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ChamAlien X
ChamAlien X Alan.png
General Information

1/2 Celestialsapien
1/2 Merlinisapien


Humanoid Starry Chameleon

Other Info

Nigh Omnipotence
Hidden Reality Warping
Attack Deflection
Energy Absorption
Universal Banning
Power Draining
Time Freezing


Only Nigh Omnipotence

First Appearance:

MvT Chapter 14: Omni-Kickstart (Multiverse vs. Tennyson)

ChamAlien X is a free use fusion made by Alanomaly. He is a fusion of ChamAlien and Alien X.


ChamAlien X's body is mostly that of ChamAlien. However, he has Alien X's spikes above each of his eyes, and does not have ChamAlien's head spike.


  • ChamAlien X has Alien X's nigh omnipotence. When paired with ChamAlien's camouflage abilities, this allows him to make changes to reality without the Celestialsapiens realizing it.
  • ChamAlien X displays several abilities in MvT Chapter 14: Omni-Kickstart:
    • ChamAlien X used telekinesis to combat Albedo 23, and then banned her from Dimension 133. He also deflected attacks she threw at him.
    • ChamAlien X used omnikinesis to gain the power of energy absorption which he used to drain Albedo 23's Omnitrix.
    • ChamAlien X drained the right half of Neomni of her powers.
    • ChamAlien X froze time in Dimension 133 so Reboot Ben and Reboot Kevin could join him in his mission.


  • ChamAlien X only has nigh omnipotence, and can't stop things like universal annihilation, instead having to create an entirely new universe like Alien X did in So Long and Thanks for all the Smoothies. His powers are also limited to the universe he originates from, and must team up with other beings of similar power, such as other Celestialsapiens or Celestialsapien fusions, in order to do anything on a multiversal or omniversal scale.


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Multiverse vs. Tennyson

  • In MvT Chapter 14: Omni-Kickstart, Ben 10,000 used ChamAlien X to defeat Albedo 23 and Neomni. He also brought along Dimension 133's Ben and Kevin after stopping that universe's time.


  • The powers were made by Dio/Antipathy.
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