Chalybeas is a home planet for Citrakayah. Not much of this planet is known right now. It's home to the alien Fasttrack.

Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix

Brendan and friends went here to join the flying race they were holding, Brendan as Dragonflight wins the race, but wants a spaceship to get home, in this series, it is a world full of racetracks so Citrakayahs can practice thier speed powers.

Chalybeas, homeworld of the Citrakayah.

Brett 10

In Brett 10, Brett and his friends ventured to Chalybeas to obtain a Citrakayah DNA sample after Darkanoss stole the original from Brett's Omnitrix. In Brett 10, Chalybeas was a lush, blue world with many plants and dangerous creatures called Carykatians that are the predators of the Citrakayah.

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