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Cell is a villain in Noah 10. He was created by Dr. Animo with his gathered Alien DNA. He has the powers of all of Noah's transformations.

Imperfect Form

He was being born as as a larva, and was born as a four-legged insect and grew into his Imperfect Form.


Obtained after absorbing one member of a species Noah has (EX: Tetramand)


Obtained after absorbing two members of two different species (EX: Tetramand,Petrosapien)


He attacked Noah twice, technically three times. Each time Noah had to use Ultimate Alien X to beat him. Even with the help of his future selves and past self, he still barley survived.

Cell Jr.

After the second defeat of Cell, he created an incarnation of himself. Cell Jr. was more powerful than anyone. He killed all of Noah's allies (Later restored to life by Alien X).

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