Created by The Diamond Battle

Chaingun is The Qwertytrix's DNA sample of a Metaloid from the planet Metalania.


Chaingun is a humanoid robotic alien that has gray metallic skin and has bolts that connect the pieces of metal. He has red eyes, though lacks a mouth. He wears the Qwertytrix symbol on his left shoulder and has two arms each with hands that have five fingers and claws on each finger. The arms can turn into chainsaws with guns on the sides giving the name. Chaingun talks in a constantly happy, upbeat manner.


  1. Chaingun has enhanced strength.
  2. Chaingun has enhanced durability.
  3. Chaingun can turn his arms into chainsaws that have guns.
  4. Chaingun's chainsaws can regenerate their spikes when they are damaged.
  5. Chaingun is fireproof.
  6. Chaingun can survive in space.


  1. Chaingun can be disassembled.
  2. Chaingun is vulnerable to lava.
  3. Chaingun is vulnerable to electricity.
  4. Chaingun cannot breathe in water.
  5. Chaingun can only regenerate the spikes on his saws and not his body.
  6. Chaingun cannot survive in certain atmospheres.
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