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Centalien is a 100 from the planet One Hundred in the series Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure.


Centalien's body is purple and his head is light blue in the front, dark blue in the back, and orange on the sides. He wears a party hat. He has a 1 left eye, a 0 right eye, and a 0 mouth that's always open. Like Swampfire, he has no nose. His body has the shape of Four Arms' and the features/texture of Echo Echo, including the back. There is a 100 on his pack. The left side of his body is very light purple; the right side is white. His shoulders are horizontal spikes, with football player arms going down from them. There are several spikes on both arms. His legs are like The Percolating Coffee Guy's feet. His feet are 100% toes. He has 100 of them, and they are tiny.


  • Growing to 100 feet
  • Cloning 99 times
  • Cloning his arms 99 times each
  • Attacking with his arms
  • Eliminating stuff in groups of 100
  • Controlling the number 100
  • Teleporting to a universe of 100
  • Teleporting into the 100th episode of any show
  • Riding on the number 100
  • Making math problems involving the number 100 simpler
  • Turning 100 of the same thing into 1
  • Teleporting into another century
  • Controlling centennial plants
  • Making a 1 sword and two 0 shields
  • 100 things I can't think of involving the number 100


The pack on his back counts from 100 to 0 quickly. When it gets down to 0, Centalien has to shoot it from his back then it will explode. This can be used as a power. He cannot shoot the pack off his back too early, or he will die. He can only talk with 100 letters in each talking session.