Cerebrocrustaceans are a species from Encephalonus IV. They are highly intelligent and it is unknown if they can rival the Transylians. Cerebrocrustaceans have an exoskeleton which covers the enormous brain. These creatures have pincers with six legs and a stubby body. Cerebrosrustaceans are able to open the exoskeleton plates on their head to reveal an enormous brain. This lets them, by thinking hard enough, produce electrical storms, generate and shoot electricity at foes and generate psychic force fields from their brain. They can also encase other people in force fields and move them around. They are extremely intelligent, making them speak in a higher diction and a British accent. They can also shoot electricity from their pincers.

Zynon, a Cerebrocrustacean

Known Cerebrocrustaceans

Prisoner Cerebrocrustacean


Cerebrocrustacean Hybrids


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