Chaos Ben

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Chaos Ben is an alternate and evil version of Ben Tennyson.


Chaos Ben's usual clothes consists of a black-striped, white shirt with short sleeves, military green cargo pants with side pockets, and bland foot. Chaos Ben wears the prototype Omnitrix on his left wrist. He is also very pale.


Due to the crashy Omnitrix, Ben's mind was horribly affected, ridding him from his human consciousness and leaving him with nothing but animalistic instincts.

Powers and Abilities

In combat, just like every other Ben, Chaos Ben relies mostly on his Omnitrix. However, due to his animalistic instincts he is also very strong and fast.

Accessible Aliens

  1. Heatblast
  2. Wildmutt
  3. Diamondhead
  4. XLR8
  5. Grey Matter
  6. Stinkfly
  7. Four Arms
  8. Ripjaws
  9. Upgrade
  10. Ghostfreak
  11. Cannonbolt


Like Ben Prime, whenever his Omnitrix times out, Ben is left powerless until he either dodges or switches to a new alien form.

He doesn't have a great combat prowess, and as he is nothing but a 10-year-old child, his body is not very resistant to damage.




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