Cedice was one of the early Khoruans who ventured onto the moon of Khoru in June of 7 B.C. in search of the light source now known as the White Ardor, moon of his homeworld of Khoru. He is presumed dead after having been killed by the wormlike monster and inhabitant of the White Ardor, the Ardorworm, the God to the Khoruans.

Possible Death

He is believed to have been killed after venturing off to the White Ardor in an attempt to collect light from his planet's moon which no one had ventured to or known was a moon. He is presumed to have been killed by the Ardorworm after he stopped returning calls from Khoruans back on Khoru who were monitoring his mission.


  • A unique power to have, Cedice was able to fly by using his ice generation to create wings. It is presumed that he didn't fly back to Khoru because his ice wings deteriorated because the old type of ice generated by Khoruans was nowhere near as sturdy as it is today.
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