Cerebellum is a Encephalonan (pun on prefix - Encepha meaning Brain) from Planet Intellecto (pun on Intellect). He is the eighth alien to be used.



Cerebellum is a robotic alien with brain. They are organic once but due to Intellecto's drought, the species created metal suits to become robot so that they can live without eat or drink. They can fire lasers from their brains. They are kinda like Psyphon.


Prestocerebellum is unlocked when Presto is unlocked. He looks more organic unlike the true Cerebellum.

Ultimate Cerebellum

Ultimate Cerebellum is unlocked after Ben gots the Ultratrix. He has bigger body almost the size of Fire Lizard.



  • Fire Lasers
  • Mental Barrier
  • Mental kinesis
  • Flight
  • Intellect


  • When he fires lasers, he have to rest a while before he can fire the next.
  • He lacks agility
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