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Humanoid Lizard

Other Info

Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Rectracable Tail Stinger
Enhanced Durability
Wall Scaling
Lubricious Body
Camouflage Vision
Fourth Wall Awareness

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ChamAlien is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Merlinisapien.


ChamAlien has a slim body that resembles a large green lizard with darker green camo-esque spots all over his body and a short tail. He has three triangular eyes, the left being blue, the right green and the top red, but the green and blue eyes are the only ones that blink, while the red eye doesn't. The top of his head is green-black, with a spike-shaped fin on the back of his head. He has four-fingered hands and three toes on his frog-like feet. He also has a wide mouth with sharp teeth. He wears the Simplicitrix on his chest.


  • ChamAlien's main ability is his camouflage; he is capable of blending in with the color of his surroundings with such effectiveness that he appears invisible.
  • ChamAlien is very agile, quick, flexible and slippery, making him very difficult to grab, and can climb walls with ease.
  • ChamAlien has a long, retractable black barb that can come out of the tip of his tail.
  • ChamAlien has enhanced strength and durability, enough to push a car and a huge truck several yards away.
  • According to Alan in Learning the Ropes, ChamAlien has the ability to clearly see other camouflaged creatures.
  • Due to Alan's abilities, ChamAlien has the ability of fourth wall awareness.


  • Although ChamAlien appears to turn invisible when he camouflages, he actually just changes his color, so his shadow can still be seen. As such, any place filled with too many bright lights can be a disadvantage.
  • Vulpimancers and Anodites can track ChamAlien with his smell/mana.
  • If he is covered in a material while invisible such as paint or mud, he will become partially visible, depending on where the material covered him.




  • Credits to the canon wiki for the description, albeit edited.
  • The original ChamAlien art showed him with a green panelling around the Simplicitrix instead of black.
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