Celida is a character from Brandon 10.


Celida is a blue, humanoid female. She has blue skin, blue hair and has stars on her body. She is seemingly made of space matter. She also has bright green eyes.

Powers and Abilties

Celida's abilties are not officially known to anyone but as seen in The Ultimate Device, Celida has the abiltity to bring beings and objects to her realm, seperate objects and place people as well as objects wherever she desires.


Alien Force


  • Celida, although being a real name, was created from Celestrial which is to describe something observed in astronomy and Vida which means life in Spanish.
  • Celida is believed to live in the Alterverse but it is not confirmed
  • In The Ultimate Device, Celida sends the team and Sparky to the Juice Shack so she must have a knowledge on Brandon.
  • She is planned on being a major part of the fourth season of Brandon 10: Alien Force.
  • It is revealed that Celida does not need to be in "space" in order to communicate with Brandon and that he only did that to mess with him.


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