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General Information
Species Hamsapien
Home Planet Bacos IV
Body Humanoid Pig
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Wax Projection
Wax Manipulation
Heat Resistance
Enhanced Strength
Weaknesses Limited Wax Manipulation
Cold Vulnerability
Weak Fighter
Dangerous Back (Molten Wax)
Used By Mack
Appears in Original Mack 10

Chandelier is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Hamsapien from the planet Bacos IV. He is a free use alien.

His evolved form is Ultimate Chandelier.


Chandelier is a humanoid pig whose back is covered in a molten red wax that is secreted from his body. He has three short spines of hardened wax running down his back. There are seemingly metal holes on either palm. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

In terms of height, Chandelier comes up to Ben's shoulders.

Powers and Abilities

Chandelier's primary power is his ability to generate and manipulate Wax. This wax is generated from the holes in his hands. He can generate the Wax at any temperature so long as it is still liquid, effectively allowing him to decide how long it will take the wax to freeze (sometimes almost instantly). His wax manipulation powers are very primitive, however, and he can only form basic constructs using wax.

The wax seeping from Chandelier's back is molten, and burns to the touch. This doesn't hurt him at all.

Chandelier is slightly stronger than most humans, however is still one of the weaker fighters in the Omnitrix. If he were moving a couch, he might still struggle to move it himself.


He cannot manipulate frozen wax at all.

Whilst Chandelier isn't hurt by molten wax, he can still be hurt by fire and extreme heat.

He is extremely vulnerable to being frozen, and does not deal well with the cold.

As stated above, He is a weak fighter despite being stronger than most humans. His stature means he would probably be beaten in hand-to-hand combat by a human provided they avoid his back.

The wax secreted from his back makes him a danger to anybody around him.



Chandelier is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series.


  • Chandelier was named by Rob and designed by Aaronbill3.
  • Thax is scared of him. True story.


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