Cause and Effect is the fifth comic of Young Plumbers.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 1, Issue 5
Production Code: A04
Release Date: November 18, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Set 1 List
"On the Hunt"


September 1, 2012, 8:19 PM WIT

[A city is shown. There are many storm clouds moving across the city. It is raining very heavily. A panel shows a news reporter reporting on this deadly weather.]

[Reporter]: The streets are on mandatory evacuation due to this weather. Any caught on the streets will be subject to prosecution under the full extent of the law.

[There is a flash of lightning and the signal goes out. The TV goes to static. Different panels showing different parts of the town. The panels are all moving towards the edge of town where there is a rock formation and a cave within it. There is a large black panel on a page and then the next panel shows a glowing blue light.]

September 2, 2012, 9:13 AM WIT

[Brian is sleeping in his bed. He gets up and runs downstairs. Most of his house has been flooded by the severe rain.]

[Brian]: You've got to be kidding me...

[He runs through the water, which is up to his knees until he makes it to the closet. He opens the door and takes out a large chunk of wood. He places it on top of the water and then gets onto it.]

[Brian]: Why did this have to happen?

[Brian forms his hands into two fans and blows wind behind him, pushing the boat forward. He floats through the opens door and then changes his hands back. Another boy on a raft floats up to him.]

[Boy]: Hey Brian! Nice weather we're having, huh?

[Brian]: Definitely...

[The other boy floats forwards on his raft. Brian stops for a moment and looks back into his house. He notices that the door is floating on top of the water right next to him. He picks it up and places it near the door.]

[Brian]: That should do it...

[He pushes off of the wall of the house and goes floating across and down the street. He eventually floats right up to a higher portion of land that is wet, but not flooded. He gets off the raft and steps onto the land. He begins to walk.]


[Brian]: This is just too bad to have happened naturally? So what could have done it...

[He continues to walk along the street. Several townspeople pass him and say hello to him. He waves back but continues to walk forward without stopping.]

[Brian]: Everything seems fine now... But I knowing my luck it will be even worse tonight...

[He continues to walk but suddenly stops in his tracks. He looks around and notices a figure in an alley. He runs to chase it but the figure runs away. The figures jumps over a fence and Brian follows him onto another street. He follows the figure all the way out of town to a small area near a rock formation. Brian runs into a cave within the rock formation. The cave is dark and Brian moves along quietly.]

[Brian]: Why am I even doing this? This is so stupid!


[He continues to walk within the cave until he eventually catches up with the figure. The figure is still in the dark.]

[Brian]: Who are you?

[Figure]: I thought you would recognize me. It's not like we haven't met before?

[Brian]: Who are you? Lotin? Ra'ol Set? Lucifer?

[Figure]: You think I'm one of them? No you fool! I work for someone greater than those arrogant wannabe villains.

[He steps out of the darkness, revealing himself to be Albedo.]

[Brian]: Albedo? Tennyson told me all about you!

[Albedo]: Well then this should be fun...

[Albedo transforms into Humungosaur. He runs at Brian who dodges. He turns into a rhino and charges at Albedo, knocking him into the wall. Albedo picks up rhino Brian and throws him across the cave. He jumps out of the wall and runs at Brian, punching him into the wall. Brian turns into a monkey and avoids a punch from Humungosaur before jumping at Albedo and scratching his face. Humungosaur swipes his hand, knocking monkey Brian to the ground.]

[Humungosaur]: Stupid pest...

[He transforms into Fasttrack, knocks Brian over, and speeds deeper into the cave.]


[Brian, on the floor]: Great!

[He puts his hands on the ground and slowly gets up.]

[Brian]: And that actually hurt... but what do I do now?

[He looks deeper into the cave.]

[Brian]: I need to rest...

[He sits down against the wall of the cave and closes his eyes. In the next panel, his eyes snap back open.]


[He falls to the ground.]

[Brian]: I'm awake...

[He checks his watch.]

[Brian]: And it's only been an hour... Good...

[He turns into a cheetah and bursts deeper into the cave. He continues to run until he eventually catches up with and tackles Albedo.]


[Albedo]: Stupid pest.. Just stay down next time I beat you...

[Brian]: You know if you had really wanted to you could have finished what you needed to do and gotten out of the cave in the time that I was asleep.

[Albedo]: Oh, so falling asleep on the job are we?

[Brian]: What? No!

[Albedo]: Yeah it doesn't matter. I was just about to finish you off anyway!

[Brian clenches his fists and turns them into energy blasters. He fires two blasts at Albedo, who avoids.]

[Albedo]: Oh, it's on...

[Albedo turns into Swampfire. He throws fire balls at Brian, but he avoids and fires more energy blasts at Albedo. He rolls to avoid a fire ball and then jumps up and tackles Swampfire to the ground. He gets up and throws more energy blasts at him, shocking him. Swampfire jumps up and turns into Armadrillo. He picks up Brian and throws him into the wall. Brian turns his hands into electricity blasters and electrocutes Armadrillo. He detransforms and falls unconscious. Brian gets up and runs deeper into the cave.]


[Brian]: Well that was a relief...

[He makes it to a lit portion of the cave. A pedestal can be seen a short distance in front of Brian.]

[Brian]: What is that...?

[He walks up to the pedestal and finds a blue ring. He picks it up and puts it in his pocket. Just then, stalactites starts to fall from the top of the cave.]

[Brian]: Great! Albedo made the cave collapse!

[He turns into a cheetah and starts to run out of the cave. He passes by the unconscious Albedo and picks him up in his mouth. He continues to run out of the cave. Eventually, he makes it to the edge as the cave collapses behind him. Brian puts Albedo onto the ground. He turns human and stands in front of the edge of the cave.]

[Brian]: Hopefully that's the last of it...

[He turns around and finds Albedo standing in front of him, holding a blaster in front of his head.]


[Albedo]: Don't follow me!

[He backs away as he aims the blaster at Brian. He eventually turns around and makes a break for it.]

[Brian]: Okay then...

[Brian starts to walk forward away from the cave. He reaches into his pocket and takes out the blue ring.]

[Brian]: All I have to do is wait for two weeks or so and then show this to the Magisters. They'll know what it is...

[He looks at the ring carefully and then puts it on. He holds his hands into the air and eventually launches a water blast from his hand.]

[Brian]: And I already know what it does...

[The last panel shows Brian trying out the ring by blasting water in many directions.]

[The End]

On the Hunt

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Cause and Effect

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