General Information
Home World Brillia
Body Armored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
First Appearance ---

The Cerebruesapians are an alien species in the series, Brandon 10. They live on the planet Brillia.


Cerebruesapians appear as short, stocky humanoids. They wear grey, mechanical suits and operate them in order to move around. Cerebrusapians have a large exposed brain that is shielded by a transparent shielding. Without the mechanical armor, Cerebruesapians actually appear more so as brain-like creatures, especially when they are infants.

Powers and Abilities

Cerebruesapians have the ability to produce electricity simply by thinking. Because their large brain produces many electrical currents with each thought they produce, Cerebruesapians can harness this current as a form of both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Naturally, Cerebruesapains are incredibly intelligent and are capable of, not only capable of prodigious amounts of calculations, but also telepathy with enough concentration. This telepathy can also expand into a hive mind of sorts, connecting others minds to their own.


Because of their brain shielding, Cerebruesapians have no known weaknesses. However, if their shielding were to be lowered or rather they were to expand their shielding around an unknowing threat, they can be attacked and struck in their brain- causing immense damage ranging from unconsciousness or even brain damage.

Known Cerebruesapians


  • Cerebruesapians is from the word: Cerebrum which is a part of the brain.
  • Despite their immense intelligence, Cerebruesapians are traditionally a tribal-like civilization. They believe in peaceful communication by connecting their minds together and purely use the advanced technology they build to better their civilization rather than produce weapons or branch out to the rest of the universe.
    • They also keep their traditional structure and society like temples.
  • Despite their home world, Brillia, appearing in Brandon 10: Return of the Conqueror, the Cerebruesapains make no actual appearance.


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