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Chainz is the Codon Stream's sample of a lockerdom,from the planet alluminalla.He is an alien in the Multimatrix the most powerful creation ever.

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily.


Chainz is made entirely out of locks that are silver,his head is made out of a lock and he has black eyes with green pupils.His voice has a deep tone behind it and he has slender arms and legs,the only thing that is not made out of locks are his feet,neck.All of the locks on him are connected and on his back is a handle,that looks like a handle from a safe.Chainz where's the omnitrix symbol on his chest and is 11 feet in height.

Powers and abilities[]

Chainz can stretch his limbs to great lengths and being made of steel locks,he can take a heavy amount of beating.He can Shapeshift like Diamondhead and he can absorb metal.By taking a lock off him he can trap enemies into a jail cell,that has a force field around it so they cannot escape.Chainz is able to liquefy himself so he can squeeze through small spaces,he has also has super strength and control metal.By spinning around he can create mini tornados and he can phase through metal.The safe handle on his back can shoot energy out of it he,is also capable of regenerating like Swampfire.He can generate anything he wants anywhere on him.


Being made out of steel locks he is very heavy and slow.The handle on his back is his weak spot,if hit he will be paralyzed like Way Big if his fin gets injured.

Home planet[]


Earth (Ben Tennyson) (Dante Meyers)

Known lockerdoms's[]

Ben Tennyson

Dante Meyers


He is used by Ben Tennyson and Dante Meyers.

He is an alien in the multimatrix and omnitrix.

His species is a pun on locker.

His home planet is a pun on aluminum.