Celestialsapiens are a race of the abstract. Their bodies are made of universe and their minds exist as their own dimensions, when their conscious minds align there is very little beyond their ability. It is believed that they are native to the Forge of Creation, and indeed a large number do live here, but in truth nothing is known of their history or their true nature. Some make their homes in the Milky Way Galaxy.

While each Celestialsapien has, under normal circumstances, one body- each 'individual' has multiple conscious entities living within their mindscape. These entities possess no power individually, but in agreement they can wield the nigh-omnipotent power of their body without limitation. This is a problem, however, as these entities naturally grow to be conflicting in nature. In Alien X for example, the body possesses a voice of aggression and a voice of compassion. This naturally-formed stalemate can only be broken by the Omnitrix user, who acts as a voice of reason.

Save for the few ancient and dark creatures to whom our mortal plane is but an inconsequential sandbox, the power of the Celestialsapien race is without equal. Great consideration should be taken before weaving them into a narrative, as their boundless nature can easily derail any form of stakes.

Known Celestialsapiens

  • Alien X (the Omnitrix/Codon Stream's DNA Sample of a Celestialsapien)
  • Baby Celestialsapien - Forge of Creation
  • Mother Celestialsapien - Forge of Creation
  • Starbeard
  • Atomix - Sonorosian Adventures
  • Xavier (Xavier the Celestialsapien)
  • Mr. Evil X (Xavier the Celestialsapien)

Evolved Celestialsapiens

Celestialsapien Hybrids/Fusions


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