Chaos is the ability to harness chaos energy and use it in many ways.

List of Chaos

1.Chaos control: Warps time and space. It is used to slow down or stop time temporarily. More often, it is used to instantaneously transport matter from one place in space to another or increase or slow the speed of time in specific areas.  Space and time can be fractured into a time-space rift by two opposing uses of Chaos Control, allowing for time travel.

2.Chaos arrow: A lightning bolt attack released while charged with Chaos Energy; it stuns enemies. In his super form it can be charged for a much more powerful attack.

3.Chaos strike: A blue energy pulse that harms and confuses enemies.

4.Chaos bind: A move which creates a ring of energy around them, immobilizing them.

5.C. Nightmare: The user creates small blasts of Chaos Energy with their hands and at the nexus knocking back enemies, or knocking them into the air.

6.Chaos burst: A powerful blast of chaos energy with a small radius.

7.Chaos magic: The user concentrates their energy and snaps their fingers, creating a brief rip in the fabric of space-time.

8.Chaos blast: A very powerful shock wave that basically decimates all within a twenty yard is channeled into a focused beam of Chaos energy shot from the users hands.

9.Chaos ball: The user creates a small orb of Chaos Energy that will instantly home in on any nearby opponent, making them lose their balance as well as temporarily stunning them.

10.Chaos rifi: The user creates a sphere that is thrown to the opponent. Upon touching someone, it immediately seems to send them into space, or if it fails, it makes them dizzy, instead.

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