Celestialsapiens are a species that can alter reality that hail from the Forge of Creation. Some Celestialsapiens can also be found native to the Milky Way Galaxy. They have multiple personalities. In Alien X, these personalities represent compassion, aggression, and reason. All or 2/3 of the personalities must agree before an action can be performed. When in agreement, a Celestialsapien is fully omnipotent.

Known Celestialsapiens

  • Alien X (the Omnitrix/Codon Stream's DNA Sample of a Celestialsapien)
  • Baby Celestialsapien - Forge of Creation
  • Mother Celestialsapien - Forge of Creation
  • Starbeard
  • Atomix - Sonorosian Adventures
  • Xavier (Xavier the Celestialsapien)
  • Mr. Evil X (Xavier the Celestialsapien)

Evolved Celestialsapiens

Celestialsapien Hybrids/Fusions


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