Cham Alien
Ren X ChamAlien.png
General Information
Species Merlinisapien
Home World n/a
Body Humaniod Lizard
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Camouflage

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Flexibility

Enhanced Strength

Tail Stinger

Enhanced Durability

First Appearance T-Hawk

ChamAlien is the Codon Stream's Example of a Merlinisapien from the planet, in Ren X.


ChamAlien has a slim body that resembles a large gray lizard with darker gray camo-esque spots all over his body and a short tail. He has three triangular eyes, the left being blue, the right red and the top green, but the red and blue eyes are the only ones that blink, while the green eye doesn't. The top of his head is dark-purple, with a spike-shaped fin on the back of his head. He has four-fingered hands and three toes on his frog-like feet. He also has a wide mouth with sharp teeth and speaks in a high-pitched German accent.

In Ren X, he has a bigger mouth, wears panties, wears big gloves (similar to Nanomech). He lacks the darker gray camo-esque spots and his eyes are completeley together. His omnitrix symbol is on his plate on his chest. Unlike Ren X Nanomech, Cham Alien's gloves are a darker shade of his skin to help with camoflauge.


ChamAlien's main ability is the camouflage, becoming nearly invisible by merging with the colors around him, pretty much as a regular chameleon. he is very agile, quick, flexible and slippery, making him very difficult to grab, climbing walls with ease.

ChamAlien has a long, retractable black barb that can come out of the tip of his tail and has enhanced strength and durability, enough to push a car and a huge truck several yards with ease.

The Horn on his head can emit a laser when ChamAlien swallows H20 (water) or any with H20 in it (like H2S0 or something), which means he is invulnerable to any poisons.


Although ChamAlien could become almost invisible, his shadow still remains. So any place filled with too bright lights can be a disadvantage.


  • In Trouble, he is one of the last 5 transformation ren has left, the others being Eatle, Fourarms, Co-Pee, and Alien X.
  • In T-Hawk, he is used as an accidental transformation of Gladus to sneak on a guard, then again later to sneak into a T-Hawk building in Canada.
  • In Small is best, he is the only big alien in the episode.
  • In T-Hawk Returns. (accidental transformatin; selected alien was Gladus, though he could still sneak in the building.)

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