General Information
Species Galvan
Age centuries old
Affiliations various clients




Vreedle family

Occupation(s) Attorney
Powers and abilities
Abilities intelligence; knowledge of galactic law
Equipment hovering suitcase
Alias Best lawyer in the galaxy (self proclaim)

Jail-free card(Benjamin and Aron)

Voice Actor Rob Paulson
First Appearance unknown

Chadzmuth is a male galvan who works as a galactic attorney who is infamous for granting clients a swift release from jail.


He has green eyes, grey skin and wears a black uniform with tan accents. He has a black-green striped tie. In addition of his Galvan physique, he has two long tendrils growing from his face, almost akin to facial hair.


a Galvan lawyer for most alien clients, mostly criminals. While openly proud of his advanced intelligence like other Galvans, Chadzmuth instead prefers to use his as an attorney rather than for scientific pursuit, proudly considering himself the greatest lawyer in the universe.


Very cut-throat in his job, he is willing to use any loophole or technicality to win his case, regardless of the type of character his client has. Well-aware of the negative connotations of the legal profession, Chadzmuth nonetheless asserts himself to an almost shameless extent, and prides himself on his unblemished string of legal victories.

Powers and Abilities

He possesses enhanced intelligence and knows a lot about intergalactic laws. At this point in time he is more experienced and successful in intergalactic court. He managed to get clients out of jail in under a few hours.


Chadzmuth is mostly seen either averting Benjamin and the group a jail sentence or bailing either of them out of a jail cell. He sees the group rather as his favorite and top customers. He and the group are on rather good terms, seeing as Benjamin and Aron have him on speed dial on their cell phones.

He is practically looked down upon by Kenneth and the plumbers, but really has care over the fact what so ever. Even agitates Kenneth by reminding him of the universe v. Tennyson case in the past, claiming that his family owes him one.

He is rather infamous for when Vreedles were about to be sentence to the null void for a world domination attempt, he manage to avert their sentence to one year in jail. No one is happy with him about that in following episodes.


Unknown yet


•He is generally despised by most for averting the Vreedle family's life sentence.

  • Opposed to the relationship with Ben Tennyson, Chadzmuth actually has good terms with Benjamin Levin.
  • The tendrils on his face imply that Galvan aging is extensive yet easily years for them equate to decades by Earth standards.
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