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Derwin's Omnitrix is a machine in Derwin 13 that was used by Derwin to turn into aliens.


The Omnitrix is a black pocket watch, with two white lines resembling the green ones on the current Prime Omnitrix. The top flips open to reveal the standard Prototype Omnitrix faceplate.


The Omnitrix can turn the user into aliens. However, Derwin is too weak to use it normally, so he modified it so that Otto can enter the Omnitrix to give the aliens cybernetic enhancements in order to make them easier to use. Otto leaves the Omnitrix upon detransformation, and can force transformations or detransformations by entering and leaving the Omnitrix. He doesn’t need to be there to transform, just to make the cybernetics.


It has Active Mode and Scan Mode like all Omnitrices.

It can call people as well.


Literally every episode.



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