future, my Society.

The Society members cheer for Anton Reeves while Veronica smiles deviously besides him. Reeves then turns to her, with an expecting look.

Anton Reeves: The location of our target…

Veronica: Already confirmed by myself. We can intercept in just a few moments.

Anton Reeves: Make it sooner. I trust you’re able to get it done.

Veronica: You needn’t even ask, sir.

The scene cuts over to a dark truck driving down a road. Inside, two MCA officers can be seen riding in the front.

MCA Director, over the radio: How goes the transport, officers?

MCA Officer, in the passenger seat, answering the radio: Transport is en-route, Director. We should be arriving at the bridge in just a few moments now.

MCA Director: Alright. Let me know if anything comes up. We need this transport to move out successfully.

MCA Officer: Understood, sir.

He hangs up the call.

Other MCA Officer, driving: What in the-

MCA Officer: What’s going on?

Other MCA Officer: See for yourself. Look at all the trees. Aren’t we in a city?

MCA Officer: Nevermind the trees, idiot. Just focus on driving the tr-

The truck abruptly stops short, jerking the officers in their seats.

MCA Officer: -uck! Erk…

The other officer steps on the gas pedal but the engine veering is evident of how little progress it’s making. The view then shows the tires entrapped in some vines.

MCA Officer: We probably just got stuck on something. I’ll take a look. Just make sure to keep an eye out, will ya?

The MCA Officer opens the truck door and steps outside, raising his weapon before him. He looks around the area- with the flashlight on his scope activating on its own.

MCA Officer: I don’t see anything… (turning back to the other officer) Looks like it’s all cl-

Some bandage-like appendages then slither down, slowly from above. Then, in a quick rush, wrap around the officer’s arms and torso before yanking him up- out of the view.

MCA Officer: ARGH!

The other Officer jumps in his seat and reaches for the radio.

Other MCA Officer: May-day! May-day! We’re under-

He turns to the window and sees Micheal, the large Mutant with spikes protruding from his body. Micheal then grasps onto the truck door and pulls it off with immense force. The other MCA Officer attempts to run but he’s grabbed by Micheal and tosses from the van. He looks up and sees Heather, the short Mutant woman with bandage-like limbs.

Heather: S’up, coppah!

Veronica steps from the woods as if she was just blending in with the environment. She gathers at the back of the MCA transport truck with Micheal and Dylan, the lanky deformed Mutant.

Veronica: Dylan. Do your… thing.

Dylan makes a noise with his mouth and he limbers over to the truck doors. He then relaxes his arms back and leans his body backwards as his stomach and lower torso begins to unfold- section by section until a gaping chasm is exposed. Long tongue-like limbs then stretch from his stomach and sink into the edges of the truck doors before pulling them out forcefully. The doors are then crushed under the force of these tongues until they become small enough to fit into the crevasse in his body. Once it does, the stomach closes up again and an audible and distorted burp escapes his jaw-less mouth. Heather walks over, dragging the MCA officer with his bandage-like limbs.

Heather: That’s absolutely disgusting. But good job, eh?

Veronica: Yes. A good job indeed. (to somebody else) Step out of the vehicle, Mutants.

A short moment passes before the truck shifts due to movement inside. Two figures then jump out of the truck, the view then pans upwards to show the figures as Julian Marshall-Grey and Tara Veil- shackled by their wrists. Veronica approaches them until she towers over them. She places both of her hands on their cuffs and sends out an electric pulse that disables them. The cuffs then break off and hit the ground.

Julian, rubbing his wrists: Why did you do that? Who are you?

Veronica: I am the messenger of our master. He brings good regards for you two and wishes you to join us.

Tara: I don’t want this… I just want to be left alone.

Julian: Yeah, I don’t know who your master is but if he’s letting us go then I’d rather just leave it at that.

Julian turns to leave but Micheal stands behind him, blocking their path.

Veronica: You will listen to what I have to say if you want to actually enjoy your freedom.

Julian turns back and faces Veronica. Tara does the same as well.

Veronica: He is offering you a chance to use your mutant abilities to whatever use you want. Although he does have more specific roles for you to play in his plans.

Julian: ..Such as?

Veronica: How would you feel about getting back at the people who placed you in those chains? Because destroying the Helpers is key to making his plans move forward. And once they’re out of the picture, you’ll be free to do whatever you so please.

Tara: Whatever I please? With my powers?

Julian: Destroying the Helpers… (chuckle) Y’know I used to be an intern not too long ago. And now I’m being offered job positions by evil organizations. Gotta say- I must be moving up in the world. Count me in. Those Helpers only tried to help themselves by getting in my way. It’s about time I got back at them for putting me in here.

Tara: I… agree. They’ve done nothing but hurt me. I’d like to do the same to them.

Veronica: Excellent. Then it seems the time for chaos has finally arrived. (with a smirk) Welcome to the Society.

Title Sequence

The scene continues in the city, with its many towering buildings including Helper Headquarters. The sun is just breaching the horizon with the sky being a light orange color as the day moves into the early morning.

Helper Headquarters
April 20, 08:38 EDT

Inside the Headquarters, Jake can be seen looking out of the window at the city below. The door then slides open and Drake walks in. He glances around the room before his attention rests on Jake.

Drake, walking over: Is everything alright?

Jake: Hm? Oh, good morning. I didn’t even hear you come in.

Drake: I was trained in stealth combat. I’m… sneaky.

Jake: Right… Well, I was just looking out at the city. Just wondering what we’re going to do about this Mutant outbreak... or whatever we’re calling it now.

Drake: We’ll figure that out. Right now, the city just needs someone to watch over it before things get out of hand.

Jake: Yeah… I guess you’re right.

The door slides open once more and Fionna enters.

Fionna: You’re both up. Weird.

Jake: What’s weird is your early morning routine, Fionna.

Fionna: I had to look after a bunch of Mutants before this. I guess I’m still used to early morning supply runs. What’s your excuse?

Jake: I don’t know… Just can’t sleep, I guess.

Drake: I don’t like sleeping.

Jake: What’s the matter? Crazy dreams?

Drake: ...Yes.

Jake: Oh. Huh.

Fionna: Let me guess, you two were talking about what to do about the city. Specifically, the whole everyone turning into Mutants thing.

Jake: ...Yeah. I know you’re probably sensitive about it, with them being Mutants.

Fionna: It’s not exactly easy thinking about it. But hearing it from another point of view helps. I always think about it from a Mutant perspective but these people weren’t always Mutants. They were Human, living Human lives. I think it would be selfish of me to not consider the opinion of a Human. Both of you.

Drake: Fionna, I’m not… Human.

Fionna: No but you’re trying to be, right? Isn’t that what you said before.

Drake: That was years ago. Right now, I’m just the Vigilante. I don’t have the time to think about Drake.

Fionna looks at Drake for a moment. She’s about to say something when the door slides open once more. Emmett walks in, looking at his cell phone.

Emmett: Hey. Sorry, I’m late. I was just uh- checking something.

Jake: We didn’t call a meeting.

Emmett: I got your message. I thought-

Jake: Just wanted to talk. I thought you were in the building.

Emmett: No. I had. Was checking up something. Why? What’s going on?

He adjusts his collar as he approaches the others.

Fionna: We were talking about the people of the city becoming Mutants.

Emmett: Right. The second Incident.

Jake: Weren’t we changing the name?

Emmett: Oh. Were we? I thought it was just going to stick the first time like the Helpers did.

Jake: I mean… I don’t know. I guess it’s all we have at the moment.

Emmett: Sorry. I guess I wasn’t here for that.

Fionna: You were probably checking on something, weren’t you?

Emmett: That... is none of your business, Fionna. But yes. Yes, I uh- was.

Drake: Is there something wrong?

Emmett: No. Really, it’s nothing to worry about.

Drake nods then looks elsewhere. Emmett looks at him a moment longer before turning away.

Emmett: So, I talked with the scientists at Murphy Industries to see if there’s anything they can lend us to deal with the situation.

Jake: Anything?

Emmett: Nothing. We might just have to accept that this change is a permanent one. Without the original equipment used by Reeves, we won’t be able to come up with any solutions. But I’m not even sure if that’ll be enough. From what I can tell, even he didn’t know what he was messing around with.

Drake: The Incident happened a long time ago. No one there survived so there is no way to know anything about it. Nothing much anyways.

Jake: So is there really nothing we can do for them?

Fionna: It might be hard but consider this: There’s still about half of the city unaffected by the second Incident. And it looks like most mutations are not even that apparent. Even if we can’t change them to how they used to be, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything we can do for them.

Emmett: If there’s anything I learned from us being together, it’s that being Human doesn’t change who you are. We just have to share that with them.

Drake: We’re going to help them. However we can.

Danny then walks in, yawning. He scratches his head then glances over at the four of them gathered by the window.

Danny: Oh. You guys are up.

Jake: Dude. Did you not get my message?

Danny: M-Message? I was getting breakfast. Oh wait… are we having a meeting?

Jake: No. Well, I guess we sort of are talking about the city and- you know what? Yes. Yes, it’s a meeting now.

Danny: Gosh, if I knew I would’ve just used my super speed to get here. My bad. Any highlights? Quick notes? I’m a fast learner.

Fionna: At least you don’t have to worry about being the late one anymore, Emmett.

Emmett: Very funny, Fi-

An alert then goes off throughout the room, drawing in everyone’s attention.

Emmett: -onna? What’s going on?

Jake, checking the system: Looks like we have some attacks throughout the city. Give me a minute here.

A short moment later, the door slides open and Adam rushes in.

Adam: I got the alarm. Well, everyone got the alarm- I’m sure but I’m here now. And yes, multiple attacks across the city. Specifically, at three different locations.

Adam places his laptop down and taps on the keyboard. The screen set up in the main room then shows the contents on his laptop- a map of the city with three markers being indicated on the map.

Adam: Manhattan Mall, a military warehouse, and…

Drake: The MCA Outpost?!

Jake: What? How can the MCA be taken off guard by an attack like that?

Adam: I don’t know but it must have been a precise strike. I assume those multiple strikes across the city were planned as a diversion or something.

Fionna: Who could be capable of dealing an attack on that level?

Emmett: Anton Reeves.

Drake: And his experiments: The Society.

Elias, unseen: Reeves is involved?

Drake turns his head and sees Elias by the door.

Elias: I heard the alert.

Jake: We don’t have any proof yet but it looks like that might be our best bet.

Danny: Those guys weren’t so tough last time.

Drake: You weren’t stuck in that facility with them. They fought hard. All of them.

Emmett: The Helpers were there to stop them last time. We’ll be there to stop them now.

Elias: Yeah. And now you have me too.

Drake: Elias.

Elias: What?

Drake glares at him as Elias’ expression drops.

Elias: You’re kidding me.

Drake: Reeves had you under his control before. They know all about you.

Elias: I’m not with them anymore. I’m one of you guys!

Drake: This isn’t about that. You’re still getting used to your powers and they know how your mutation and skills work better than we do. It’s the same with the others, you’re all new to the team. And this- this is Reeves. Not some street criminal.

Fionna: There’s no telling what he’s planning.

Jake: The attack was for the MCA. But that just leaves him open to us. He might still be expecting us but we’ll just have to move in a way he won’t see coming. Reeves may have fought us before but the Society is a new threat. They don’t know what we’re capable of. It’s time we show them.

Drake: I know the MCA outpost. I’ll go there.

Jake: You should take someone with you.

Drake: No. Focus on the other places. I’ll be fine.

Drake strides out of the room at a slightly quick pace.

Jake: (sigh) Okay, uh- Emmett, Fionna. You two take the mall. Danny and I will take the military warehouse.

Emmett, nods: Right.

Fionna: (gently smacks his arm) Come on, big guy. Let’s get our suits on.

The two start to head out while Danny steps before Jake, holding out a fist.

Danny: Bro, team up time?

Jake simply glances over at him then taps his fist. He then turns his attention over to Elias.

Jake: I’m sorry but Drake’s right. This is a real emergency. Just let us handle it for now.

Jake heads out. Danny looks over at Elias, giving a sympathetic smile before dashing off after Jake. Elias then glances out of the window, seeing the city from there place. Adam walks over, placing his hand on Elias’ shoulder- who glares at him intensely before shaking his hand off. Adam then raises his hands in surrender before moving away, leaving Elias by himself at the window. The scene then cuts over to the mall, elsewhere in the city.

The Manhattan Mall
April 20, 9:24 EDT

Arriving at the mall, Emmett and Fionna carefully surveyed the area. The escalator was moving in a slow downward spiral. However, it was noticeably quiet in the mall. Given the time of night it was, no one was around. Both of them continued to look around but still have not seen anything yet.

Leviathan: Maybe it was a false alarm?

Fionna: I don’t know… something isn’t right.

The two heroes proceeded down to the walkway in the mall before approaching a ledge. Emmett looks down an alternative hallway and Fionna takes a peek at the ledge. Below them, a small movement is heard. In the close range beneath them, Michael and Heather stood there and seemed to be not moving a muscle as they looked up at the two without saying a word. The two of them promptly leap off the edge and drop down. Leviathan impacts the ground first, as the force of his strength almost shook the area. In response, Ember had shot flames from her flames to make her descend to her feet.

Heather: Ha. Nice of you to drop on by. (snicker) Get it? Drop?

Leviathan: What are you doing here? You’re working for Reeves, right?

Heather: Tough crowd. But wouldn’t you just love to find out?

Ember: Quit playing around and answer him.

Micheal tenses up and groans through the small opening he has for a mouth. Heather throws her head back and glances in his direction. She nods her head in an understanding motion.

Heather: Yeah? Uh huh. Oh! Okay!

Heather turns back to the two vigilantes with a smile on her face.

Heather: Nope. Didn’t catch a word of that. But! I’m pretty sure he wants to beat the crap outta you and I for one want to do the same so are actually going to fight or are we going to continue standing around playing 20 questions with each other?

Leviathan steps ahead before Ember- to her slight surprise.

Leviathan: Don’t worry. I’ve got this. You take care of her.

Ember: You just had to take the easy one, didn’t you?

Leviathan chuckles then looks ahead seriously at Micheal. Heather then leaps onto the floor and cracks her knuckles.

Heather: Heh. Looks like we’re fighting after all. The honors all yours, big guy.

Micheal groans to himself then steps ahead- soon charging ahead at Leviathan. Leviathan charges ahead, himself, until the two clash- the sound wave sent out cracks the glass around them. They press against each other, wrestling with their hands locked. As they both do this, Heather reaches out- stretching her fingers towards Ember, attempting to wrap them around her body. However, Ember throws out fire sparks quickly from her fingers which nearly ignite each of her fingers, causing them to recoil backwards. She then draws her hand back and rubs the slightly burnt tips.

Heather: Ow! Argh!

Ember, smirking: Stings, doesn’t it?

Heather: Heh. Not as much as this…

Then, almost as if on cue, Tara steps out from the shadows above on the second floor. She looks over the ledge, muttering to herself. Her eyelids have darkened since her last appearance and her body is now more tense, with her scratching at her left arm. She’s also muttering to herself as she approaches the ledge above the battle.

Tara: Come to me, shadows of the dark… Come to me and do what you were meant to do…

As she says this, the shadows start reaching out from the darkness behind her. On the ground level, the shadow cast by the mall fountain also starts to move towards Leviathan while the shadows cast by the mall benches reach out towards Ember- soon wrapping around her. Ember, startled, nearly trips over herself. She produces fire in her hand but the shadows seem to consume it- entangling themselves around her arm upwards. She lets out a yell as the shadows start to consume her. Leviathan turns his head as Micheal presses forward. He then sees the shadows wrapping around Ember.

Leviathan: Ember!

He then turns back to Micheal and presses ahead. He then raises his leg and slams it down, creating a knock that knocks back Micheal. Micheal then looks up, ready to charge ahead. Leviathan stands ready as Micheal charges forward. Micheal then throws a punch that Leviathan blocks but the force is still so immense that it pushes him back towards the fountain. Leviathan then lowers his arms and ready to charge ahead at Micheal once more but finds that he is unable to. He then looks down, seeing one of the shadows wrapped around his leg- holding him there. He struggles against it, grabbing it with his hands but soon the shadows spread across his arms until they stretch up and cover him completely. The two of them are now held within the darkness of the shadows. Micheal then looks up at Tara who glances down at them with a wicked smile.

Heather: Way to go, princess. Now onto the next group.

She closes her eyes as the view zooms in on her face. When she opens her eyes again, the view zooms back out- only showing that she’s now in a different location, entirely- standing besides Dylan. The scene then transitions to the outside of the warehouse as the view continues moving back until the transition ends.

Abandoned Military Warehouse
April 20, 9:34 EDT

Defender can then be seen flying into the scene as he approaches and lowers down onto the warehouse rooftop while Velocity races on over, leaving a light blue trail behind, as he runs around the area’s perimeter. Defender kneels down and looks down through the skylight. In just a few short seconds, Velocity speeds over to Defender’s side.

Velocity: No one’s outside. Couldn’t get a good look inside but I assume that’s where the Society members are hiding out.

Defender: Yeah, I got a view on them.

Velocity: Really? But it’s so dark in there. You’d think they’d be vampires or something. Or do super villains just thrive in dark environments, you think?

Defender: I dunno about them but I’ve basically got night vision wearing these.

He points to his goggles.

Defender: Guess it’s just the suit the device gives me.

Velocity, utterly fascinated: Neat… Maybe I should jimmy-up some night vision for my specs too. Oh right! Infiltration. Almost got distracted there. You ready for this, leader?

Defender: Oh yeah. Time to bust on through.

Inside, light bathes in through the skylight with glass shattering from above as Defender floats down gently. He looks around but there seems to be no one around. Velocity jumps down and squats upon landing before racing to each corner.

Velocity: What’d I tell ya? Can’t see a thing in here.

Defender: Don’t worry, I got it.

Defender raises the device wrapped around his arm and clenches his fist. As if obeying his thoughts, the device shines brightly- allowing him to light up the darkest corners of the warehouse until he reaches one corner in specific.

Defender, hovering ahead: Hey, I think I got something.

Velocity raises his head from the inside of a large tire, out of sheer curiosity and races over.

Velocity: I got this one!

Defender: Hang on, be careful. It might be a-

Just as Velocity approaches, four long tongue-like appendages lash out from behind the supplies. Velocity looks out in surprise and skids against the ground as if to stop but his momentum is compelling him to move ahead. He turns to run off but the tongues wrap around his arms and legs, holding him tight. Defender veers away- dodging the other tongues.

Defender: Velocity! Hang on!

Velocity struggles to break free until he starts to move his arms and legs back and forth at a quickened pace. Soon enough, they start vibrating at intense speeds- allowing him to shake off the tongue tendrils. He then drops down to the ground and runs from the tendrils coming back for him.

Velocity: The heck are these things! Ugh! I- I think there’s some slime on my suit…

Dylan springs out from the behind the supplies, grunting as his maneuvers the tendrils from his open hanging mouth. Defender positions himself to fire at Dylan but the sound of clapping, catches him off guard. He then turns around and looks up, seeing the copy of Heather sitting up top a large metallic cabinet like an eager child.

Heather: Good show! Jolly good show, if you ask me.

Defender: What are you doing here? Did Reeves have something to do with your attacks on the city?

Heather: Wouldn’t you like to- Hang on… Sorry, but I’m getting the strangest feeling of deja vu. Must be on the account that you vigilante-types are oh-so predictable. Guess that’s what we’re here for. The Helpers bring about dreary and run-of-the-mill egalitarianism while the Society brings happy chaos.

Defender: What are you talking about?

Heather: Oh, you’ll see. But maybe not. I dunno! Anyway, enough talk- let’s fight already!

She drops down from the cabinet and throws her hand out- extending her fingers into bandage-like appendages to wrap around him. Defender, however, throws up his arm and summons a barrier made from his light energy that blocks her attacks. He then presses his arm forward, using the barrier to press against her and hold her back. Meanwhile, Velocity dodges Dylan’s attacks and goes to rush him but Dylan jumps back- clinging to the wall where he smacks Velocity away with his tongues all together for a harder attack. As Velocity skids across the floor, Julian appears from the shadows- watching their battle transpire, unnoticed. He then throws out his hands and his eyes start to glow green as he interfaces with the technology in the warehouse. Velocity races around the warehouse, building up momentum.

Velocity: You’re gonna wish you went easy on me because I’m about to build up the speed of a side kick you won’t see coming, tongue dude!

He continues racing as one of the devices extends into the open space- causing him to trip over it and crash into some crates at high speed. Defender then turns from his fight and sees a wiped out Velocity.

Defender: Velocity? Hey, you alright?!

He then turns his head and sees Julian, who steps back in alert. Defender then hovers up into the air and draws energy from his device. He then throws out his arm and fires out an energy beam in Julian’s direction. Julian compels a reflective satellite to swing before him. The beam gets absorbed into the satellite’s dish and bounces back at him, much to his surprise. Before he can throw up a shield, Defender gets hit by the beam and is knocked back into some lockers.

Julian: And that’s… that, as they say.

Heather, catching her breath: Took you long enough!

Julian: Come on. I helped and everything went just according to plan. I bet your clone didn’t give Tara a hard time.

Heather: Eh, whatever. Let’s gather them up. It’s almost time for the big finale.

The scene then cuts over to yet another part of the city with the MCA Outpost in view from below. The area appears to have been attacked externally- with small flames scattered across the open yard and some of the vehicles destroyed as well.

MCA Manhattan Outpost
April 20, 9:42 EDT

Inside, MCA Officers can be seen moving out injured officers. A piece of debris crashes down from above two officers. The Vigilante then holds up the debris using the Sonar Scales as a kind of shield. One of the officers looks at him, exclaiming surprise beneath his helmet.

Vigilante, struggling: Go!

The officer shakes his head and takes hold of the injured officer, moving out of the way. They both hurry away as the Vigilante tosses the debris to the side. His arms then return back to normal as he glances around. He then rushes down the hall. The scene cuts over to the open meeting room, where the Vigilante jabs his Crystal Claws into the closed doors from the outside. He then pries the door open and steps inside.

Vigilante: Director?

He takes a couple of steps inside, looking around.

Voice: He’s not here right now.

The Vigilante shifts his attention to the darkness before him and stands ready. Veronica then starts to walk out of the dark, looking up at the Vigilante with a smile on her face.

Veronica: He was called away. A distraction by my teammates and I. Unfortunate for both of us, I suppose. I was really looking forward to taking down the head of the MCA.

Vigilante: So Reeves wants to take the MCA? What can he gain from something like that?

Veronica: Power. What else is there? Well, except for revenge.

Vigilante: Against the MCA?

Veronica: No, Vigilante. Against you. And I wasn’t referring to Reeves.

Veronica extends his hands towards the Vigilante and vines break out from the ground beneath her- stretching towards him. He jumps over them and throws his hands down, slicing the vines as they stretch beneath him. He then drops down, onto the vines, before looking up at Veronica. He then runs down the vines, towards her. She simply raises her hand and roots grow out from the vines he runs on, wrapping around his legs. The Vigilante trips over and slashes at the roots, freeing himself. He then turns back to face Veronica only to get kicked in the head and knocked back. He then tries to get up, only for her to rush over and jump at him. He reforms his hands back to normal and readies to shift into another form. But Veronica strikes down, releasing an electric pulse- knocking him back into the hallway. The Vigilante looks up, groaning slightly, as a shadow overcomes him. He looks up- seeing Veronica step into the doorway. The Vigilante gets up.

Vigilante: I fought you before.

Veronica: And if I remember correctly, you nearly lost. That is… until your super friends showed up. But that won’t be happening this time.

Vigilante: That does not mean I’ll make this easy for you.

Veronica: Heh. I’d be disappointed if you did.

The Vigilante dashes ahead, swinging his arms as they shift into the Acidic Thorns. Veronica throws up her arms and a vine rises up, blocking the attack. The Vigilante grunts as he pushes harder, slicing through the vines. Veronica backs up and slams his hands against the ground. The Vigilante turns to face her, readying another attack but a large cluster of vines spring out from beneath him, tossing him up into the ceiling. Back on the surface, the vines break through the floor and throw the Vigilante into the air. He then drops down onto the pavement.

Vigilante: ARGH!

The Vigilante lays on the ground, struggling to turn over. As he does, the vines pulsate slowly with energy. The vines then open up and Veronica steps out as the Vigilante crawls onto his knees. Veronica slowly walks over.

Veronica: I thought you said you weren’t going to make this easy. I’m getting bored over here.

The Vigilante steps on one leg with the other knee just on the ground. He then turns to strike but Veronica simply grabs his arm and twists it.

Vigilante: Grgh!

Veronica: You’re weak. The Vigilante used to be a name feared by criminals and citizens alike. But now you’re playing friendly. You’re going soft, kid. And that really riles me up!

She electrocutes him with an electric shock that pulses through his body.

Vigilante: AARGGH!

She smiles sadistically as she shocks him. She then releases him as he drops to the ground once more. Smoke blows from her hand as she looks down at him, laying there. A short moment passes before the Vigilante reaches out, struggling to move. Veronica glances over, looking curiously with contempt.

Veronica: Still lingering on, are you? You have more spirit than I thought.

Vigilante, reaching for his comms: T-Team. I need- back up! Ngh!

Veronica: Team? (laughs) Didn’t you hear? There is no team. Your Helpers are done, Vigilante.

The Vigilante looks out, seeing the other members of the Society approach the ransacked outpost. His eyes widen beneath the cracked goggles he wears. His clenched fist shakes briefly before collapsing. His head then lowers as his eyes come to a close.

Vigilante: Ugh…

Veronica: That’s it. You’re finished too, Vigilante.

Her voice becomes more faded as his eyes continue to close.

Veronica: You’re all finished now. This time… the Society has won.

Her voice finally trails off as the scene lingers in a void of darkness. This continues on until another faint voice is heard.

Voice: Hey. Hey!

Drake’s eyes open once again, slowly as his groggy vision shows a blurred figure standing over him. He then backs up in an alert way. The figure standing before him backs up. Drake looks around, finding himself in a wooden house of some kind. Drake, himself, is sitting on a bed with makeshift sheets of varying colors. He looks before him, seeing the figure approach him again. Before him, an older man with a grey beard, stands- looking at him. He’s wearing a ragged coat over a sweater with a grey wool hat over his head.

Older Man: Hm. You’re finally awake.

Drake: Where am-

He holds his head and groans.

Older Man: Heh. English, hm? I thought as much. You are fortunate that I have had business with English customers.

Drake: English?

Older Man: I apologize. You must be confused. You were found on a boat by the coast. I took you in after that. Gave you shelter.

He walks off to the side, attending to some fishing equipment.

Older Man: You will be staying here until you feel better. You lack energy from being at sea for some long. Then… we will find your home. I promise you.

Drake looks over at the man then glances out of the fogged window. He squints his eyes to get a better view and looks surprised as the world, outside of the window, is a void of white.

Drake: This… This isn’t real. This is- a-

He simply blinks and the scene immediately changes to Drake in a different location, back in his Vigilante suit.

Drake: Huh?

He looks around the room, with the design of the room- itself- being similar to the design of the MCA Outpost. It’s a holding cell. He gets up from the floor, though it does not come easy to him. He uses the wall as leverage, getting back onto his feet. He then makes his way to the door and slams his fist against it.

Vigilante: Hey!

He knocks against the door once more but there is no response. He throws out his hand and attempts to summon one of his forms but the process seems strained and painful to him. He then stops his attempt and looks down at his hand. He looks around the room, seeing sensors in each corner. The Vigilante rushes back to the door, slamming both hands against it.

Vigilante: HEY!

He takes a step back, breathing heavily.

Vigilante: This can’t be happening…

The scene then cuts over to an overview of the city. Many people are just passing by on their usual business, on cell phones and chatting with the person next to them. However, in just a few short moments, the screens that had been displaying advertisements and news broadcasts have started to scramble with black and white static. This appears to catch the attention of some civilians while others continue passing by on their ways. That is, until a face appears on the screen- all of the screens.

Veronica, on the screens: People of the city, hear me. I am Veronica, leader of the Society. We were once just a group of former mercenaries. But together, we have become something more. We have transformed as we have been blessed with these Mutant abilities from a recent experiment on our part. Our goal at this very moment… is take control of this city and liberate its people from its suppressors.

Citizens are gawking among themselves as they look at the screens. As the message continues on, it can be seen on various televisions and screens in the city. Times Square, store windows and even restaurants.

Veronica, on the screens: You may not realize this, being domicile sheep needing tending to, but you were being oppressed by those who see themselves as superior to you whether they have abilities you could never possess or a position you could never reach in your lifetime. Who only used you- the people- as tools to elevate their own agenda, their own mindset. The Mutation Containment Agency has held you back by withholding your potential. For this event that they call a crisis is nothing more than an opportunity. And the Helpers fare no better. They have been doing nothing but conditioning you to listen to their whim. To let you into your lives and surround your responsibilities onto them. To get you to hold their hand as they protect you from dangers that they, themselves, are. Beings with unfathomable amounts of power with no one to tell them how to conduct themselves and no one to take responsibility when something goes wrong. But now, they are no more…

This now has gotten the attention of others, watching the program.

Veronica, on the screens: We have taken control over the local MCA outpost, leaving them defenseless against us and with no place to fall back to. And, we have defeated the Helpers- all of the members that have held themselves high above you on their pedestal they call a headquarters.

On the screen, some images of the defeated Helpers can be seen. With citizens crying out in worry and some in a state of shock. At the Central News building, these images can be seen on the television screen inside. The Chief and Kate look up at their screen.

Kate: No way…

Veronica’s Voice: We only have one demand for the people of this city.

The scene then cuts back to a larger screen based in Times Square, where the images vanish and Veronica appears on the screen once more.

Veronica, over the screen: Take control. You are no longer oppressed. The recent explosion has given half of the people in this city abilities that one may call unnatural. But if you ask me, I’d say these are powers that we should have had from the beginning. Even if you believe you have no control. Even if you believe there is no potential in them. Even if you believe you would be shunned for even being different. Use them. Use this city as your playground to release all that power within you. To take control of your lives and do what you want! To find out not what you were meant to be… but to be WHO you want to be! I know you’re out there, hiding from the eyes of the others. Afraid that you’ll be taken or beaten. But you have the power here. Not them! It’s time to rise up and take that control back once and for all!

A woman is seen hiding in a dark alley in the shadows, she raises her hand as her arm hardens into a crystalline structure. The scene cuts again, showing a man looking in the mirror as his mutation makes him appear as a pale and large creature covered in fur. The scene cuts once more, showing another woman stepping into a puddle as she avoids a crowd of people surrounding a store window of televisions. She looks down at the puddle, seeing her reflection. She has gills at the side of her head and a green tone to her face and hands.

Veronica, over the screens: Use your abilities. Be free for once in your lives! Roam this city and do as you please because this city is our city. Not the MCA’s, not the Helpers’, not even the Society’s. This city belongs to the new age of Mutant Kind. Because we will lead you to victory in this revolution!

Within the crowd, someone in a brown jacket with red hair throws their hands out- drawing fire to their palms. Someone in a business suit turns around and backs away from him.

Man in Business Suit: M-Mutant! That man, he’s a Mutant!

Man in Brown Jacket: Yeah… I am. And I’m tired of hiding it!

He then slams his hands down, blowing out a wave of flames. Some people get caught in the flames, either giving them some burns but catching them on fire while most people in the crowd run away in terror. The man then looks up with a devilish smile on his face as he looks at Veronica standing among the other members of the Society on the screen- she, herself, is smiling as well, almost sharing the same smile. The scene cuts again, as the streets of the city have people turning against each other. As some have Mutant powers, throwing out projectiles and using their powers to wreck cars and scare off citizens while some Mutants are going after people running away. Someone grabs a truck and throws it into a nearby bank, shattering its glass doors. They then rush in with an armored-looking Mutant and attempt to physically remove the ATMs from their fixtures. The scene then cuts to the police precinct, which appears to match the level of chaos as the city as officers are rushing and even knocking into one another as they move from place to place- some rushing out of the door while others are rushing to other sections of the precinct. Phones are going off the hook, many ringing at once with no enough hands to answer them. The Commissioner barges out of his office, barking.

Commissioner: We need to get a move on out there! This Society is tearing the city apart out there! This is it! Let’s go!

Ryan Wilson grabs a shotgun and pumps it. He makes sure the weapon is locked and loaded and he looks up.

Ryan Wilson: Let’s head out, boys! We have a city to save.

The Society's transmission finally comes to an end on a screen. The view pans out, showing the screen to be the same one in the main room of the Helper Headquarters. Elias stands there watching in disbelief.

Elias: No way…

He turns his head, seeing Adam trying the comms. He appears to be frustrated but also immensely worried.

Adam, trying the comms: Vigilante, please come in! Can anyone hear me? Literally anyone, please! Just… answer.

He hangs his head in defeat and lets out a breath filled with sorrow. A shadow then appears besides him. Adam looks up and sees Elias looking at him.

Adam: E-Elias?

Elias: Are they- Are the Helpers-?

Adam: ...Yeah. I think so. The Helpers are down.

Elias: No. No, it can’t end like this! There has to be something we can do. Anything!

Adam: Like what, Elias? They’re not answering their comms and I can’t find their location. The Society just posted a public announcement stating their victory and the city is about to turn over sideways. What could we possibly do?

Elias: ...We can try.

Adam: Try?

Elias: Yeah, we can try! Look, the Helpers didn’t give up on me so I can’t give up on them. Even if I have to go through the entire Society, I won’t stop until they’re safe. I can’t- I just-!

He looks to the side, clenching his fists hard. Adam notices his fist trembling and looks up at him.

Adam: I uh… I’ll be honest with you. I wouldn’t really take you for the saving type. Someone who looks out for others, especially a team. But I guess- especially in times like these- I shouldn’t question your integrity.

Elias: Thanks… But you’re not too far off. I’m not a team player. I’m not even a full-on vigilante. I mean that’s why I was benched here at the tower, wasn’t it? It’s not because I was connected to the Society. It’s because I’m not cut out to be a Helper. But even so, Drake took me in. He gave me a place where I can be myself and help people too. If I give up, if I turn away and let them win, then I’d be throwing everything he did for me away. And I just- I can’t do that. I owe it to him to be better than who I was before.

Adam: So you’re going after them. Even though you don’t know where they are. And even though the odds are stacked against us. (chuckle) That’s either admirable or just plain ridiculous.

Elias, sternly: What was that?

Adam: R-Relax. I was just gonna say- that reminds me a lot like Drake, himself. He always seemed to be in over his head. But he always saved the city in the end. I used to hate him for what he was doing but it was who he was trying to be that won me over. He was trying to be better too.

Elias: He was?

Adam: You can never stop improving. It’s like code. It only can only get stronger the more you add to it. And after realizing my life’s pretty much revolved around the girl next door, I had some improving to do too. You’re not the only one who got a second chance with the Helpers.

Elias: Well, that’s great and all but how does that help us?

Adam: You said you weren’t a team player. But if we’re going to take down the Society, we need a team. So just think of it less as us working together and more like us being united for a single cause. We’re all fighting to become better people. How’s that?

Elias smiles with a chuckle.

Elias: Now that’s ridiculous. But I’m in. If I turn down help down, I’ll just look stupid, wouldn’t I?

Adam: Honestly speaking? Yes. Yes, you would. I’ll investigate the transmission, maybe there are some clues in her speech that could lead us to their location.

Elias: Alright. You do that, I have something else to take care of.

Adam, checking laptop: Like what?

Elias: Being a team player.

He turns to the door and leaves the room. The scene then cuts to the training room of the headquarters, where Zara stands in the middle of the room. The doors then open behind her and Elias finds himself walking in.

Elias: Zara?

Zara turns sharply but sighs in relief upon seeing Elias.

Zara: It’s just you…

Elias: Hey, we need to talk.

Zara: Yeah. I thought you might. Listen, I- I think I should go.

Elias: Go? Go where?

Zara: Back home. I heard the announcement. If the others can’t stop the Society then what else is there to do?

Elias: We stand up and fight.

Zara: Hey, that’s cool. You do your thing but I should be able to do what I want to do, right?

Elias: Didn’t you want to be a part of this team? I thought we wanted the same things.

Zara: I wanted to use my powers without responsibility. If the Helpers are gone then I don’t have a place to do that anymore. Look I tried saving people but that didn’t work out.

Elias: So don’t give up. Look if I gave up after losing a fight, I wouldn’t be here right now. If you give up on the Helpers, on this city, then how can you hope to be better at using those powers of yours?

Zara: I don’t know if this is what I want. My father is the one that wanted me to be here.

Elias: He might be the reason you’re here but he doesn’t have to be the reason you stay. Look, you’re cool. You understood where I was coming from before when we snuck out of the tower. All I’m asking is to see that again. If we save the city and the Helpers, we can prove that we’ll be better people.

Zara: Prove? Like to my father?

Elias: To everyone. Even ourselves. This isn’t about responsibility, it’s about improving… together.

Zara: You keep saying all this stuff that keeps dragging me back in. You really want me that bad, huh?

Elias: It just wouldn’t be the same without you. Besides, you’ll probably get into more trouble than me on your own.

Zara: Probably. But only because I’d be expecting it. (sigh) But alright, fine. We’ll work together. Maybe being a Helper isn’t as bad as I thought. As long as it’s just us.

Elias: Yeah… about that.

Zara looks at him questionably before the scene cuts over to a bedroom. It’s a simple looking bedroom with bookshelves and a bed. There’s also a desk with a computer set up there. Emma sits at her desk, looking at the screen. The computer screen is showing the last piece of footage from the transmission. Soon enough, there is a knock at the door. She jumps in her seat then turns to the door.

Emma: W-Who is it?

Elias, behind the door: ...It’s me. Elias.

Emma: (sigh) Come in.

The door slides open and Elias walks in with Zara standing at the doorway.

Emma: I already talked with Adam. The Helpers didn’t make it back…

Elias: No. That’s why we’re bringing them home.

Emma: You and her?

Elias: All of us.

Emma: You want me to come? Did you hit your head or something?

Elias: (scoff) Look, I don’t have time to argue. They need us. And I need you.

Emma: I can barely control when I transform into that thing and when I’m not using my power, I’m just me.

Elias looks down at her and sighs. He then sits at her bedside and looks up at him.

Elias: Look I don’t know you so well and you don’t know me. But we trained together. You’re not that powerful and your fighting form is lacking a lot and you can be very petty about things and-

Emma: Are you trying to insult me or something?

Elias: I’m trying to compliment you.

Emma: Gee, you’re a natural, aren’t you?

Elias: What I’m trying to say is-! Ugh, Despite all that, you’ve been working hard to keep up with the rest of us. You might be annoying but even I can’t ignore that in you.

Zara: You’re stronger than you know, Emma. I can sense that in you.

Emma looks over at Zara from the doorway.

Emma: Even you? I’m surprised you’re reaching out too.

Zara: Well, we did promise to start being ourselves around each other, didn’t we? That wasn’t just for me.

Emma: Be myself, huh? It was easier before but I don’t even know what I am. I feel like a monster.

Elias: Then embrace it. Because right now, that’s exactly what we need.

Emma looks up at Elias.

Emma: You’re serious, aren’t you?

Elias: I wouldn’t really be here if I wasn’t.

Emma: (sigh) You have a point. Staying here won’t bring them back. At least if we go out there, there’s still a chance we can pull this off. I owe it to them for taking me in… for my brother.

Elias nods.

Zara: Great. We’re all in agreement. But how do we actually find them?

Emma: About that. I was checking out the transmission, rewatching it to find- something, anything.

Elias: Same thing Adam is doing.

Emma: Except I actually might have a lead here.

She drags the video back to a certain point and shows Veronica standing in a room.

Emma: There. This room, the design of the walls and the equipment in the background.

Zara: What about it?

Emma: It’s MCA. All of it. I’ve been in enough safehouses and outposts to know what one of them looks like.

Elias: But the only MCA building in the city is that Manhattan outpost place. And they hit that earlier.

Zara: The only way they can get the drop on the Helpers is if they had each location under their control. That includes the MCA outpost.

Elias: That makes sense. The Society was trained to go after points of interest and take control. Reeves wanted an army that can take down an entire city. Looks like we got what he wanted.

Emma: He hasn’t yet. We know where they are now. We can still save them and stop them from taking over the city.

Zara: Just us three?

Emma: Yeah… I know that’s a scary thing to think about.

Zara: More like exciting.

Elias: Either way. This time, we’re the ones making a move.

The scene then cuts to the three of them in a locker room of some kind. Elias gets his suit on while Emma puts on some gear. She turns, seeing him get his own gear adjusted.

Emma, curiously: That’s your suit?

Elias: Uh… Yeah? Why? Where’s yours?

Emma: Oh! W-Well, I don’t exactly need one. When I transform, it just sorta comes out and- Well, that’s it.

She glances away then back at him.

Elias: Huh. That’s it, eh?

Emma: Well, no. I do have this.

She shows him the device she put on.

Elias: And that is…?

Emma: It’s a device that Emmett was working on over at Murphy Industries. It creates a nanofiber that can replicate the molecular structure of practically any form of fabric at an instantaneous rate. This type of technology is like state of the art, it’s basically straight off the assembly line over there. Anyways, it acts in that fashion that way, in the event of disrepair, it can-

Elias: Wait, wait, wait. (pause) Wait. Something about molecules?

Emma: M-Molecules?! That’s all you got from that. Molecules?

Elias: Explain it in a way that makes sense before you start judging me, Miss Brainy.

Emma: Do you even understand the principle of science?

Elias: No. That’s why I said explain it to me in a way that makes sense.

Emma: (sigh) Basically, if I put this on… and my clothes rip… then it will be able… to fix itself!

She says this as she enunciates most of the words. Elias then gives her a look of understanding.

Elias: Oh… Why didn’t you just say that in the first place? Still, that’s kinda cool. I mean, we wouldn’t want you walking around naked, I guess.

Emma: Do you really have to be so blunt, Elias? Anyways, I just hope it works. If I’m going to be out there, I guess I have to first accept who I am. And I’d like to do that without ruining another outfit of mine.

Elias: But wasn’t the first time you turned into that… thing, you were able to change back without being naked. That was when you came after me and Zara, ‘member?

Emma: Yeah, well. I asked her about it and she said it was her gift that was able to restore me. I guess that meant clothing included. (pause) A-Anyways, could we stop talking about my clothes? It’s making me uncomfortable.

Elias: You’re the one that brought up, weirdo.

Elias continues suiting up when Adam walks in, dressed in a heavy-looking backpack stuffed with technology.

Adam: Hey, are you two ready to go?

Elias: Yeah but uh- what about you? What’s with the bag?

Adam: Oh. Didn’t I tell you. I’m coming too.

Elias: No. No, you did not. When were you going to tell us?

Adam: Uh. W-Well um… ri-right about now. If that’s alright.

Emma: Um, yeah! I’m sure that’ll be okay, right Elias?

Elias: Hell no, it’s not okay! Look I get that you wanna help and we can see things the same way or something but if you go out there looking like a Boy Scout ready for camping you’re just going to be getting yourself killed out there.

Emma: Elias!

Elias: What? It’s true. He doesn’t have any powers, you know that.

Adam: Y-yes. It’s true. I don’t have powers BUT I’ll be going in as technical support.

Elias: …Well, what the heck does that mean?

Adam: It means I have your back on the field. Like what if you need something hacked or bypassed. I’ll be your backup. And it’ll be cool and supportive and I can be helpful because that’s what I want to do. I want to be helpful and not stay here being useless…

Emma: Adam… You’re not useless staying here. You’re watching out for us. You’re our eyes and ears.

Adam: But I’m doing it from the comforts of the Headquarters while you guys are out there risking your lives and saving the others. You’re actually making a difference while I’m… just not. I’m a Helper too. If I can’t put my life on line for you-!

He stops himself and looks down at the floor.

Adam: For any of you.

He sighs and looks up at them again.

Adam: Then I don’t deserve to call myself one. (looking over at Elias) Please. I’m begging you. Let me be useful to you guys.

Elias: ...Ngh. Fine. Just- Just don’t get yourself killed out there, okay? I don’t want them to blame me when you break them out of there.

Adam: Yep. Yeah, I won’t. I mean I’ll try not to… do that. (clears throat) Really wouldn’t want that to happen anyways… uh- Oh! Um. Zara’s ready. We’re just about ready to take off.

Elias puts his domino mask on.

Elias: Alright. I’ll meet you outside.

He starts to walk out of the door but stops half-way through the doorway.

Elias: And Adam-

Adam: Yes?

Elias: Try not to drag us down with all that… stuff in your bag, okay?

Elias then leaves, with the door closing behind him.

Adam: Well, it’s uh- actually important recon equipment that can help in the- and uh yeah, he’s not here anymore. Yeah…

Emma: Hey Adam. I just wanna say what you’re doing here. It’s really brave of you.

Adam: Y-You really think so?

Emma: Yeah. Of course, I do.

Adam: I just… wanna make sure I’m able to watch your backs. In times like these, we need that more than anything. Besides, I’m getting a little tired of just being the tech guy. This time, we’re all Helpers.

Adam smiles and Emma nods with determination. The scene then switches over to the MCA Outpost. Inside, Veronica can be seen walking down into the detention area where Mutant subjects are usually held. However, there appears to be an entire row of cells modified with R-Corp technology. Before her, Tara and Julian look over with eager expressions.

Veronica: (smiles) It seems the punishment is coming along nicely.

Julian: Oh yes, it is.

Tara: The shadows and I are longing to show you what we’ve done.

Veronica: By all means. Let us see how the Helpers have each fallen.

Veronica approaches the first cell by her. Inside, Defender is seen strapped to a metallic table where his device is secured by different sets of machinery with tubes connected to each side. Inside each tube is a dark figure slithering up into the machine.

Veronica: Explain.

Tara: That would us. Using your machines, the shadows are climbing into the device that gives him his powers. We can not remove it but it hurts when we try to.

She giggles as the device sparks up causing Defender to yell out in pain as he shakes against his straps on the table.

Veronica: Well done. And the next?

She walks over to the next cell, seeing Velocity running around. The cell he’s in has been modified with a unique looking floor with different panels and such. There are also sensors on the walls.

Julian: I incorporated your technology into this cell to give our speedster friend a little shock therapy. If he stops moving for even a second, the cell delivers an electrifying shock to his system.

Velocity stops moving for just a brief moment to catch his breath by leaning against the wall, only to deliver an electric shock that nearly knocks him across the cell. He then regains his footing and takes off the run once more.

Julian: Oh, and did I forget to mention that each shock is more deadly than the last. (to Velocity) I believe that was the third time now! One more shock and ooh. Well, at least you won’t have to worry about running anymore.

Veronica: Excellent strategy. I’m curious what you did for this next one.

Veronica moves on over to the next cell over, seeing Leviathan lifting a series of weights above his head.

Julian: A little experiment, more like it. I wanted to test his endurance. So every couple of minutes, a heavier weight drops down adding to how much he has to lift. If he drops it, he dies. Even if he’s their strongest member, everyone tires out eventually.

Leviathan looks ahead at them, struggling to focus on both them and the weights at the same instance. But he does so with an intense look on his face.

Veronica: So much for that boyish smile. Let’s move on.

Tara: Ah. Yes. This one was very fun to play with.

Veronica looks over at the following cell, seeing it entirely encased in darkness.

Veronica: I can’t see inside. What’s happening to her?

Tara: My shadows are trapping her inside them, cutting off her air.

Inside, Ember struggles against the shadows. She ignites into her fire form but is shortly extinguished. She reaches for her throat as if it’s becoming increasingly harder to breath. Outside, the three peer into the cell.

Tara: Even fire needs oxygen.

Veronica: And the last one? Our special guest?

Julian: The Vigilante, himself. He was a tough one to figure out. For the moment, we gave him an MCA stimulus that represses Nanogene activity.

Tara: But that wasn’t fun. So we came up with another idea.

Veronica looks at them curiously then turns to the last cell on the row. She finds a lash on the door and opens it, looking inside.

Veronica: Ah. I see. That is quite cruel, isn’t it.

Julian: Suppressor worn off and he hasn’t even tried anything.

Tara: I think we broke him. Does that mean we won?

Veronica: We’re nearly there. Once we take control over this city, everyone will know the Society is in charge and our leader will rise from the shadows and take command. It will be just as we had planned it. And you will elevate with us as those in the high order. As for them, they’ll wither away in here until there’s nothing left of them. We’ll use their remains as a symbol for anyone who dares go against us.

Julian: Do you really think there’s someone out there like that?

Veronica: I do. But I think they’d be an idiot if they tried. Now, I must go. The Society needs me. I’ll leave the prisoners to your watch.

Tara: We’ll do our best.

Veronica turns and walks off before leaving the room. The view pans to the right, moving through the lash opening and into the cell. It continues moving slowly to the right of the cell until the view comes across the Vigilante sitting on the floor, looking ahead with his mouth agape. The scene then cuts to the front of the Vigilante where his widened eyes can be seen beneath his goggles and his pupils shaking. The view then places the lenses on his goggles into focus as the reflection of a screen can be seen in them; a screen showing the torture of his teammates in the other cells in differnet sections. Their yells, screams and groans of pain also come into focus over the low audio of the monitor before him. Julian and Tara are then seen peering into the room, watching his back shake slightly as he watches the screen.

Tara: He must be in so much pain.

Julian: And the best part is he’s doing it to himself because he can’t pull himself away. What a complete fool. All shaken up, worrying about his friends. He’s completely demoralized.

Julian then turns away in disgust and shuts the lash. The scene then shows Drake once more from a lower angle. He looks the same as before, slightly shaking with his widened eyes and mouth agape. But this time, his hands come into view and they are clenched tightly into fists. The pressure being so intense that his hands are cut up. He then hunches over and clenches his teeth with the look in his eyes being an intense fierceness gained from his pain. The scene then cuts to the outside of the MCA Outpost, somewhat later on. The four of them are hiding behind a wrecked MCA truck as a group of mutated individuals pass by. They then approach the outer fence with caution. Adam peeks around the corner, seeing a security camera watching the courtyard. Adam turns back and reaches into his bag, retrieving a tablet.

Elias: What’s the hold up?

Adam: Cameras. If the Society really did take control over the MCA outpost then it’s possible that they have access to their surveillance. In fact, they could be watching surveillance footage from a remote location.

Emma: Remote location? So you mean, they’re not even in there.

Elias: Yeah, maybe. If they want to lead an army then they have to be the ones in front of it. But the city’s so big, they’ll definitely wanna spread the damages around. But someone’s gotta hold the fort down so yeah, there’s at least someone in there.

Zara: The others could be at certain points of the city while someone watches over their prisoners.

Adam: Yeah. I just took a quick look at the map and cross referenced it with any ongoing reports from the police and MCA survivors. It looks like the chaos is coupled into groupings of three at different sections of the city.

Elias: Gah. Can’t believe this stuff is really happenin’. This place is fallin’ apart in no time at all!

Emma: Would you be quiet. We’re on a stealth operation.

Elias: Yeesh. Sorry.

Emma: Look, it just means we have to hurry and save the others. They’re our best chance at stopping the Society.

Zara: She’s right. We might not be able to do much… but we’ll do what we can.

Adam: Okay, I just feed a recording back to the cameras. If anyone is watching, they’ll only be seeing an empty courtyard. Now’s our chance to sneak in, guys.

Elias: Wait! Someone’s coming.

Elias ducks down as Veronica exits the outpost. She strolls through the courtyard and retrieves a walkie talkie from her side pocket.

Veronica: Report. What’s our status?

Heather, over the walkie talkie: Doing good so far. Looks like your little message reached out to a lot of people in distress. Now they’re taking their rage out on the city.

Veronica: Good. We just want to make sure we’re on top of this.

Heather, over the walkie talkie: Don’t worry. We’re all in position. We’re only waiting for you, leader.

Veronica: No need. We’ll meet up once the police and anyone else is on their knees then Reeves will come in to take the stage.

Heather, over the walkie talkie: You don’t want to be together? It might give the people something more motivation to do what we want.

Veronica: They’re already in our hands, Heather. Besides, no one can stop us even if they did have powers. We’re more skilled than they ever will be.

Veronica then leaves the area and glances around. She then walks off. The four Helpers then come out from hiding and enter the courtyard.

Adam: That was…

Elias: Veronica… The leader of the Society. We can take her down right now and they’ll have to listen to us.

Emma: Or she could take us down by herself. You heard her, they’re all skilled on their own. We’re newbies with our abilities. Look, I know you two had some history but we have to put that aside. For the mission. For the city. For everyone relying on us.

Elias: (sigh) Yeah. You’re right. That’s more important.

Adam: Alright, let’s go. We don’t have much time until they realize I feed them a recording if they’re paying attention.

Zara nods and follows after Adam as they enter the outpost. Emma places her hand on Elias’ shoulder and offers a small smile. She then heads off, following after the others. Elias turns back, seeing a glimpse of Veronica walk off into the horizon. He then turns to the side and breathes out in slight frustration as he enters the outpost. The scene then cuts ahead to the hallways of the outpost.

Zara: Are we really going to head down through the front door?

Elias: Didn’t we just do that?

Zara: You know what I mean.

Elias: Ugh. She’s got a point, guys. If someone’s there, they’ll see us coming a mile away.

Emma: I know. I know. I’m looking for a- ah!

She turns and drops down to her knees. She then tries to unscrew the cover of a ventilation shaft on the floor.

Emma: We can use this to reach the lower levels. That’s where they ought to keep any Mutant prisoners. The MCA bases are already equipped with those sort of cells so it makes sense to keep the others there.

Adam drops down to the floor besides her.

Adam, reaching into his bag: Here, let me help with that.

He soon enough pulls out a small screwdriver and assists her with getting the cover off.

Emma: Thanks.

They then get the cover loose and place it besides them.

Elias: Look, I get that you were taken to a few bases but how do you know the ventilation layout?

Emma: I uh- tried sneaking out a few times.

Elias: Ooooh. Looks like we’ve got a bad girl on the team.

Elias says this whilst crossing his arms in a delightful surprise while Zara crocks an eyebrow with a slight grin.

Emma, fluttered: Just hurry up and get in the vent.

Elias: Yes, ma’am...

Elias gets down and crawls into the ventilation shaft. Emma follows after him with Adam going after. Zara then goes last- taking the cover and closing it. She waves her hand, muttering something to herself and the screws levitate from the ground, screwing themselves back in. The four of them continue moving through the vents until some light appears up ahead.

Elias: Hey! I think I see something.

Zara: Is it the holding cells?

Elias: Yeah, I think so. Finally, after so many drops and turns. I feel like I’m gonna barf already.

Elias reaches the end and presses against the grate but it seems to be sealed tight.

Elias: Gah! Thing won’t move.

Emma: No surprise there. They wouldn’t want a Mutant crawling through the vents or something.

Adam: Here, I’ll pass you my screw-

Elias punches the grate off using his enhanced strength and soon pulls himself from the ventilation shaft. Emma crawls out herself and Adam only sighs to himself.

Adam: -driver…

Emma helps Adam get out of the shaft and does the same for Zara once she crawls over. Elias takes a point and peeks behind a corner. Straight ahead, a turret looks like it had been hastily installed on the ceiling before a door. There’s an R-Corp insignia on the side of its body. The turret scans the hall before it with precision. Elias turns back, looking straight ahead.

Elias: Uh guys. We gotta come up with another plan. They got a turret.

Adam: Must be R-Corp technology. I hear that Reeves has been working with illegal weapon distribution in other states.

Emma: Is there any way to disable it?

Adam: I can’t hack into a turret’s systems remotely. I’d need to get right up close and at this position, there’s just no way to get to it without getting riddled.

Zara: So we take it down. It’s the only way.

Emma: No offense, Zara, but your energy beams don’t always shoot straight.

Zara: I was referring to Elias, actually.

Elias: Me?

Zara: Yeah, you. You can turn that strength into endurance, right? So just endure getting shot at while we take it down.

Elias: You make it sound so easy. That stuff still hurts, y’know!

Zara: What happened to that never-say-no attitude? Are you scared?

Elias: I’m not scared. You wanna take on a turret then let’s do it. Scared, pft. I ain’t scared. But this is gonna work, right? I need to feel some pain if I want my powers to kick in and I don’t think I have enough for this.

Zara: Well, if that’s all you need then…

Elias: Then what? Why are you looking at me like that?

The scene cuts to the hall with the turret with a blast of a light appears off to the side. Elias is then knocked back into the hall with smoke coming off his chest. Green energy pulses through his veins as his scars deepen and spread more open.

Elias: Gah!

The turret then raises up and focuses on Elias as it starts to power up. Elias then turns to the turret, with green energy sparking through his body. He then takes a step ahead, stomping down against the floor. The turret then starts firing down at Elias. He raises his arm and closes his eyes as the laser pellets strike against him. However, it does look like his body had strengthened enough to withstand the incoming laser fire. Elias then opens his eyes and yells out in surprise as he starts to march forward. His march then escalates into a run as he gains more control over his durable form. With the laser fire completely focused on him and with him coming more and more into range, the turret lowers its focus onto him directly. Once it does, Zara steps out and runs up ahead. She closes her eyes and concentrates her life energy into her hands before stopping and throwing her hands out. The energy in her hands then combusts into an energy beam cracking through the air as it bounces off the walls until it cracks right into the turret’s exposed circuitry, frying them completely. The turret explodes and both Zara and Elias relieve themselves to catch their breaths. They then look over at one another and exchange expressions of satisfied ease. Inside the holding cell area, Julian holds the side of his head and groans. He then turns to the side as Tara glances over while playing with the air with her fingers- as if knitting some intangible yarn.

Tara: What’s wrong, Julian?

Julian: I sense something. One of the machines went down. And you heard that explosion, right? I think we’ve been compromised.

Tara: You think we’re in trouble?

Julian: I dunno. I’m gonna check. Whatever it is, we can handle it. Just make sure to watch my back, alright?

Julian rushes over the door and stops for a moment. He then leans close to it, as if to listen for any noise. The room is silent as he glances around. He then reaches for the door but as he does, the door then gives way and is knocked away with brute force. Julian ducks to the side as the door nearly hits him. He then looks up and sees Emma in her Mutant form- charging through the doorway. She roars out and swings at Julian, who backs away from her grasp.

Julian: What are you supposed to be?

Elias and Zara then step through the smoke and enter the detention area, fully ready to use their abilities.

Elias: We’re the Helpers. We’re here to pick up our friends.

Julian, sternly: You… I told them that you would be a problem but did they listen to me? No!

Tara, walking over: You two… are here also?

Zara: Tara. You’re working with the Society then.

Tara: They’re the only ones who understand what I’m going through. They want me to be who I really am and do what I want without having to be someone I’m not. Unlike some people I know!

Elias: Oh don’t try and guilt trip us. We tried helping you but you decided to help yourselves. Don’t make yourself all high and mighty when you’re in here torturing our teammates.

Julian: Fine then. Have it your way.

Julian throws his hands out and uses his abilities to bring over some weapons lying around. He fires upon the others with Zara closing her hands and readying her hands.

Zara: Thracius!

She throws up her hands and releases her life energy, converting it into a barrier of energy to wraps around them- reflecting the laser fire from the weapons into the walls and the cell doors. Some of the lasers even deflect back into the weapons, slicing them in half. Julian then lowers his abilities and Zara lowers her hands, catching her breath. Emma holds her as she nearly falls to her knees. Elias takes his opportunity to charge ahead. He jumps up to strike down Julian but a shadow from the ceiling reaches out, grabbing him from behind. Tara mutters to herself as she reaches out, controlling the shadows to contort around him- squeezing him tightly.

Elias: Gah!

Tara, muttering: Yes. Break him. Break him completely…

Adam reaches into his bag and pulls out a small grenade-like device. He then flips the switch at the end and tosses it over at Tara. The device then extends outwards and activates- releasing a bright flash, dropping her control over the shadows holding Elias. He then drops down to the floor, practically slamming against it from the drop. The impact sends a ripple of energy throughout his body as he groans in pain. Adam looks surprised and pumps his fist into the air.

Adam: Y-Yeah! I did it. How’d you like that, huh?

Cables then slither out from Adam’s bag. Emma turns his head and sees them raise up.

Zara: Adam, look out!

Adam turns to her but looks up, seeing the cables strike down and wrap around his neck and body. His whole bag starts to levitate through the air and throws Adam towards Julian’s direction, who can be seen standing off to the side, leaning against a wall.

Julian: Oh my what an unfortunate turn of events. It looks like we’ve got another Helper to join the others.

Adam: Oh gosh, please don’t kill me.

Zara: Let him go. Now.

Julian: You’re powerless to stop me. I control technology. One move and I snap his neck.

Adam struggles to move due to the cables from his bag but he still manages to reach the zipper of his bag. He pulls it down carefully and reaches inside- slowly as to not draw attention himself.

Emma growls and readies herself to pounce towards Julian who stands firmly in his place.

Julian: You think I’m kidding? I’ll do it so don’t even test me!

Adam then pulls out a certain circuit from a device then attempts to remove the device. As he does, the device flies from his hands and over into the grasp of Julian.

Julian: Did you really think I wouldn’t notice you messing around with technology, kid? It’s a shame. You seem to know your stuff. Too bad you were too dumb to realize that the Society was always one step ahead.

He turns and looks at Emma and Zara, standing across from him.

Julian: And with your friends useless to stop me, wouldn’t it just be cruel if they were hurt or worse using your own weapon.

Julian readies to the device, placing it right in front of him as if to aquire of a good aim. Adam: No, wait-!

Julian: Heh, heh. Fire!

The device charges up but then overloads with energy sparking from the device.

Julian: Huh?! What the-!

The build up then backfires back into Julian, firing the blast right towards him and knocking him back into the wall. His control over technology soon drops with Adam dropping to the floor. He unwraps himself from the cables with Zara going to help him up.

Adam: Huh? Oh, thanks.

Zara: Yeah, sure. Least I could-

She stops and turns, seeing Julian push off from the wall.

Julian: D-Did you really think that would stop me? Now I’m really done playing around. I’m so sick of you vigilante freaks trying to control us! Just sit still and let me do what I want because I’m going to bring this whole building down on-

Just as he’s about to finish his sentence, Emma charges over and grabs him- slamming him against the wall harder than before. He then falls to the floor, wheezing.

Zara: Dang.

A shadow then grabs Zara from behind, yanking her back and slamming her against the cell doors.

Zara: ACK!

She drops to the floor and turns her head, seeing Tara sending out more shadows to deal with the others. Emma tries to stomp them away but then starts to crawl up and around his body. Adam tries to reach into his bag while shadows pull him towards Tara.

Tara: You really shouldn’t have done that. Now it’s up to the shadows to finish you. If they want to use me to destroy you then I’ll let them use me.

Zara: Tara, stop. Please, you shouldn’t let your powers control you like this.

Tara: Like how you and Emma tried to control me? The shadows want me to be who I am. I’ve accepted who I am. I’m willing to take what they give me.

Elias then whacks her in the back, with his enhanced strength- knocking her to the floor.

Elias: Why don’t ya take that then?

As Tara’s shadows recoil back to their original positions, Emma starts to reform back into her Human form again with some effort. Zara sighs in relief as she helps herself up.

Elias, dusting his hands off: Alright, we gonna get these guys outta here or what?

Emma: Elias. You can’t just hit her. She’s just a sensitive girl who lost herself.

Elias: She’s a sensitive girl who was about to kill me. I wasn’t gonna let that happen to all of ya.

Zara: Aw. Sounds like you’re starting to care about each other.

Elias: Hey, weren’t you a shut in before? You wanna start helping out or get back to the routine?

Zara: Jeesh, alright- alright.

Emma: Seriously though. Thanks for looking out for us. You keep on saying you’re not a team player but I think… if you let yourself be… you can do amazing things around others.

Elias looks at her for a moment then glances away.

Elias: Tck. Just hurry up and get them out of there. We have a city to save, remember?

Emma: Oh yes, right! Come on, Adam, do you think you can help get those doors open?

Adam: Huh? Oh yeah, of course. It should just be a simple locking mechanism. And since that Technofreak isn’t conscious, his control over this technology should have waived already. Same with Shadow Girl, I hope.

Adam whips out his tablet- which now has a slightly cracked screen. He then taps against it and hacks into the locking mechanism, unlocking the cell doors. Emma opens the first one and sees a weakened Defender tied to the bench with technology still operating on the device on his wrist.

Emma: I found Defender! He looks pretty bad.

Adam looks in then rushes over to the machine hovering over his wrist.

Adam: No, no, no. It looks like the machines are still operating even without his control.

Adam connects his tablet with an universal cord and attaches the other end into one of the operating machine’s ports.

Adam: This might take some time. Can you guys free the others, they might be able to help?

Emma: Right. I’ll see what we can do.

Emma leaves the room while Defender groans to himself, turning his head.

Defender: A-Adam?

Adam: Hey, boss. Don’t worry, I’m gonna get you out of here. Just need some time to access the machine’s mainframe.

Outside the cells, Zara opens the next one over. Just as they do, a blue blur runs out and crashes onto the floor. Velocity then slams his hand against the floor and breathes out heavily for air. He then looks up.

Velocity: Oh- hey… It’s… (gasps) you guys. W-What are you- (breathes)

Elias: Yo. Take a rest, man. We’ll talk later.

Velocity nods quickly and gives them a thumbs up as he leans into a crate for support. Elias opens the next cell door over- seeing Leviathan starting to struggle to keep the weights up. He glances over at the door.

Emma: Leviathan?

Leviathan: Ngh… You need... to go, save… the others!

Emma looks up at the weight mechanism.

Emma: That’s way too many weights for even him to lift. It’ll crush him.

Elias looks into the cell.

Elias: I have an idea. Leviathan, you’re gonna have to drop those weights.

Emma: What?!

Elias: Just trust me. If this works, we’ll get him out.

Emma: And if it doesn’t, you’ll die.

Elias: Yeah, well- I probably won’t, right?

Emma: Wait, let’s just-

Elias: No time. On three, you’re gonna push ‘em up and let them drop, alright? I’ve got it.

Leviathan: N-No. I won’t- Ngh!

Elias: We don’t have time for this, man. Just get ready for me.

Elias clenches his fist and stretches his arm out- as his scars start stretching wider on his arms and face. He steps back and then rushes ahead. He drops down, sliding into the room- facing upwards. Leviathan glances down at him coming in, with a pained look on his face then- with all his might- pushes the weights up, practically yelling out in pain, before dropping down. He then drops the floor with the heavy weight falling down fast. Elias then raises his arm as the weights come down on him. Leviathan looks ahead with widened eyes and he breathes heavily. But beneath those weights, Elias presses against the weights with all of his strength.

Elias: Come on… Come ON!!!

Energy predominantly bursts from his scars as he gains more strength from the immense pain the pressure of the weights brings. At this point, energy surges throughout his entire body as he closes his eyes. Once the surging seems to stop and the weights seem to get closer towards him, his eyes open with a flash of glowing green. He then uses all of that energy to strike back- redistributing all of that force back into the weights- sending them flying with a shockwave. The weights then fly back into the distributing machine, jamming it entirely. The machine then shuts down. Elias then lays on the floor and sighs as the energy sparks from his distorted-looking arm. Zara then rushes in and kneels besides him.

Zara: H-Hey, are you alright?

Elias: Yep. Never bet- ARGH!

Elias yells out then glances over at his arm, seeing constant bruises, both internally and externally.

Elias: -the hell is that…?

Zara: You uh- broke your arm. I’ll try using some of my energy to restore it but your Mutant healing should help with the rest.

Zara hovers her hands around his arm and mutters to herself. Soon enough, her hands glow with energy that seems to be slowly and slightly restoring his arm back to health. He flinches back.

Elias: Argh, it stings!

Zara: Weren’t you a street thug before? You wanna stop whining about it or get back to the routine?

Elias: That’s not funny…

Zara, smiling: Kinda was.

Outside, Emma helps Leviathan up onto a crate besides Velocity.

Emma: Are you going to be alright?

Leviathan: Yeah… I just need to catch my breath. Can you help Fionna and Drake?

Velocity: I can help.

Velocity tries moving but nearly collapses.

Emma: You’ve both been through a lot. Please, just rest. We’ll help them.

Leviathan: ...Alright. Okay.

Emma nods and turns to the second to last cell. She opens it, seeing complete darkness inside. She reaches inside but is compelled away by the force of the shadows.

Emma: I guess Tara's powers don’t fade away that easily. But I can’t let this hold me back.

Emma then walks inside and fades away into the dark. A moment passes with no sign of her return. Then, just as things come to a still, Emma emerges once more- now in her Mutant form again- covering a weak-looking Ember out from the shadows that still cling onto her. Emma pulls her from the rest and slams the door on them. She then sets Fionna down carefully besides the others. Fionna can now be seen breathing but she’s quite unresponsive. Emma starts to revert back to her Human form once again while Zara escorts Elias out from one of the cells and Adam, shortly later, does the same for Defender.

Adam: Alright, I got him… out. Uh- what happened here?

Elias: What do you think, smart guy? We got them out.

Emma: There’s still Drake.

The final cell door then opens on its own. Everyone in view turns their head over to the door with the Vigilante stepping out, with his head lowered.

Elias: Drake…

He stands there for a moment, head still hung low.

Vigilante: I’m sorry.

Leviathan: Drake?

Vigilante: ...I failed you.

Elias’ eyes widened.

Elias: No. (pause) No, don’t start talking like that. Don’t even start! You hear me?!

He pushes Zara off of him, much to her surprise and hobbles over to him.

Elias: The city didn’t fall yet. The Society hasn’t won yet! I’ll make sure of it! Because we’re still standing. We still have a chance, okay? Because if you give up now. If you throw this chance away… then… then…

Elias lowers his head. The Vigilante places his hand on Elias’ shoulder. He then looks up, over at it.

Vigilante: I failed the team. If I were stronger, this wouldn’t have happened. But worse, I failed my friends… even you three. We’ve all failed and the city paid for it.

He looks up.

Vigilante: But that ends now. The Society tried to take everything from me and now we’re going to do the same. This time we’re not holding back.

Defender: Agreed. We’ve been pulling our punches but they’re out here to win. If we’re going to fight back, we have to give it everything we’ve got.

Velocity: So, basically treat it like another invasion.

Leviathan: No. This is an inversion. They infiltrated the city and the MCA to sow chaos. All of these plans and schemes. (sigh) Does Reeves’ evil know no ends?

Adam: Apparently not. He’s the Society inspiring Mutants to stand up against the police.

Elias: The whole freakin’ city is turning itself inside out.

Vigilante: Ngh. Just what they want.

Velocity: Looks like we got played. Big time.

Ember: We’re not just going to stand here and feel sorry for ourselves, right?

They turn to Ember, seeing her awake and attempting to get up.

Leviathan: Hey, you should take it easy.

Ember: Forget that. (cough) They humiliated the team and nearly ended it. If we’re going to hit them back, we’d better to do it hard and in a place they wouldn’t see coming.

Defender: How would we do that? From the sound of it, they have total control of the city.

Adam: Not entirely. The police are still active and acting against the Mutant outcasts.

Emma: But without the proper equipment from the MCA, they’ll hardly stand a chance.

Zara: And once the police are wiped out, then they’ll have total control.

Elias: So basically, the city is completely defenseless.

Vigilante: Not anymore. Because now, they have the Helpers. And we’re going to handle this. All of us.

The original members stand up, looking ready. The Vigilante then looks over at the the newer members who seem to have disapproving expressions on their face. Elias looks over the rescue team and looks back at the Vigilante.

Elias: Look, Drake, we just rescued all of you. If you even think about benching us now, the same thing would just keep happening.

The Vigilante glares at Elias while Elias glares back. Velocity strokes his chin thoughtfully while the others watch them.

Velocity: You know, thinking about it… he does have a point.

Ember: Shut up, Danny.

Velocity: Yeah… okay…

Vigilante: I said all of us, didn’t I? We’ll take the Society down. Together.

Elias smiles with a dry chuckle.

Elias: So you got a plan or are we just going to keep acting all dramatic-like?

Vigilante: The plan… is to stop defending ourselves and take the offensive.

The Vigilante walks ahead, towards the exit.

Vigilante: And above all else, we save this city.

He then walks into the view- concealing it in darkness which transitions to the city with fires starting up in buildings and on the street. Groups of Mutant individuals are seen attacking apartments and offices, chasing people and rallying together. One, in particular, is a massive horde charging down a wide street. Each of them possessing a different ability with one of them being a large man with Mutant-like features; his arms are muscular and skin is hardened as he towers over everyone around him in the horde. At the end of the street, a group of police officers are setting up a barricade with police cruisers blocking the road behind them. They ready their weapons, with Ryan Wilson taking to the front lines.

Ryan Wilson: How many do we have, Marshall?

An officer with black braided hair and hazel eyes raises her gun as she takes cover behind one of the barricade fences.

Officer Marshall: I lost count, Wilson. But I’d say over 40 of them. Maybe something close to 70.

Ryan Wilson: And they’re all coming this way.

Officer Marshall: Make sense. They’ll be able to reach other parts of the city through this street. Maybe even reach the bridges.

Ryan Wilson: Yeah, well, we gotta make sure that can’t happen. If these Mutants get out of the city, we’re in dead trouble.

Wilson rushes to the other officers, readying themselves.

Ryan Wilson: You guys need to block the street. If they get through us… then you make sure they don’t through you.

Wilson rushes back over to the front lines.

Ryan Wilson: Now I want everyone in the front lines to get together and hold this line!

The officers stand together and ready themselves as they position themselves at the fence.

Ryan Wilson: We are the last line of defense for the city. We are doing this for the people of this city and we will get through this. Not because we’re police officers but because we… we are New Yorkers!

Officers: Yes, sir!

Ryan readies his own weapon and raises it towards the approaching Mutants. His hands slightly shaking but his resolve is as firm as ever.

Officer Marshall: Despite what’s said about you, Wilson. You’re a good man and it’s an honor working besides you.

Ryan Wilson: Same to you, Marshall. Same to you.

The larger Mutant in the horde then huffs to himself as he charges away- even knocking aside some of their own. He charges forward at full speed with the officers firing down at him with their firearms. But the bullets ping off his tough exterior skin. They continue trying to take him down until he bashes through their barricade, leaving the street wide open. Officer Marshall is the first to get up. She races to her gun and picks it up. Firing it at the behemoth as he towers over some other officers. He then turns and smacks Marshall away with the back of his hand. He then stomps on a police cruiser and roars out. Wilson turns over, breathing heavily as he struggles to get back onto his feet. But he falls over again, a piece of shrapnel from the barricade lodged in his calve.

Ryan Wilson: Argh!

A shadow then overcomes him. He looks up as he holds his leg, shaking slightly from the pain. He sees the behemoth Mutant standing right over him and looking down with a menacing glare with a pure and determined look in its eyes. As he raises his fist over the defenseless officer.

Ryan Wilson: Sweetheart, I’m… I’m sorry.

The fist comes down right for him but a figure reaches in and moves him out of the way, just as the Mutant’s fist comes crashing down against the ground- even cracking the pavement. He then looks to the side and sees the Vigilante, using his Hover Speed form. He places Officer Wilson down and reverts his feet back to normal.

Vigilante: Are you hurt?

Ryan Wilson: It’s just my leg but I can manage.

Vigilante: I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner, Wilson.

Ryan Wilson: Don’t worry about it. You’re here now, that’s what matters.

Vigilante nods then turns back to the approaching horde.

Vigilante: Can you get the other officers to leave the area?

Ryan Wilson: You mean evacuate? Yeah, I suppose I can. What about you? Don’t you need some back up?

Vigilante: Don’t worry about it. I have some.

Defender then hovers down from the sky and Leviathan crashes down after doing a landing. He then looks up as Defender looks over. Wilson looks at them approach then nods at the Vigilante. He yells over at the officers getting up and one of them rushes over and helps him walk. The Vigilante turns back to the large Mutant growling before them as even more Mutants approach from behind him.

Defender: Are you sure we can handle something like this?

Leviathan: We’ve talked about this before.

Vigilante: And the time for talking is over. The threat is here and it’s happening now. There’s nothing else we can do but stop it. Whether we like it or not. There’s only one thing we can worry about now and that’s saving the city.

Leviathan: It looks like you’ve got a point. It’s either them… or us.

Defender: Then let’s not give them the option.

Vigilante: Right.

He steps forward. Leviathan and Defender glance at each other then turn to Drake, following after him.

Vigilante: We’re going to save this city from the chaos-

Ember then lands beside Leviathan, using her flames to descend her fall while Velocity speeds over besides Defender.

Vigilante: -together. All of us.

Emma, in her Monster form, then lands behind Defender and Velocity with Zara stepping into view from the right as she stands between Leviathan and Ember. Elias, in his Caliber suit, then steps into view from the left, completing the team. Now fully united, the team stands together- side by side- on the street, looking ahead with unwavering expressions on their faces with the Vigilante taking his spot in the middle.

Vigilante: As one.

The behemoth Mutant then growls to himself before roaring out. The other Mutants behind him then yell out into the air and charge forward, readying themselves. The behemoth Mutant then charges ahead as well. The Vigilante then runs ahead with the other Helpers following behind. Each side storms ahead before colliding with each other. Then the fight breaks out. The Vigilante jumps up and forms his Fire Fists form as he reaches out, striking the behemoth across the face- stunning him for the moment. Leviathan then charges in for the follow up and strikes him in the stomach, knocking him back into the Mutants directly behind him. However, others that weren’t taken down that easily move around the behemoth and continue attacking.

Leviathan: Alright, fliers go!

Defender heads up to the sky with Ember using her flames to thrust her into the air. The two of them fly up and rain down projectiles on those coming in from the side of the behemoth. Defender stays suspended, hovering in the air, focusing on firing his projectiles, while Ember uses one hand to stay afloat and the other to throw out fireballs down below. Some are hit and knocked away while others endure or simply avoid the projectiles. The Vigilante and Leviathan head into the horde, fighting them off physically while Caliber and Monster face off against those that make their way past them. One of Mutants tries slashing at Caliber with their sword-like limbs but Caliber dodges and strikes, knocking him out in one hit. Meanwhile, Monster slams down her fists on two of the Mutants attempting to rush her. Off to the far sidelines, some of the Mutants attempt to climb around the barricade or go off to the different street as if to move around them but a blue blur races over between both sides, knocking them back into the fight or just simply knocking them out. Zara also helps with defending the end of the street, using her energy focused on creating energy barriers- bouncing and pushing off Mutants literally crawling to get past her. She struggles against them but another energy barrier pushes them further away. She looks up and sees Jake flying down, aiding her in her defense efforts.

Jake: I’ve got your back, Zara.

Zara: Thank you.

Zara lowers her hands and catches her breath.

Jake: I can cover you too if you need it.

Zara: No need. I’m going on the offense.

Jake: But your energy is unpredictable.

Zara: That’s what I’m counting on.

Zara then focuses her energy into her hands and unleashes an energy wave that crackles and whips through the air, hitting multiple Mutants at once. The last Mutant then gets knocked to the side where the view follows her as she falls to the ground. Besides her, Velocity is pushing and kicking various Mutants that have surrounded him. However, he- himself- gets pushed to ground and kicked on the ground. All the attacks then start happening at once with one of them preparing to unleash some energy beam onto him. He then focuses and once the beam is fired, it can be seen as if time itself were slowing down. Velocity then opens his eyes and gets up, moving out of the way as the beam slowly approaches the spot where he once was. Time then starts to speed up once more and the beam hits the ground, creating a shock wave that knocks them all back. Velocity then catches his breath as he holds his knees.

Velocity: Phew. (looking at his hands) I’ve been getting faster.

Elias: Hey! More fighting and less talking!

Velocity: (mocking him) “More fighting and less talking…” Man, everyone’s a critic.

He then shakes it off and races back into the fight. As the blue blur passes by, Leviathan and the Vigilante continue fighting off the oncoming horde of Mutants which seems like it doesn’t end.

Leviathan: There’s way too many of them. We might have the upper hand now but we’ll be overwhelmed with them in no time at all. All this fighting is not going to solve anything.

Vigilante: Then we go after the head and stop those in control.

Leviathan: You mean…

Vigilante: Yeah, the Society.

Leviathan then rushes a bigger Mutant coming up on the Vigilante from behind. Defender also flies in, firing more energy projectiles to clear the way. He touches down next to the Vigilante and looks over at him.

Vigilante: We need to take down the Society or else this is going to continue. Without someone in charge, someone to lead them, they’ll have nothing left to fight for.

Defender: Are you sure about this?

Vigilante: No. But what else can we do?

Defender: ...Alright. I’ll follow your lead. I trust you, after all.

Vigilante looks at him for a moment but then nods. He then forms his Stealth Wing form and flies up with Defender into the sky. They then reach a rooftop and touch down, looking over the cityscape.

Defender: Adam, come in.

Adam, over the comms: I hear you loud and clear. What do you need?

Defender: I need you to pinpoint the location of the Society members.

Adam, over the comms: Ah gotcha. Well, they’re each controlling a part of the city, right? So if I look for mass gathering of Mutant activity- you should be able to find them there. Luckily, I already have that pulled up. I’m sending that info to your specs.

The Vigilante places his hand against his goggles and nods.

Vigilante: Yeah. I got it.

Defender: We can split off into groups and take them on.

Vigilante: No. We did that before and failed. This time, they’re the ones split up. If we want to stop the Society then we have to do it as a team.

Defender: So we give them a taste of their own medicine. Alright, how do you want to do this?

The Vigilante looks ahead from the rooftop. The scene then cuts over to Dylan roaming the streets of the city with a group of Mutant individuals surrounding him. He reaches out with his long tongues at a firetruck in the streets and lifts it into the air- chucking it at a building. The Mutants around him cheer and they step forward, ready to unleash their own abilities on the city as if following his example. But the Vigilante drops down before them and stands ready. Dylan growls to himself and steps ahead to confront the Vigilante.

Vigilante: That’s far enough.

Mutant Citizen: I won’t let you stop us now, Vigilante. We have power and we can stop you, ourselves!

Another Mutant Citizen: Yeah!

The Mutant group charges ahead, ready to attack the Vigilante. The Vigilante forms his Sonar Shields and raises them as the citizens push against the shields he hovers before him. All the while, Dylan steps back and attempts to run- only for Leviathan to crash down in front of him, causing him to stop abruptly.

Leviathan: Going somewhere?

Dylan attempts to turn back, with some of the Mutant citizens realizing that he’s in trouble. They rush back to assist but an energy barrier appears between the group and him. Defender then lowers from the air- using his alien device to project the barrier. Dylan then turns aggressively towards Leviathan and lashes his tongues out in his direction. Ember then blasts them with his flames and causes them to get burnt. Dylan yells out in pain as Velocity races over and grabs the tongues from the ground. He then races around him and ties him up with his own tongues.

Velocity: Oh, that’s just nasty.

He shakes the saliva from his gloves but Dylan still reaches out for him. Caliber then charges from the side and strikes him square into the energy barrier, knocking him out. Caliber then turns to Velocity.

Caliber: You can worry about that later. We still have some more Society members to take down.

Mutant Citizen: Wait, they… they took Dylan down? But he and the Society were supposed to lead the revolution.

Vigilante: The revolution is over. So stand down.

Most of the Mutant group seems to calm down and simmer down from their raging attitude from earlier. An explosion is then seen from a distance, catching everyone’s eye.

Defender: Alright, let’s move, team!

Defender soars off with Leviathan leaping ahead. Caliber looks up and sighs.

Caliber: Yeah, alright. Guess I’ll walk again.

Velocity: Chill, bro. I gotcha covered.

Caliber: No. Wait, wait, wait-

Before he can protest any further, Velocity grabs his neck and his shoulder and speeds over with him. Soon enough, they both arrive at the site of the explosion. Caliber grabs his stomach and turns around with a puffed expression.

Velocity: Held your neck to stop the whiplash but uh- oh… um yeah, that- the uh- the motion sickness is still a thing, I take it.

Caliber: Oh gosh…

Velocity: Cool. Thanks for the… confirmation.

Up ahead, Monster crashes down against a group of Mutants- knocking them away. Heather drops against the street and stands up, rubbing her chin.

Heather: You’ve got some guts on you, girlie. I’ll warn ya- I’ve taken down bigger.

Heather then runs ahead- splitting herself into a multitude of identical clones. The Vigilante aims from an alleyway, firing from his Neuro-Web form. The shots then hit a few of the clones, wrapping around them and delivering a neurotic shock to their bodies. Some of the captured clones then start to fall apart, unweaving into a gathering of organic-looking bandages.

Heather, looking around: Huh?! What’s going on?

Ember, using the comms: You missed a few.

Vigilante: Yeah, I can see that.

Zara, walking ahead: Don’t worry. I’ve got this covered.

Ember: ...Alright. Let’s see what you’ve got, girl.

Zara rubs her hands together, accumulating some energy together. She then draws them apart and unleashes a crackling beam of energy that zaps the remaining clones. The original Heather backs away and splits into a couple more clones that run ahead- stretching their hands at Zara. Ember steps ahead this time and raises her hand, releasing a wave of flames from her palm. The clones recoil their hands back and let out a painful groan.

Ember: Heh. Looks like someone hasn’t learned from the last fight.

Heather, from behind: I disagree.

Ember turns around and sees Heather standing behind her. Heather whips out a knife from her leg pocket and takes the appropriate stance.

Heather: I’m an ex-mercenary, remember? I’m not afraid of playing dirty.

Ember stands ready, herself, holding up her fists which spark aflame.

Heather: (chuckles wickedly) You ready for Round 2?!

Heather races ahead, swinging her knife with ferocity. Caliber then steps in and breaks the knife with his enhanced durability. The knife pieces drop to the ground as he looks Heather into her eyes. She backs up into Velocity, who holds her arms- keeping her still.

Heather: You were supposed to be on our side, Hernandez! You were supposed to fuel the chaos and savor the madness!

Caliber: You think that’s why I joined you? Why I joined Reeves? I did it so I protect the people I care about.

Heather: You mean these losers? Your super-powered friends over here?

Caliber: I was talkin’ ‘bout my family.

Heather: We were your family.

Caliber: ...Not anymore.

Ember watches as Caliber walks off, past her. She lowers her head slightly. The Vigilante walks over, looking over at Ember and Caliber. He then turns his attention to Velocity, who is still holding Heather tight.

Vigilante: You know what to do.

Velocity: Got it. (to Heather) Alright, you might wanna buckle up, lady. I’ve been told it’s a bumpy ride.

Velocity then speeds away with Heather.

Caliber: We still have two members. They would have definitely realized what we’re up to by now.

Ember: They’ll have an idea but what we have coming, they’ll never see coming.

Vigilante: Because they’re too busy thinking about their plan, rather than thinking about their own people.

Zara: There are still the Mutants out there. Some of them won’t go down that easy.

Vigilante: This doesn’t end with taking down just two members. All of the Society has to go down in order for people to understand that this chaos won’t last.

Caliber: Then let’s get to it.

Ember: Emmett and Jake are already on their way.

Zara: Then we shouldn’t keep them waiting.

The scene then cuts over to Leviathan getting knocked back and thrown across the street. Defender swoops around, firing energy blasts from his device at Micheal who blocks them with his arm. He then slams his arms together, sending out a sonar shock wave that cancels the energy- sending it back to him. Defender gets knocked from the air and crashes down onto a taxi.

Defender: Augh!

Micheal then stomps over and raises his fist as if to crush Defender. He looks up, startled, before a blue blur appears, moving him out of the way. Micheal then looks over, seeing Defender now standing beside Velocity.

Velocity: You alright, man?

Defender: Well, I just got thrown onto a car so… I could be doing better. You?

Velocity: I took a girl out so that was something. For the record, it was a fugitive and I took her out to a prison cell so…

Defender: Ah. That makes sense now.

Velocity: What’s that supposed to- You know what? I’m gonna let that slide, since you’re the one calling the shots. Anyways, you think we can take him together?

Defender: Yeah, about that.

Defender turns around with Velocity doing the same. More Mutant citizens rush up towards them from behind, some with acidic and ice projectiles. Velocity dodges while Defender hovers in the air to avoid them.

Velocity: Nevermind. Looks like we’ve got our hands full.

Defender: Don’t worry, the others got this.

Defender turns back to Micheal and sees Monster face off with him. The two lock hands and press against one another. However, Micheal presses down even harder with his body seemingly increasing in size and stature. Monster drops down to her knees as he continues pushing back. Caliber rushes over and strikes Micheal against the backside, but the strike does little to him. He then turns around and grabs Caliber. Micheal then squeezes down, crushing him.

Caliber: GARGH!

Caliber then opens his eyes to show them glowing with green energy as his facial scar opens up more, however he is unable to use that stored up power as his movements have been constricted. The Vigilante then rushes in, forming his Electro-Icer form and slamming it right into the stomach of Micheal before delivering a shock to his system. He lets go of Caliber, who drops down to the ground. Ember then descends carefully using her flames, behind him. Micheal then turns and charges right for her.

Ember: You should really mess with someone your own size.

Ember then transforms into his enlarged fiery form that towers over Micheal. He then stops and looks up at her as she swings her flaming arm across the street, whacking him away in one swipe. Micheal then goes head-first right into a lamp post that bends over due to the impact of his weight. Leviathan then walks over and wraps the lamp post around him- securing him to it. Micheal struggles against it- even pulling it back some. Ember then reaches her arms out, delivering a more powerful wave of flames than she usually summons. The flames then start to melt the metal around him until it cools off- trapping him in a block of steel. Caliber gets up, holding his side.

Caliber: Micheal… He’s down.

Vigilante: Which leaves one more.

Caliber: She’ll definitely see us coming this time. And she’s powerful enough to try and stop us.

Vigilante: Just leave it to me. I have an idea.

The Vigilante walks off with the scene cutting over to the Helmsley Building. The view then lowers until it reaches ground level, where Veronica stands there- speaking through a walkie talkie.

Veronica: Everything is going according to plan, sir. You should be able to make your arrival soon.

Reeves, over the comms: Of course. I look forward to seeing the plan unfold.

Veronica: As do I, sir.

She smiles as she raises the walkie talkie but when she looks up, her smile fades.

Veronica: It’s him.

Reeves, over the comms: What was that? What’s happening, Veronica?

Standing before her, the Vigilante stands in the middle of the street.

Veronica: The Vigilante is here.

Reeves, over the comms: I thought you took care of him.

Veronica: I did. And I will again.

Reeves, over the comms: ....I understand. Just make sure the plan continues.

The transmission ends. Veronica carefully places the walkie talkie into her side pocket and approaches the Vigilante.

Veronica: You’re supposed to be in a cell.

Vigilante: How can I when you’re destroying my city?

Veronica: Destroying? Do you still not get it? We’re liberating it. Those Mutants were in hiding, afraid of what the Helpers, the MCA, the police or even their own neighbors would do. We gave them the courage to stand up for themselves and change the world to how they see fit.

Vigilante: No matter who gets hurt or dies while doing so?

Veronica: A small price to pay for salvation.

Vigilante: Yes, they’re free to live their lives but they are not your lives to mess with!

Veronica: The same can be said about yourself. You have people worship you like a saint because they can’t defend for themselves. You see yourself as high and mighty but when others have the same powers you do, then you get scared. Not so much of a hero now when you treat the people of your precious city as villains.

Vigilante: I’m not a hero. I defend the weak because if I don’t, someone dies. And even then, sometimes it’s not enough. That’s why I don’t look down on them because, even without powers, there are people who can save others where I can’t. In this city, there is no rank. There are no soldiers. There are people who just need help and sometimes only they can help themselves. You say you’re saving them but you’re just using them. If they want to find themselves, they have to do it for themselves. Not you, not Reeves and definitely not me!

Veronica: It seems there’s just no convincing you. I have to say that your resolve is as hard as steel. You never waver from your goals and your narrow focus… is something so simple as saving people. What an interesting creature you are. But nevertheless, that won’t save you.

Veronica throws out her hands as some mutated-looking vines crawl out from the ground, bursting through the concrete around her. The Vigilante stands ready and forms his Crystal Claws form. Veronica then leans forward with the vines lifting her through the air as she charges for him. The Vigilante then jumps ahead, slashing at the vines shooting out right for him. The vines then shoot upwards, knocking him back in mid-air. As the Vigilante falls, he throws his arm out and tears into the side of the vine, shredding down until it comes to a stop. The vine falters- leaning against the side of the building. Veronica hops off and jumps down onto the rooftop of the building. The Vigilante then climbs up the vine and jumps onto the rooftop, himself.

Vigilante: Running away?

Veronica: Unlikely. Just figured I’d change things up a bit.

Veronica then slams her hands against the metallic rooftop and shoots out an electric pulse right for the Vigilante. He moves out of the way but the pulse bounces off the edge and follows after him. Veronica grins as she breathes, concentrating on her attack. He keeps running, soon changing his feet into his Hover Speed form once again and riding up against the sides of the adjacent building- just dodging the electric shock awaiting him. Veronica then gets up and watches as he hovers off from the wall and comes riding down towards her.

Veronica: You can’t escape my blasts that easily, Vigilante!

Vigilante: I wasn’t planning on it!

He then reverts his feet back to his normal form, now dropping through the air at a normal rate- as opposed to hovering. On his way down, Veronica takes a step back in surprise while he raises his hands into the air. He then forms the Stone Slicer and stabs downwards. Veronica backflips out of the way. Upon landing, she places her hands on the rooftop floor and releases another electric pulse only for the Stone Slicer to cancel it out. He then raises the weapon and readies it. Veronica stands ready herself and forms vines around her own arms, fashioning them into whip-like weapons. She then races ahead, clashing with the Vigilante, as their weapons collide. She continues, relentlessly, lashing at the Vigilante- attacking his sides and legs to get him to falter but he soon gets the upper hand- chopping her vines at their tips. But they soon grow back with her ready for yet another attack. As the Vigilante succumbs to his injuries, he drops down to a knee. Veronica then races to strike, leaping into the air to come down on him. The Vigilante, however, raises his legs and kicks her off of the rooftop onto the opposite side. He then gets back up onto his own feet and goes over to the ledge of the rooftop. He looks down and soon sees a massive vine branching out from the ground and rising up into the air. It coils around like a spring as it rests on the top of a couple of other buildings. The Vigilante leans onto the ledge, huffing for a breath of air before jumping off the rooftop. He then forms his Acidic Thorns and stretches his arm out to hook onto a part of the vine before reeling himself over. He then unhooks and does the same with his other arm, hooking onto a higher part of the vine and reeling over- moving closer and closer to Veronica. She then places her hands on the vine- sending an electric pulse throughout it. The pulse reaches one of the Vigilante’s axes and rides down until it reaches his body, shocking him. He then lets go, falling through the air. He shakes his head as he falls and throws out his right arm, stretching out and hooking one of the axes on to the side of a nearby building. He then swings over and hits the side of the building, cracking the glass. He remains there for a short moment before looking up- seeing the vine tangle around the building above him. After catching his breath, he reels himself up- climbing up the side of this skyscraper. The view then zooms out, showing that the building is- in fact- the Chrysler Building.

Veronica, laying on her vine, looking down at the Vigilante: You can’t win, Vigilante. We’ve done this dance before.

The Vigilante can be seen still climbing up the building then jumping off and grabbing the edge of the vine as he climbs up onto it.

Veronica: You lost and the Society had won. We had defeated the Helpers, the saviors of this city, and won over the people of the city with our words of promise.

Vigilante: You conditioned them into thinking they were free. When they were just going to be trapped under Reeves anyways.

Veronica: Reeves knows how to treat this city. You should be grateful that a man of such high class would even stoop so low to care for a city such as this.

The Vigilante then throws out his ax towards Veronica who dodges. She drops from the side of her vine and lands onto a platform on the skyscraper. She then turns over and looks up with scorn as the Vigilante drops down across from her, onto the platform.

Vigilante: It’s over, Veronica. Just end this already.

Veronica: I indeed too.

Veronica dashes ahead with an electric jab to the Vigilante’s side. He leans against the side of the building but moves when Veronica strikes the side of the building. She struggles to get her hand out of the side when the Vigilante slashes the ground before her with the edges of his axes, sizzling with green fumes. He then calls them back to his side as Veronica breaks free. She then turns to him, furious.

Vigilante: This is it, Veronica. Your last chance.

Veronica: No! When will you learn?! When will you learn that this is all for my master! I won’t give up until his will is seen to the end! Until he has his perfect world… for him, for us, for all you insignificant specks. Since you won’t stand down, since you won’t fall to your better judgement then allow me to finish you, myself, with my own.

Veronica steps forward but as she does, the platform she stands on starts to crumble. She looks down at the floor breaking apart from the acidic touch of the Vigilante’s ax. She then looks up and rushes to clear the platform but it is too late as the platform gives way and she drops down. She continues falling at fast speeds with the Vigilante leaping from the broken platform edge. He throws his arms back and dives after her. He reverts his Acidic Thorns form and soon forms his Stealth Wings form. He flies down faster until he passes by her. He then looks up and catches her in his arms while his wings allow him to descend with ease. Once they get close to the ground, he drops her onto the street. Veronica breaths in heavily as she lays on her knees and arms. She then raises her head- seeing the people of the city look at her from a safe distance; those in the Mutant hordes and even those not a part of it. The Vigilante reverts his wing form and glares down at her. Veronica starts to crawl away, reaching into her pocket. She struggles to pull out her walkie talkie and starts a call.

Veronica: Society. I- I need you.

There is only static over the end.

Veronica: Come to me, I’m at the Chrysler Building with the Vigilante.

The static over the other end continues.

Veronica: Society… Society, come in! Society!

Veronica turns to the Vigilante.

Veronica: What have you done? What did you do, Vigilante?!

Vigilante: It wasn’t me, Veronica.

Caliber and Zara walk beside the Vigilante, looking down at her. She backs away and looks around as the other Helpers arrive around her. With Ember and Leviathan coming down towards her right and Defender hovering over while Velocity rushes in from the left. Behind her, Monster charges over- blocking in her. Surrounding her completely from all sides, the Helpers stand.

Vigilante: We did.

Veronica: How? We defeated you… tortured you…

Caliber: You underestimated us.

Veronica: You’re not even one of them. You’re just a reject.

Caliber: The only ones who rejected me were you and the Society! The Helpers… they’ve accepted me for what I am… for who I am.

Defender: You might have taken us down apart but united, we’re stronger together.

Veronica reaches for the walkie talkie again.

Veronica: Reeves, come in. I need your assistance quickly. I’ve been surrounded. They might take me but I need you to come and get me. You’ll do that… right, sir?

There is no response, not even static on the other end.

Veronica: ...Sir? Sir, please, respond. Reeves, please respond. R-Respond to me. To me, sir! Please!

Vigilante: Like I said…

Veronica turns to the Vigilante, almost in a panicked state.

Vigilante: It’s over, Veronica.

Veronica slowly turns away and her grasp on the walkie talkie weakens. It then drops from her head and hits the pavement. At that moment, the chaos in that area of the city had gone still. Leviathan reaches for Veronica and pulls her from the ground without so much as a struggle from her. The Vigilante looks off into the distance, seeing the faces of the people in the hordes and riots. He then walks ahead. Ember turns and looks over at him.

Ember: Vigilante?

The Vigilante then stands on top of a flipped over car and looks over the city as the horde seems to gather around in questionable state.

Defender: What’s he doing?

Caliber: I think he’s doing what he did to me. Inspirin’ them.

Vigilante: Listen! People of the city! Human… and Mutant alike. I know there are problems with how Mutants are treated. I have seen the hardship up close, the ones suffered by Humans… and by Mutants. I know you’re scared and I know you’re upset. I know those feelings… all too well. But you can’t let those feelings control you! You can’t let others use those feelings against you. And you can’t let what you’re going through turn you against each other. You are destroying this city, not saving it! If you want to make a stand, then do it. If you want to change, then do it. But the only way we’ll get through hardship is together. I should know. For years, I’ve been pushing others away, using my pain to hurt others. But I learned that working with others is what really helps people. So I’m asking you. Not as the Vigilante but as myself to… please, end this war before more innocent people get hurt. Let’s all make sure that our actions aren’t fueled by pain and hatred but by the feeling of working together. As a city, for the city.

A lot of the Mutants in the horde and riots look over at the Vigilante. There is plenty of tension on their faces as well as a hesitation. But one woman steps out into the open from the crowds surrounding the Helpers. She steps forward.

Mutant Citizen: I don’t want others to hurt me for who I am… but I- I know I won’t forgive myself if I do the same. So I’m done fighting.

A man with a large mutated jaw steps out of the crowd as well.

Mutant Citizen with Jaw: I’m done too!

Others step forward, proclaiming their surrender, while the rest remain where they stand, getting more aggressive by the moment. One, in particular, stands among the rest- wearing a leather jacket. He appears quite muscular and draws blades from his arms as his Mutant ability.

Mutant Citizen, in leather jacket: You can’t expect us to give up that easily! We’re fighting for something! Something we believe in! And we don’t care who we hurt to get it. Right?!

Others standing with him cheer.

Mutant Citizen, in leather jacket: You just made enemies of us, Vigilante! We’ll mow through you and your Helper team no-

As he’s talking, a series of MCA Jumpjets fly over and hover over the area- aiming their weapons at the mobs.

Mutant Citizen, in leather jacket: -sweat?

MCA Officer, over Jumpjet speaker: This is the MCA Response Team. Surrender now or we will take extreme measures!

The Mutant citizen in the leather jacket then raises his hands and drops down to his knees. The bald citizen standing next to him gives him a look of utter disappointment before dropping down to his knees too. Soon enough, the rest follow. The Vigilante then leans on his knee and sighs in relief.

Vigilante: It’s over… Now, it’s over.

The view then shows an overhead of the street with the Jumpjets landing nearby and MCA Officers rounding up rioters. The scene then fades away to Times Square once more, the following day. MCA Officers are now seen patrolling the streets with citizens walking about, attending to their business; though there aren’t as many around as yesterday. As the day continues, the main screen switches over to a broadcast of some kind. Citizens stop and glance over as the screen prepares for an announcement of some kind.

Voice, echoing through the area: People of the city. I come to you in a special, televised broadcast on behalf of our government.

Anton Reeves then appears on the screen, sitting at a desk- in his usual attire.

Anton Reeves, over the screen: As you may know, I am Anton Reeves. Established entrepreneur and industrialist and CEO of R-Corp, one of the biggest manufacturing companies in the country. Recently, I’ve been placed under an understandable amount of scrutiny and judgement. For you see, if this wasn’t common knowledge by now, I had assisted the alien lifeforms that had invaded the island of Manhattan.

The scene cuts to the inside of the Wilson apartment, where Reeves’ speech can be seen on the television in their room. Ryan Wilson has his leg resting on top of the table before him- bandaged up. Kate watches in surprise from behind the couch, as it goes on further, she gets closer to the back of it.

Anton Reeves, on the television: My intent was good-natured, I assure you, but no matter how it was, because of my efforts, I fear that many good people had lost their lives. And for that, I will always carry that burden.

Kate’s grip on the couch tightens as she looks in closer.

Anton Reeves, on the television: But I believe that after some proper time in prison, I had learned to better myself and make good use of my official release by completely turning over a new leaf.

The scene then cuts over to different television, broadcasting the announcement.

Anton Reeves, on the television: But as I planned to move my manufacturing efforts over to the city of New York, a new disaster had emerged: the rise of dangerous Mutants within your society. Surely this can not stand!

In the room, the new MCA Director can be seen watching from his desk, in a deep thought.

Anton Reeves, over the television: To have these anarchists roam free without the oversight of the Helpers or even the MCA. No… something must change in order to better this city. And it must happen soon.

The view moves to the left until it gets obscured by the wall- sending it into darkness. The scene then opens up when Anton Reeves now on a larger screen with the view slowly zooming out as he talks.

Anton Reeves, on the screen: Which is why, I- Anton Reeves- will take fate into my own hands. Yes, I will give up the mantle of CEO and abandon my previous life in order to offer myself to this city, completely. From this day on, I will officially be taking a part in the political on-goings of the city and use the resources of R-Corp to ensure that this place you call home is safe from the dangers of an out-of-control Mutant population. And I will do anything to make sure that they answer for the terror that they’ve brought upon you. Remember that.

The broadcast then ends- leaving the screen with static. As the view had fully zoomed out, the view can now see that the large screen had been positioned in the main room of the Helpers Headquarters. The Helpers are gathered there in their casual outfits, looking at the screen.

Elias: He can’t just do that! Can he?

Jake: This guy just seems to do whatever he wants.

Emmett: To think he would just end his time at his own company like that. A businessman like him becoming a politician.

Emma: I don’t know much about the political world but I know that if he’s involved, it can’t be anything good.

Fionna: Agreed. What really gets on my case is him turning this whole situation on Mutants. A disaster that he created.

Elias: That must have been his plan in the first place. He used the Society to convince people into acting all out of control so he could use that just to get on everyone’s good side.

Drake: No, he was… happy for them? No. He was happy because of them. He wanted them to destroy the city but he was prepared if they couldn’t do it.

Danny: But why? Did he… not believe in them?

Drake: Maybe he believed in us.

Elias: So I’m suddenly ‘posed to think that Reeves believes in the Helpers. Like he’s rootin’ us on or somethin’?

Drake: What I’m saying is, he expected we would beat them. Even though they just about beat us if it weren’t for you, Emma and Zara. Which just means that he’ll be prepared for us when we have to face him. So we should be prepared ourselves.

Jake: All-in-all, we have to get on top of this. As quick as we can. If the city is quick to believe in something like the Society then Reeves would be just as bad for them to listen to. If not, worse.

Elias: Hey, if it involves beating Reeves then count me in. I have personal beef with the guy.

Emmett: Same here! First he tries to turn over Philadelphia and now New York. If we don’t stop him here, I fear it’ll only get worse moving forward.

Fionna: Not only that, but because of Reeves, all Mutants are now painted as enemies in the eyes of the city. The Society convinced Mutants to out themselves and now that the revolution is over-

Zara: They’re exposed.

Emma: And Reeves pretty much just signed an attack-on-sight order on live TV. A lot of Mutant citizens are going to get hurt even if they weren’t a part of the riots yesterday.

Adam: And as if things couldn’t get any worse, the MCA are stepping up their game too. Patrols are increasing and from what I gathered from my sources, they’re thinking about turning off the stun function, if you catch my meaning.

Fionna: We have to do something. I can’t sit by and let Reeves turn the city against itself again.

Jake: Hey, we won’t. We’re the Helpers. We’ll help them, I promise.

Drake: It looks like a lot of things need our attention.

Danny: Our?

Drake: Yeah. The city needs the Helpers, more than ever. So I’ll be here when you need me.

Jake: I take it that means you’re not a part-timer anymore.

Drake: Not like I really got to be.

Elias: Hey, it’s like you said, we’ll get through this together.

Jake: Right! And with the Society down, it definitely threw a blow into Reeves’ plans somehow. Now that he’s on guard, we’ll ready ourselves for whatever he throws our way. And we’ll do it as a team.

Drake: Right. As a team.


The scene continues in a dark room. The lights soon flicker on as a figure walks into it. He approaches a chair by a console of controls and takes a seat. He then presses a few of the controls before a few screens turn on before him. Besides the screens are wide windows- showing a few of the ocean. And on the screens, footage from the city where the Helpers are seen battling against the members of the Society as well as Mutant rioters fighting as police officers and other citizens. The figure clenches their fist as it lays on the console.

Figure: How vile. The world hasn’t changed since I last stepped foot on it. Nothing but violence and hatred for Mutantkind. But no longer will this stand!

He slams his fist against the console, creating a dent from the impact of his fist. He sighs and places his hands on the console, pressing up as he lifts himself from the seat. He then stands before the screens- still broadcasting the footage from the events that transpired within the city.

Figure: If change won’t happen on its own then it is up to me to make it happen. Mutants will learn to walk the surface of the Earth again. And they will learn to no longer be deprecated by mankind. Because I-

He turns to the view, showing a slight smirk on his obscured face.

Figure: I will become their guide for this new future. And mankind will receive their final lesson. One that they will never see coming.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Reeves sets his plan into motion
  • The Society raise an army to cause rampage throughout the city
  • Reeves becomes a politician to fight against Mutants
  • The Society is defeated

Minor Events

  • The city’s views and opinions on Mutants have gotten strained due to this attack
  • Many individuals have now been outed as being Mutant
  • The MCA is now acting more strict towards potential Mutant attacks
  • The Helpers decide to incorporate their newer members as full on teammates
  • Drake is now a full-on member of the team



  • Anton Reeves
    • The Society
      • Veronica Dorn
      • Michael Hickman
      • Heather Gruffurd
      • Dylan Wittenberg
  • Julian Marshal-Grey/Technofreak
  • Tara Veil/Shadow Girl
  • Mutant Riot Horde

Forms Used

  • Sonar Scales (x2)
  • Crystal Claws (x2)
  • Acidic Thorns (x2)
  • Hover Speed
  • Fire Fists
  • Electro-Icer


  • When Ember faces off against Heather, she deflects her bandage limbs with fire sparks as she says, “Stings, doesn’t it?”. It’s a quick allusion towards a line spoken by Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3 during his fight with Harry Osborn.
  • During the flashback scene, the older man says, “You’re finally awake.” While it isn’t too much to go on, it is an allusion towards the opening scene of Skyrim.
  • When the rescue team discovers the turret in the hall, Elias says, “Guys, we gotta come up with another plan. They got a turret.” The line is a reference to a line spoken by Tej Parker in Fast and the Furious 6, “They got a tank.”
  • Ryan Wilson’s orders during the barricade scene were a slight allusion towards Wolverine’s during the final battle in X-Men: The Last Stand.


  • During development of this episode, one of the writers believed that there was a disconnect between the main characters and the newer characters both as the newer characters were gathering more attention and they didn’t share much chemistry with the older characters. To remedy this, the scene after the opening titles was redone to feature all the original Helpers and the final battle featured the original Helpers working with the newer members using elements from The Invasion Part 2 to unify their appearances.
  • The locker room scene was another one of the scenes that needed to be redone entirely due to it, initially, being a somewhat awkward conversation about Emma’s nudity.
  • The idea of giving the Society members villain names had come up during production of this episode but it was dropped. The in-universe reason why they use their real names has been chalked up to them wanting a more intimate connection to the people they’re trying to “liberate” and draw a further separation between the Helpers and the city. While the Helpers hide their identities behind masks due to their vigilantism being somewhat illegal, the Society bears no mask representing they have nothing to hide- acting as a clear contrast.
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