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Spirited Away
General Information
Original broadcast March 27, 2020
Season 2
Episode number 18/19/20
Overall episode number 38/39/40
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & TranswiththePlan
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Previous episode Knight in Shining Armor

Catch the Moment is the thirty-eighth, thirty ninth, and fortieth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Team G.L.E.E. is reassembled, and they set course for the island, The Cipactli, to make their last stand against the Teotls once and for all! Meanwhile, Ethan's Omni-Splicers start to overwhelm him!

[As the sun shone brightly on the screen, we zoomed down to the scene taking place on the streets of Merridale. An explosion sprung up from a nearby block, and we cut into the cloud of smoke where Ethan flew back.]

Ethan: AHHHH!!!

[Ethan fell into the road. A car driving towards him turned to the side and crashed into a lightpost. Ethan sat up and rubbed his head.]

Ethan: Ugh, man, I’m getting sick of running into those explosions…

Driver: HEY! [Gets out of car] What’s the big idea jumping into the middle of the road?

[Three pickaxe aliens ran towards the driver’s way and he ran away into the sidewalk. Ethan looked over to his direction, he turned over to the cloud of smoke as Vulkanus stepped toward him.]

Vulkanus: Well, Well. If it isn’t E-10. Here to foil my plans again!

Ethan: I mean how many times have I stopped you in the past year, like three…?

Vulkanus: Doesn’t matter. I’m not going to let you ruin my plans again, and this time I’m prepared! Behold!!!

[Vulkanus grabbed a golden rod out of his sash, which was strapped on his back. It formed into a staff with the top shaped as a V, while yellow electricity surrounded a crystal floating in the middle.]

Ethan: Uh, what is that?

Vulkanus: A state of the art quarterstaff, made out of taydenite and pure Synapian alloy.

Ethan: And is that supposed to scare me because?

Vulkanus: [Sigh] While I was digging, I found one of the rarest most stick fighting weapons in the galaxy. It can manipulate anything electronic, as well as shoot electricity, and like what you saw a moment ago, it can do this!

[Vulkanus’s staff surrounded Ethan in a green veil of energy, it lifted Ethan up in the air and threw him back into the ground.]

Vulkanus: I plan to sell this baby to the highest bidder off the black market, and I can’t have you getting in my way. So get lost!

[Ethan rubbed his head and groaned. The Omnitrix activated.]

Ethan: If you’re done monologuing…

[Ethan began turning the dial and switched from XLR8 to Zerox to Four Arms.]

Ethan: …I’ve got four fists with your name on them!

[Ethan popped up the core and raised his arm over the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: It’s Action Time! [Slams down]

[FOUR ARMS OMNI-SPLICER TRANSFORMATION: A green light flashed from Ethan’s chest as he appeared in a silhouette. The green light faded as he grew a pair of four arms as his body became covered in yellow electricity. The background turned yellow and covered with circuits. Then we zoom into Ethan in a spinning background as he span around while he raised his right arm out. He grew gauntlets on his hand. Then as he spun out, his back grew larger. We zoom out, facing the front of Omni-Splicer Four Arms as he clashed his gauntlets together, creating a bright yellow light.]

[Smoke clouded the area for a brief moment, as the fog cleared Four Arms had his arms raised as he had struck a pose.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Ready when you are!

[Vulkanus ran towards Four Arms, as Four Arms charged toward him on all sixes. As the two prepared to collide fists with each other, every cut off into a white light.]


[We cut to a news van driving down the road and sliding to the side to create an immediate stop. A female reporter and a camera crew ran out of their vans and went live as Four Arms had his fists raised up.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Ready when you are!

[Vulkanus turned the dial on his staff then ran towards Four Arms. Four Arms charged toward him on all sixes. As the two made their way to each other, their fists collided, but Vulkanus unleashed a massive energy blow from his staff which sent Four Arms back into the wall of a building.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Ugh, I should’ve went for AmpFibian…

[Vulkanus walked over to him as Four Arms began sitting up.]

Vulkanus: Give up?

[Four Arms bashed the ground with his gauntlets, which created a tremor below Vulkanus until volts of electricity erupted from the ground and sent him flying.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Not a chance! My shock braces and I can do this all day!

[We zoom into Four Arms’ face for a moment as he raised an eyebrow.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Can you?

Vulkanus: [Groans] PICKAXERS! GET HIM!

[The Pickaxe aliens ran toward Four Arms as he clapped his hands together while they were charged with electricity. This created a shockwave and sent some of them backwards. Meanwhile the others ran toward him as Four Arms continued to clash them with energy blasts. We zoom out to the scene, as we cut out to a live feed of the battle. A news reporter stepped in front to report the scene.]

Reporter: Andrea Sawyer here live, giving you a full scoop of a battle between one of Merridale’s very own superheroes, “Quad Smack”.

[Four Arms was blown back in the background.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: That’s Four Arms!

Andrea: Versus another mysterious alien creature!

[We cut to the campus where various people were watching the broadcast on the television screens on campus, or on their phones.]

Andrea: In the past two years, the world has had its fair share of extraterrestrial creatures protecting its planet from harm, particularly in Merridale from other mysterious creatures that seem to be attacking for who knows what reason. From burning buildings to a fight currently taking place in the downtown square of Merridale! These mysterious alien superheroes have been there for Merridale for when people needed them most!

[In the background, Four Arms screamed and was sent back from a few feet. As people continue to watch the news reporter, Alice and Nikki are watching from a table in the cafeteria, while Terence was standing and watching it from one of the televisions hooked on the monitor.]

Andrea: We are being told the fight between this mysterious alien creature has escalated into Burberry Road! Officers have already begun evacuating the area to make sure no harm comes to its citizens. The question is will the fight escalate outside the square?

[Terence walked over to Alice and Nikki.]

Terence: I see Ethan’s having another fight out there with Vulkanus.

Alice: Well, yeah, it’s on every monitor on the campus.

[We cut to footage of Four Arms getting squished into the ground by Vulkanus’s foot.]

Nikki: Do you think Ethan needs backup?

Alice: I sure hope not.

[We cut back to the fight, where Four Arms was flung back, but he caught the ground with his gauntlets and slid back. Four Arms stood up as he took deep breaths.]

Vulkanus: You seem to be lacking energy today. Getting rusty on me, Tetramand?

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Agh! Screw you, I have asthma, and usually my fights aren’t dragged out for this long!

[The Pickaxe aliens and Vulkanus laughed at him. This angered Four Arms.]

Vulkanus: Aw, looks like someone here is too weak to take me on. The poor little shapeshifter is having trouble breathing. Let me help you with that!

[Vulkanus raised his staff as he lifted a group of cars in Four Arms’ direction. Four Arms looked up and raised his arms out, creating a dome made of energy. The cars exploded onto the dome, and as the fog cleared, Four Arms cleared the dome.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: I’m going to find a way to beat you, and you’re going to hate it! [Talks to himself] I’ve just got to find a way to take that staff away from him. But how?

[Four Arms glared at Vulkanus’ armor, then looked at his gauntlets.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: [Talking to himself] Maybe if I manipulate my electricity well enough I can rip that suit right off him! Here goes nothing!

[Four Arms raised all of his gauntlets as electricity blasted out from his shock braces. It surrounded Vulkanus and lifted him into the air.]

Vulkanus: Hey, what’s going on?!

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Giving you a taste of your own medicine!

[Lightning began to scatter around Four Arms’ Omnitrix symbol.]

Vulkanus: Agh, when I get out of this… I swear! I’m going to squash you with every drop of energy I’ve got left in my weapon!

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Hah, like I’m about to let you pummel me into the ground again with that thing! Sorry, Vulkanus, but this fight’s over!

[The song shifted.]

[The electricity that was scattered around the Omnitrix surrounded his entire body. Four Arms screamed from the top of his lungs and dropped to the ground. Vulkanus was freed and was sent to the ground as well.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: What… what’s happening?

[Four Arms looked up and from his perspective, his vision turned hazy.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Why is everything spinning?

[Four Arms’ Omnitrix and eyes flashed yellow as he screamed from the top of his lungs. Four Arms’ face began to change as his mouth grew wider. Hair formed from out of the back of his armor. As it flew out, it transformed into energy. Four Arms’ gauntlets transformed into mutated looking legs. Energy spikes were formed around his shoulders as yellow energy covered his veins. We cut to Vulkanus getting up and raising back up his staff. Vulkanus noticed Four Arms’ was laying on the ground, struggling to stand up.]

Vulkanus: I don’t know what kind of tricks you’re playing today, Wellington. But I’m through messing around!

[Andrea and her camera crew ran over to Four Arms.]

Andrea: Four Arms, are you okay? Four Arms?!

[Four Arms turned over to them, as he appeared to be a mutated version of himself. He snarled at them, to which freaked the camera crew out.]

Vulkanus: WHAT IS THAT?!

[Back at the Horizons cafeteria, Alice and Nikki audibly gasped as they saw the mutated Ethan. Alice covered her mouth while Terence took cringed and stepped back.]

Terence: That does not look right.

Alice: Nikki?

[Nikki nodded and ran out of the cafeteria. We cut back to the fight to where Vulkanus stood back a bit.]

Vulkanus: Ew, what are you supposed to be?!

[Four Arms screeched back in response.]

Vulkanus: Aw, whatever! Get him!

[The pickaxe aliens ran toward the mutated Four Arms. Four Arms fired an energy beam from his mouth and it sent the entire group of pickaxe aliens flying into the ground. This covered the area in smoke.]

Vulkanus: HOW?!

[Four Arms screeched and rammed his way toward Vulkanus as he was covered in electricity. This sent Vulkanus flying back into a building, creating another cloud of smoke. The fog lifted, and it was revealed Vulkanus was covered in bruises and wounds, stuck to the wall.]

Vulkanus: Owwww…

[Vulkanus fell to the ground as Four Arms gave out a thunderous roar. Four Arms noticed the news van parked nearby. Four Arms rammed toward it as he was charged with electricity. It sent the vehicle flying backwards, as the people trapped inside were screaming from the top of their lungs. Suddenly, the van was slowly being sent to the ground as it was covered in electricity. They looked over to notice Firefly was the one who set them down. Nikki flew down as she caught her breath.]

Nikki (Firefly): Phew, mama’s gonna need some painkillers when this is over.

[Nikki looked up to see Four Arms’ was squealing as he continued to ram over the pickaxe aliens. One of the pickaxe aliens looked up, and noticed the mutated Four Arms’ was standing before it. The pickaxe alien covered itself for cover, but before Four Arms could do anything, Nikki jumped onto him.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ethan, you gotta settle down!

[Four Arms squealed and tried to throw her off.]

Nikki (Firefly): C’mon Ethan, what would Alice think of this?!

[It caught Four Arms off guard for a moment as his eyes widened. Suddenly, Four Arms immediately smacked Nikki off him. Nikki was sent flying into the air until she caught herself in time. She looked down below to notice steam was coming out of Four Arms’ nose as he prepared to charge right at her.]

Nikki (Firefly): Uh oh.

[Four Arms screeched as he covered himself in electricity, then charged right toward her. Four Arms eventually was caught running in the air. Nikki’s eyes widened and she flew away to dodge the attack.]

Nikki (Firefly): Since when can Four Arms’ run in the air?!

[Four Arms screeched.]

Nikki (Firefly): It must be because of his Omni-Splicer… I’ve got to bring him down to Earth somehow…

[Vulkanus sat up to notice his Pickaxe aliens were staring at him. Vulkanus looked over to see Four Arms ramming into Nikki in mid-air as she continued to dodge the attacks. Vulkanus sat up as one of the pickaxe aliens handed him his staff.]

Vulkanus: Hey! You Tetramand freak of nature!

[Four Arms looked over as Vulkanus raised his staff in the air.]

Vulkanus: I never got a chance to thank you for the medicine!

[Vulkanus’s staff covered itself in electricity, it trapped Four Arms in a red crystalline structure, acting as an energy dome. Vulkanus used all his strength to send him into the ground until it eventually destroyed the lower half of his mechanical arm. Four Arms slammed into the ground and the area was covered in smoke. Four Arms reverted back into his Omni-Splicer with his arms laid out.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Ugh…

[Four Arms became surrounded in a green light, and he changed back into Ethan. Nikki ran over to try and wake him up.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ethan, are you okay?

[Nikki wrapped her arm around Ethan to try and help him up.]

Ethan: Yeah… that could’ve gone better…

Vulkanus: I don’t know what’s going on with you, E-10! But the next time I see you, I won’t show you any mercy!

[Vulkanus and the Pickaxe aliens retreated. Before Ethan could try to reach out and stop them, he suddenly heard a small whirring sound; he looked down to see the core of the Omnitrix popping up and down as it was covered in yellow electricity. The song ended. We zoom out from the Omnitrix to see Ethan was sitting on a lab table inside the SACT base as A’taenda was checking over Ethan’s Omnitrix. Ethan had tubes surrounding his Omnitrix while another one was checking his blood pressure by a water bag. Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki were standing beside him.]

Ethan: Anything?

A’taenda: Nothing yet. You know, you were supposed to check up with me two weeks ago!

Ethan: Sorry, but some of us have a schedule!

Alice: Take it easy, Ethan.

Ethan: [Sigh] You’re right.

Terence: So what was that freak of nature you turned into today? It reminded me of a more humanoid godzilla, only with four arms and less cool nuclear powers.

Ethan: I’m not sure.

Nikki: Do you remember anything that happened?

Ethan: No, one minute I was Omni-Splicer Four Arms, the next I felt like I got hit by a semi.

Hannibal: Dude, have you ever been hit by a semi?

Ethan: Yes, and it hurts a lot more than you think…

Terence: I’d like to imagine.

A’taenda: What happened today was no coincidence. When we first discovered your Omni-Splicers, I discovered there was something wrong with the updates I built into your new Omnitrix. That being the new core I built onto your device.

Ethan: Yeah, you also said there was some kind of genetic leak.

A’taenda: Correct. To this day, it’s still overloading from the sheer amount of energy that the old Omnitrix faced.

Alice: Wait, so the Omni-Splicers are overloading the Omnitrix?

A’taenda: The function that’s allowing it to happen, yes. Ethan, didn’t you already tell your friends about what was causing the Omni-Splicers?

Ethan: I thought I did? [Shrugs] It must’ve slipped my mind.

[The group gave Ethan a nasty glare.]

A’taenda: Because the genetic leak is overloading the new Omnitrix’s core. It’s allowing Ethan’s transformations to be mixed with the DNA of species of their homeworld. Your Omnitrix combats this by filtering the foreign DNA into an armor. I thought this process would’ve stopped by now, but apparently it’s too much for your Omnitrix to handle.

Alice: Like what?

A’taenda: Consequences like losing your train of thought and transforming your aliens into Omni-Mutated monsters! Ethan, I warned you there would be deadly consequences to this action. But no! You decided to say “No, let’s look into these Omni-Splicers! We could learn all sorts of cool things about them!”

Ethan: Hey, you were the one who was on board with the idea. Don’t just pin this out on me.

[A’taenda rubbed her eyebrows and took a deep breath.]

A’taenda: Ethan… I need to remove your Omnitrix.

Ethan: What?!

[As A’taenda spoke, she removed the tubes off Ethan’s arm and Omnitrix. She placed bandages on his arm to heal.]

A’taenda: I can’t let you run around and use this function as a play thing. I’ve seen what happens when these things aren’t properly handled, and I can tell you it will only lead you to devastation.

Ethan: [Deep breath] Okay, but only after we’ve defeated the Teotls.

[Ethan stood back up as he adjusted his wrist.]

Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: What?!

Nikki: We’re really going to do this?!

Ethan: Yes, I said that last week I wasn’t going to stand by and let those gods kill any more innocent people. If we’re going to do this, we need to do this now, and while I still have my Omni-Splicers. [Raises Omnitrix]

[Lieutenant Steel entered the scene.]

Lieutenant Steel: I agree. Pardon the intrusion, but while I don’t agree with Ethan using his powers while they’re on the fence, I do believe we need Ethan at his full power if we’re going to put down these alien gods once and for all.

Hannibal: Put them down? Wait you mean we’re really going to-

[Lieutenant Steel, Ethan and Nikki nodded.]

Terence: And how are we supposed to do that? Like Steel said, they’re gods!

Ethan: I don’t know. I was barely able to take down Tlaloc the last time. But I know only my Omni-Splicers can do some damage to them, but only if we time this just right.

A’taenda: Ethan, you’re not suggesting to use my Omnitrix as a murder weapon are you?

Nikki: He’s not, but we have to do something to stop them. If you saw what me and Ethan saw that night, you would’ve been nauseous too.

Ethan: They’re not supposed to be here. If we were to trap them back in the seal, they would only come back in another five thousand years later just to be somebody else’s problem, and we can’t hold them in a containment cell. They’re too far gone, A’taenda. Right now the only way to stop them is to use the Omnitrix. The fate of the entire universe is on the line and I just don’t know what else to do.

A’taenda: Very well. While I don’t agree with your methods to use these Omni-Splicers to stop them, I can see why you have to do this. I’ll build you a stabilizer before you head out. Just don’t make me regret this, okay?

[Ethan nodded. A’taenda removed the tubes then jumped off the table.]

Lieutenant Steel: Meet me in the meeting room in 5.

[The song shifted.]

[We cut to Lieutenant Steel pulling up images of energy levels on the monitor.]

Lieutenant Steel: As you know, in the last 6 months, energy levels have been spiking up all over the planet. We have reason to believe it is the Teotls who are causing this problem, we also have reason to believe they can alter the weather.

Alice: We know, we dug into this about a month ago and we found out they were causing several natural disasters all over the globe. They each also had a pattern but we couldn’t form out what it is.

Lieutenant Steel: Correct. According to Ethan’s translations, they were using this to form an ancient ritual to awaken an island known as The Cipactli.

[Lieutenant Steel pulled up an image of the island.]

Ethan: Huh, I just thought they were doing this for fun.

Alice: [Whispering to Ethan] They probably already were.

Lieutenant Steel: We captured this on our satellite and found it on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It’s detecting a large array of energy that we believe this is to be where the Teotls have been hiding out.

Hannibal: Alright, Well let’s go get ‘em.

Lieutenant Steel: Not so fast, if this is where they are hiding out, you are to report about any information you find on the island. Do not act or do anything rash. If it does come down to one of the five of you who run into Huitzilo or Tezca, we set up a homing beacon on your armor’s chest.

Terence: Ah, so that’s what this badge is for. I thought it was there for looks. Lieutenant Steel: It’s also to be used to scan for intel and information, and to function as a universal translator. [Glares] But none of you ever figured that out.

Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice, Nikki: Aww…

Lieutenant Steel: Now suit up. We’ve got an island to investigate.

[The song shifted.]

[A bright white blinded the screen, as we cut to Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki standing aligned inside a dark green moving elevator with light green circular lights surrounding the room. Suddenly, different colored suits started to surround their entire bodies. Ethan’s was green, Alice’s was red, Hannibal’s was cyan, Nikki’s was purple, and Terence’s was orange. The suit surrounded Ethan’s torso. Alice looked at her arms as the suit formed around them. Terence raised his foot up as the suit finished forming onto him. Then, solid metallic armor began forming around the suits. Chest armor grew out Nikki. Shoulder plates appeared on Hannibal’s shoulder, and forearm plates formed after that. Hannibal flexed his arm. Metallic armor formed onto Alice’s shoe and she tapped her foot a couple times. We zoom out from Ethan as his armor finished forming, to zoom further out to reveal everyone was completely armored. Ethan raised his arms up and struck a pose. The elevator moved further upward as we zoomed into the group from above them.]

[We cut to the group leaving the elevators, now equipped in their G.L.E.E. armors. The song shifted.]

[Alice opened the door to one of the containment cells. We see red glowing eyes stare at Alice until it pops out, revealing to be Hypnotick as it licked her.]

Alice: I missed you too, girl. Don’t worry, you’re coming with us.

[The scene shifted to the garage outside as each of them climbed up the ramp that led into the airship. Before Ethan could step aboard, A’taenda called out to him.]

A’taenda: Wait, Ethan! Hold on.

[Ethan stopped and turned around.]

A’taenda: Your Omnitrix, if you would?

[Ethan bent over and raised out his Omnitrix. She attached a stabilizer to his Omnitrix.]

A’taenda: This should stabilize your Omnitrix until you get back.

Ethan: Thanks, this really helps a lot.

[Ethan ran up the ramp to catch up with the others.]

A’taenda: And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! No, just don’t do anything foolish all together! Okay?!!!

[We cut to inside the airship as everyone else was all strapped up, Ethan sat down and put his seat belt on. Hannibal was piloting the ship, with Nikki sitting in the passenger’s seat.]

Hannibal: All set?

Ethan: Yep.

Hannibal: Okay, Lieutenant Steel gave us the coordinates, so let’s get this show off the road!

Nikki: Really?

Hannibal: [Pressing the lever.] What? I thought it was funny?

[The airship slowly took off from the ground until it eventually lifted up into the air, then flew into the clouds.]


Omni-Splicer Four Arms: I’m going to find a way to beat you, and you’re going to hate it!


Vulkanus: This time, I'm prepared!

[As the airship went soaring through the air, we cut to Ethan watching the clouds move by, in a trance.]

Alice: Ethan?

[Ethan snapped out of it and turned over to Alice.]

Ethan: Ah! Alice?!

Alice: You okay?

Ethan: Yeah. Sorry, I’m just zoning out.

Alice: Are you thinking about the Teotls?

Ethan: Yeah… You know, this might be the last time we’ll ever have to encounter them. I’m just hoping the gods don’t….

[Alice pressed onto Ethan’s hand.]

Alice: Don’t worry, nobody’s going anywhere.

[Ethan pressed his other hand on top of Alice’s.]

Ethan: Yeah… Sorry, I’m just nervous, that’s all.

[Hannibal called out to Ethan while he was still piloting the ship.]

Hannibal: Well you better snap out of it soon, cuz we’re here.

[Ethan, Alice and Terence stepped out of their seats to take a closer look.]

Ethan: Whoa…

[We cut to the clouds fading out to catch a glimpse of a large island from an upper point of view. We cut back to Ethan’s reflection as he glared down at it’s direction. The scene shifted to the airship landing on the beach. A ramp opened from below the ship as Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki walked down it. Alice whistled at the ship as Hypnotick phased from the back of the ship and flew next to Alice. Ethan grabbed an energy detector and noticed that the readings were spiking.]

Ethan: Whoa, the energy readings are off the charts!

Nikki: Well, we definitely know the Teotls are here now.

Hannibal: We need to be careful.

Terence: Yeah, this island could have anything, and I don’t feel like dying today.

Ethan: Then we better get a move on before the sun goes down.

[Ethan walked toward the forest as the others followed along. Ethan raised his arm with Diamondhead’s icon selected.]

Ethan: Diamondhead’s got this!

[Alice slashed through the bushes with her energy sword.]

Alice: I got this.

[Alice slashed through the next set of bushes then turned back to Ethan.]

Alice: Reserve your power, Ethan. We might need it.

[Ethan nodded. Hannibal, Terence and Nikki moved ahead of Ethan as he followed along. As Alice continued to slice through the bushes, Terence looked around and noticed a purple lizard with yellow eyes glare at Terence. Terence cringed, and noticed a red and blue striped snake slither toward him.]

Terence: Ew, are you guys seeing this?

Hannibal: Yeah, alien creatures on an alien island. Kind of expected that.

[The snake slithered onto Ethan’s shoulder. Ethan's eyes turned toward the snake and he jumped and screamed from the top of its lungs.]


[Ethan tried to shake the snake off him until he managed to throw it back into the bushes. Ethan tried to catch his breath and noticed everyone else was looking at him strangely. Terence tried to hold it together until he eventually bursted with laughter.]

Terence: Wow, Wellington. Can’t handle a little alien snake.

[A green and yellow snake sneaked over toward Terence’s right, and he jumped and screamed from the top of his lungs as he and Ethan held onto each other.]

Nikki: Get a grip you two! You might let the Teotls know we’re here!

[As Terence spoke, a hummingbird was watching them from the branches.]

Terence: Yeah well it’s hard not to freak out little alien things…

Ethan: That’s it. I’m XLR8ing through this forest!

[As Ethan began to turn the dial, Ethan stopped as he and the group reacted to the sounds of birds chirping. It appeared a group of hummingbirds began to surround the group.]

Hannibal: I don’t think they’ll let you.

Nikki: Oh, it’s just a bunch of birds. What are they going to do?

[The hummingbird’s screeched one by one. More fled into the scene and began flying toward the group. Alice created an energy dome, blocking the birds from attacking.]

Alice: Agh, there’s too many! I can’t see.

[A hummingbird appeared from the ground and stared at them.]

Terence: And there’s one coming from the ground!

[The each of them screamed as we cut to Ethan tapping the button off the Omnitrix, then slamming down.]

[GHOULSEYE TRANSFORMATION: As a green cloud of fog came out from Ethan’s mouth, we zoomed into his eyes as he shut them, then opened them back up as it appeared his eyes turned fully green. Pink markings surrounded Ethan’s body and chest. He raised his arms as they changed while chains surrounded his entire arms. Ethan spun in a circle as a black cloak formed around him. He finished spinning to the front as he had transformed into Ghoulseye. Ghoulseye laughed maniacally as yellow electricity surrounded the Omnitrix symbol. A white light surrounded Ghoulseye’s entire body as the background turned yellow.]

[OMNI-SPLICER GHOULSEYE TRANSFORMATION: We spin to Ghoulseye’s back transforming into yellow energy, and we cut to his foot transforming mid-way into a hove. The background faded as we cut to the Omni-Spliced Ghoulseye looking at himself.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Ghoulseye?! So much for wind tunnels… [Turns to Alice] Oh Ali! Would you put the dome down for me?!

Alice: But they’ll kill us!

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Just do it!

[Alice put the energy dome down as the hummingbirds surrounded the entire group. A yellow blast of energy surrounded the area as the birds went flying back. Ghoulseye went flying out of the energy as the hummingbirds followed him at sonic speed. Ghoulseye screamed as he unleashed another wave of energy, sending the birds back. In a yellow spinning background, Ghoulseye raised his arms back as his star summoned multiple arrows behind him. Ghoulseye became surrounded in an electrical aura, which formed in the shape of a horse.]


[Ghoulseye launched all the arrows as an energy raging horse went flying towards the hummingbirds. Ghoulseye turned intangible, which confused the birds. The birds followed the raging energy horses as Ghoulseye flew down to the group.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Hahaha! That'll do it!

Nikki: Uh, I don’t think so!

[A group of other exotic animal-like creatures stared at the group. Hypnotick turned to the aliens and hissed at them as it blew a red powder at the creatures. This made the aliens fall to sleep.]

Alice: Good girl!

[Suddenly more animals appeared from other directions.]

Terence: I don’t think Hypnotick can blow its sleeping powder in all directions!

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: We-ell, we better get moving!

[Alice jumped onto Hypnotick’s back and helped Terence on. Hannibal tapped his belt as his exosuit formed around him. Hannibal kicked off his rocket boots then went flying into the air. Nikki’s body became surrounded in electricity as she used the suits armor to run at a faster speed. Ghoulseye floated into the air and flew beside them. More exotic animals kept trying to spring over towards the group. Hypnotick, Alice and Terence phased through a group of squirrels and snakes trying to jump them.]

Terence: Not today!

[Nikki continued to run at quick speed. A vine sprouted out from the ground and Nikki tripped over towards the ground. Hannibal caught her fall and held onto Nikki as he continued to use his flight.]

Hannibal: I got ya!

Nikki: [Turns to Ethan] We need to lose these guys!

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: I see a tunnel, over there!

[They sped their way towards the cave. As soon as they made it inside, Alice jumped off Hypnotick to form an energy dome to block the entrance. The animals kept trying to break through the dome until they eventually stopped. The animals ran away and left the scene. Alice’s energy dome faded away until she collapsed. Ghoulseye powered down back to normal as Ethan helped her up. The song ended.]

Ethan: Are you okay?

Alice: I’m fine. Just exhausted.

Hannibal: Let’s take five.

[Hannibal took off his helmet as Nikki walked toward Hypnotick, noticing it had a cooler strapped to its back. They opened it and she threw one towards Terence. Terence sat down and took a drink.]

Terence: Man, I’m exhausted.

Hannibal: I’ll say. How are you holding up?

Terence: Fine, I’m just questioning why we didn’t pack any more equipment.

Hannibal: Well I packed my exosuit, Nikki has the Firefly suit inside her watch, Alice has Hypnotick and my Toolbox.

Terence: But what about me? I just got flashlights that shoot out of my hands! Not any good that’s going to do!

Nikki: Actually it just might. The energy readings are spiking even higher than they were inside.

[Nikki held her energy detector in the air, and they noticed the readings had increased.]

Terence: So what, you think they are in here?

[They heard two character’s laughing as it echoed inside the cave.]

Ethan: They just might. Alright everybody, you ready to do this?

Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: Yeah.

Alice: Although, I still need another minute to rest.

Ethan: No time! I’ve got ya!

[Ethan selected XLR8 off the Omnitrix’s playlist, then slammed down.]

[WILDMUTT TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arm and orange fur rapidly grew from his hand to his face as his eye turned green. A green light surrounded the area and we zoomed out of Wildmutt’s mouth as he made a mighty roar. We zoomed out to Ethan as he finished transforming into Wildmutt. Suddenly yellow electricity began to surround the Omnitrix symbol until a white light surrounded his entire body.]

[OMNI-SPLICER WILDMUTT TRANSFORMATION: In a spinning background, golden armor suddenly formed around his chest. Wildmutt roared as his face changed as we spun out to a tail grew out of his back. Wildmutt spun back to the front as he let out another might roar, while the background faded behind him.]

[Wildmutt climbed below Alice as she shrieked for a moment to find herself on his back.]

Omni-Splicer Wildmutt: Ruff!!

[Wildmutt and Alice ran down the path. Hannibal followed them with his rocket boots. Terence then hopped on Hypnotick’s back.]

Terence: Come on girl, lets-

[Hypnotick sped over to follow them.]

Terence: WHOA!

[Nikki tapped her watch and in an orange light, she had transformed into Firefly, then flew after them. The group caught up with Wildmutt as they ran down the tunnel. The tunnel began to grow darker.]

Hannibal: We’re losing light! Terence!

Terence: On it!

[Terence raised his palms and flashed a white light, which surrounded the area with light. Meanwhile, the laughter grew louder in the background.]

Nikki (Firefly): Great work, Terence! We’re almost there!

Terence (Thoughts): Is that all I am to this group? A flashlight?

Nikki (Firefly): Hey! I see something!

[As the group sped down the tunnel, they appeared to be running down the ramps that led to inside a cavern. Wildmutt turned to his right to see the gods below him. Wildmutt snarled and noticed a hummingbird flying beside him. The hummingbird turned to it. Alice squealed in fright as Wildmutt spat a venomous blob out of his mouth. It hit the hummingbird as it fell away from the group. More hummingbirds flew beside the group.]

Hannibal: It’s those hummingbirds again!

Terence: Ugh, I hate those things!

[They began to peck at the group. Terence to his annoyance, he used the flashlight against the hummingbirds and he managed to blind them. Terence punched one out of the way. Hannibal began blasting energy bolts to shew them away. Wildmutt noticed a slide down below and jumped down it. Alice screamed, as the others followed them. Wildmutt, noticing a dead end, climbed onto the walls of the cavern and ran down them, then he slid off the ground to catch himself. The group had arrived inside the cavern as the setting was surrounded by a large blue light. Hypnotick flew down and Terence jumped off her. Hannibal and Nikki landed beside the group and walked over to Ethan and Alice. Wildmutt changed back into Ethan as Alice got off him.]

Ethan: You okay?

Alice: Yeah, [Gags] Just never do that again…

Nikki (Firefly): Is that them?

Ethan: Yeah.

[We pan up to see Huitzilo and Tezca floating above them.]

Ethan: It’s them…


[Tezca stared down at the group and we zoomed into Ethan's face as he glared at him.]

Tezca: You want a battle then?


[A green light blinded the screen.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Now that's what I'm talking about!

Huitizilo: Well, well. If it isn’t E-10 and his friends again. I’ve been expecting you.

Ethan: Really? I haven’t seen your face since we blew up your friend.

[Ethan had sneakingly tapped the beacon symbol on his chest.]

Ethan: By the way, how’s that scar I left you, Tezca?

Tezca: A lot better than what I’ll do to your face!

[Before Tezca could charge toward Ethan, Huitizlo stopped him.]

Huitzilo: Easy, Tezcatlipoca, he’s just trying to intimidate you.

Tezca: You’re right… Besides, he should know by now not to make a mockery of us. [Chuckles] I can’t believe you actually went ahead and came after us! After all, he got to witness what I did to his ex-girlfriend.

[Ethan clenched his fist, and Alice pressed on his shoulder before Ethan could act.]

Tezca: I can’t wait to get my revenge after what you’ve done to me. You’ve marked my body. You’ve made me hideous, imperfect! HOW DARE YOU INFERIOR LIFEFORMS SMEAR MY BODY WITH YOUR FILTHY DISGUSTING BLEMISH AND MAKE ME FEEL SUCH WRETCHED FEELINGS!!! I’m going to destroy all of you! … But first, I’m going to take my revenge on you! I think I’ll take your friends first, so you can suffer the same way I felt!

Terence: Yeah, like you’ve taken enough from us already?!

Tezca: Huh?!

Terence: You heard me! Isn’t that what you did by taking Hannibal’s Grandmother’s life?! I know you did it! You knew she was falling ill so you used this as an opportunity to shut down her nervous system. You may have been able to make a fool out of everyone, but not by me. And you made sure it was all some kind of happy accident!

[Hannibal clenched his fist.]

Nikki: Terence!

Alice: Now is not the time to be doing this!

Terence: But he did do it! Don’t you see?!

[Tezca bursted into laughter as everyone turned over with frightened looks on their faces. Ethan’s face enraged, while Hannibal’s eyes shook in fright. Huitzilo turned over to Tezca.]

Huitizilo: Tezcatlipoca?

Tezca: Oh you know me so well, Terence Ramon. The look on all your faces… I can’t take it! Yes, I did take her life.

Huitzilo: I told you to only kill when it was necessary.

Tezca: Oh who cares, it’s just a human! What do they have to lose?! There’s seven billion more of them. Losing one won’t make a difference. Besides, I wanted to make sure they felt the same pain I felt when you all damaged my body.

Hannibal: YOU MONSTER!!!

[Hannibal blasted energy bolts from his palms. Tezca jumped over towards the bolts and absorbed the blasts. Tezca redirected the blasts and fired it with twice the power as the energy made impact onto the ground. Smoke surrounded the floor as Hannibal went flying into the air with his rocket boots.]


[Tezca increased his size as he grabbed Hannibal.]


[Tezca threw Hannibal back towards the group at sonic speed. Hannibal turned around and used the fuel from his boots to catch his landing.]

Hannibal: Alice, give me the Toolbox!

Alice: But Hannibal!

Hannibal: GIVE IT TO ME!

[Alice hesitated for a moment until eventually she threw it to him and Hannibal caught it. Hannibal flew back towards Tezca.]

Ethan: I need to stop this now!

[Before Ethan could do anything, Tezca snapped his fingers as zombies made out of stone and flesh came crawling from the ground. We cut to Ethan moving his head up toward the screen, then we zoomed out to him slamming down onto the Omnitrix as a green light surrounded the screen. The song shifted.]

[AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: In a green spinning background, Ethan raised his left arm as it changed into a tentacle. He raised his right arm, then did the same with his right, then repeated with an additional pair of arms. Three blankets went flying into Ethan’s body as eyes formed out of the top one. Then we zoom out as Ethan striked a pose, with electricity surrounding his tentacles and the Omnitrix symbol. A white light surrounded his entire body.]

[OMNI-SPLICER AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: Golden armor began forming around the Omnitrix symbol as it formed into a chain around his second blanket. AmpFibian’s face bloated up as a space realm appeared inside and changed, while clouds formed around the lower half of his face. He grew a pink helmet on the tip of his head, which sparkled with electricity. A gold bracelet surrounded his wrist as his palms transformed into yellow energy then waved around the transformation. We spin to the front of AmpFibian as he struck a pose while a green light blinded the screen.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: TIME TO AMP THINGS UP!!!

[The song shifted.]

[AmpFibian unleashed a psychic wave which blew the zombies back. We cut to Alice creating an energy sword as she sliced her way through the zombies. Nikki fired multiple energy blasts to blow the zombies back, while Terence tried blinding others, then punching it. Hypnotick stuck its tongue out then threw other zombies back. We cut to Hannibal raising a lightsaber as he tried to slice through Tezca.]



[Tezca caught through Hannibal’s blade and stopped him from moving.]

Tezca: …I thought it would be fun.

[Tezca flinged Hannibal and he swung back at sonic speed towards the ground. AmpFibian turned over to notice this.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: I’VE GOT YA, HANNIBAL!

[AmpFibian flew toward Hannibal and caught him with a pink psychic bubble. Tezca gave him a nasty look and raised his palms. Tezca began to absorb energy out of the group. As AmpFibian sat Hannibal down, they each began to lose energy and AmpFibian powered down back into Ethan. Alice and Nikki each lost energy from their armor and powered down. Terence noticed he lost his as his palms weren’t shooting any light. The song ended. Tezca prepared to fire a large energy blast and screamed from the top of his lungs. Huitzilo grabbed his arm and stopped him.]

Huitzilo: Enough!

Tezca: BUT-!

Huitzilo: Do not waste your energy out on them. Not yet anyway. We have other matters to attend to.

Tezca: Huitzilopochtli! These kids keep getting in our way for our chance to rule this world! We can’t let them continue to exist!

Huitizilo: While I agree these peasants have been in our way for too long, perhaps there is another way we can settle this.

[The group stood up with their armors working again as Ethan sat up.]

Ethan: What do you mean?

Huitzilo: You see, I’ve grown tired of playing this game between what you humans call it? Cat and mouse? So I propose we play a new game of mine that I’m sure will satisfy all of our needs.

Tezca: Oooh yeah, that does sound like fun!

Huitzilo: Tonight will be our last encounter. If you want to get to us and save your planet, you will exit this cavern and compete in my tournament. If you so manage to win, which I highly doubt, we’ll spare your planet and move onto the next. But if we win we’ll have your heads. After all, it would be boring to just kill you all in one fail swoop.

Tezca: Although, not like you will survive the trials that lie ahead. What do you say? You want a battle, Wellington? Are you and your friends willing to put your lives on the line to stop us once and for all?!

Ethan: Alright, we’ll do it…

Nikki (Firefly): Ethan!

Hannibal: What?!

Alice: Are you sure you want to do this?

[Ethan turned toward the group.]

Ethan: It’s not like we have any other choice. There’s no way we can beat them here. I’ve got a failsafe so I’m prevented from dying anyway. But you guys don’t, and I don’t want to see any of you get hurt like with what happened to Maria. At least this way it’ll buy us some time to think about how we’re going to do this.

Terence: Eh, our lives we’re already on the line anyway. I don’t see why not.

[Alice, Nikki and Hannibal looked at each other in concern. Ethan turned back to the gods.]

Ethan: Alright, Huitizilo. I accept your challenge! But under one condition, no tricks.

Tezca: WHAT?!

Huitzilo: You’ve got yourself a deal, shapeshifter.

[Huitzilo flew over to Ethan and shook his hand. Huitzilo flew back.]

Huitzilo: But we will have to separate you first.

[Huitizilo surrounded the entire room with wind and everybody went flying into the air as they screamed from the top of their lungs. Terence noticed the Toolbox in its lightsaber mode was floating in the air. Terence tried waving his arms in order to reach towards it. Terence caught it in his hands and placed it in his pocket. Then suddenly, everybody went flying into separate holes. Terence into one. Alice and Hypnotick into one. Then Hannibal into one. Then Nikki into one. And lastly Ethan into the middle. Ethan looked over at Huitzilo and Tezca watching from above.]

Tezca: We’ll see you at the top!

[They flew away from the scene and Ethan noticed where he was flying into. Suddenly the wind stopped and Ethan was floated safely to the ground.]

Ethan: Huh… I’m not dead?!

[We zoom out for Ethan to appear in a different cavern surrounded by a waterfall.]

Ethan: Well this is something...

[Suddenly Ethan heard a monster’s roar coming from nearby.]

Ethan: Huh?!

[Ethan turned over to see the same group of zombies charging toward him.]

Ethan: [Turns to Omnitrix] Whatever you do, don't give me Wildmutt!

[Ethan popped up the Omnitrix core, then slammed down.]

[MINI-DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: In a spinning green background, Ethan raised his arms as crystals began to form over them. Ethan spun around and diamond shards grew out of his back. Ethan spun to the front while the background turned yellow. He finished transforming and a bright white light surrounded his body.]

[OMNI-SPLICER DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: Diamondhead spun around a couple times as golden armor began to surround him. Diamondhead raised his arm in the air as it transformed into an energy blade, blinding the screen with a yellow light.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Now that's what I'm talking about!

[Diamondhead raised his sword and slashed it towards the screen. We cut to Alice’s fight inside the cavern as she swung around the zombies with her energy rope.]

Alice: I am so [Swings] not being [Swing] some Teotl zombie’s chew toy! Hypnotick!

[Hypnotick sprayed a red powder and eventually the zombies fell asleep and collapsed into the ground.]

Alice: Great job, Hypnotick!

[Alice hopped on Hypnotick’s back.]

Alice: Let’s go!

[Alice and Hypnotick flew out of the scene as we cut to Nikki soaring into the air as a group of hummingbirds.]

Nikki (Firefly): Of course they would give me the hummingbirds as their challenge!

[Their hummingbirds tried to peck at Nikki’s shoulders but she blasted them off.]

Nikki (Firefly): Hey! Quit that!

[The flesh zombies appeared from the ground as they tried to grab Nikki.]

Nikki (Firefly): Agh! Hey, stop!

[They managed to drag her into the ground. The hummingbirds flew by the zombies as they tried to peck through where Nikki was located. Nikki sprung up and unleashed a shockwave that sent them back. Nikki stood up to catch her breath as she noticed the zombies were getting back up.]

Nikki (Firefly): Give me a break.

[The scene shifted to Terence’s end where he woke up and rubbed his head.]

Terence: Ugh, my head… those gods did not send me down so well.

[A zombie arm reached out from the ground next to Terence.]

Terence: AH!

[A group of zombie arms appeared one by one as Terence screamed and stood up.]

Terence: Alright you zombie clods! Let’s see if you can deal with what I snagged in my pock-

[Terence reached for his pocket to find nothing was there.]

Terence: Wait a minute, where’s the Toolbox?!

[Terence looked over to see the toolbox was where the zombies had awakened.]

Terence: Oh great…

[Terence took a deep breath.]

Terence: Okay. Relax, Ramon, you’re only doing this so you can get back with your friends and family. You’re not about to die here…

[Terence took another one and screamed from the top of his lungs as he reached out his palms, his flashlight blinded the screen and we cut to Hannibal’s energy bolt destroying the last of the zombies. Hannibal looked up at the ceiling to notice the exit was above.]

Hannibal: Don’t worry Granny, I’m going to avenge you.

[Hannibal’s rocket boots sent him flying towards the exit. We cut back to Diamondhead laying his arms on the ground as it created energy pillars. It sent a group of zombies backwards. Another zombie tried latching onto Diamondhead and he threw it back.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Agh, there’s too many of them!

[We shift to Diamondhead’s point of view where a group of zombies and hummingbirds were surrounding him at every turn.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Guess it’s time for me to lay out a few keys of my own.

[Diamondhead opened his mouth guard and began to shout.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: SONIC ATTACK!!!

[A sonic scream surrounded the entire room as it sent many of the zombies and hummingbirds backwards. They eventually fell to the ground as each of ‘em were paralyzed and knocked unconscious. As the Omnitrix began to beep, Diamondhead began to catch his breath.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: That should do it.

[Diamondhead transformed back into Ethan in a red light.]

Ethan: Now to step outside…

[Ethan looked up at the screen as it split into five directions. From the left frame it showed Terence struggling. From the second it showed Alice flying out with Hypnotick. From the middle it showed Ethan still staring at the screen. From the fourth frame it showed Nikki struggling. And from the right frame it showed Hannibal flying out of the tunnels. Eventually the scene ended and everything went black.]


[Huitzilo blew the group down into the caverns. We cut to Ethan staring up at the light above.]

Ethan: Now to step outside…


[Terence's hands lit up.]

Terence: Oh ho ho, you are in so much trouble!

[We zoomed back to the island during the night. We cut to inside the caverns as Alice was riding on Hypnotick’s back as they made their way up the tunnels. From down below, a group of hummingbirds began to awaken. The hummingbirds shook their heads and feathers, then flew up after them.]

Alice (Thoughts): I sure hope the others are okay.

[As Alice heard a noise, she prepared her energy sword. She turned over and stabbed one of the hummingbirds with her energy sword. To their surprise the group of hummingbirds were flying beside them. They began to peck at Alice and Hypnotick.]

Alice: Hypnotick, move faster! I’ll keep them busy!

[Hypnotick screeched in response and increased her speed. Alice turned around and threw energy darts, sending some of them backwards. Alice prepared an electrical orb and tried to channel that energy.]

Alice (Thoughts): C’mon Alice, if Ethan and Nikki can do this… then you can too…

[Alice released the electricity and it created an energy clone of Alice and Hypnotick. The hummingbirds stopped in confusion as Alice took deep breaths while wiping the sweat off her face. Alice turned around and sent the energy clone downwards. The hummingbirds followed the energy clone until it eventually exploded. Alice took another breath of relief.]

Alice: Phew. [Turns to Hypnotick] You okay, girl?

[Hypnotick screeched as Alice pet her head. They eventually made it out of the tunnel and they arrived inside another cavern.]

Alice: Okay, how do we get out of this one…

[A group of zombies began crawling out of the ground while another pair of hummingbirds were watching from above. The hummingbirds flew down towards the risen zombies and they charged toward them.]

Alice: Ugh…

[The song ended. The scene shifted to Ethan struggling to climb up the tunnel. Ethan was only 60 ft off the ground, but he still had a ways to go.]

Ethan: Agh… Come on, Ethan… Come on…

[Ethan reached his hand up toward the next pillar.]

Ethan: Wow, they really make rock climbing look easier in the movies. It would be easier if I had equipment [reaches the next pillar] or if my stupid new Omnitrix would time in by now!

[Ethan grabbed the next pillar until his hand slipped. Eventually his foot slipped, as Ethan tried to catch the pillars and hold onto them tight. They broke down beneath him and Ethan began to fall as he screamed from the top of his lungs. The Omnitrix turned green and Ethan reached towards the dial. The song shifted.]

Ethan: FINALLY! [Turns the dial, slams down.]

[HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s feet changed, we cut to coal spreading from the bottom of his body to the top. Ethan’s head caught on fire and he spun in a circle. Ethan’s arms were raised up as he stood in a stance. A green light blinded the screen, ending the transformation.]

[Heatblast let out a quick battle cry as he took a look at himself. Heatblast raised his arms down and began to propel his way up before reaching the ground. Heatblast flew upwards through the tunnels.]

Heatblast: Huh… I’m normal Heatblast?! Weird, considering I’ve been Omni-Splicing all day! Guess A’taenda’s stabilizer is finally kicking in!

[Heatblast flew out of the tunnels and found himself into the next cavern.]

Heatblast: Alright, Teotls, show yourself! Because you’re about to know what hell is going to feel like!

[Zombie arms reached towards Heatblast trying to drag him.]

Heatblast: AH!!! [Kicks them] I am not about to do that again!

[The zombies began to reach the surface and went charging towards Heatblast.]

Heatblast: Ugh, I hate horror movies!

[Heatblast unleashed a fire blast towards the screen as we cut to Nikki’s electrical orbs blasting through her wave of zombies.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ugh, I hate horror movies!

[This continued to throw the zombies off one by one. Other zombies and hummingbirds appeared to continue reaching towards Nikki’s way. One of the zombies on the ground who Nikki blasted, turned their neck around to have their head facing in the right direction. The zombie stood back up and roared.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ugh! Will you just stay down!

[Nikki unleashed a zig-zagging lightning bolt as this threw some of the zombies and a pair of hummingbirds into the ground.]

Nikki (Firefly): That actually worked?! Guess I really need to up my game.

[Nikki covered herself in an electrical field as she prepared an energy orb.]

Nikki (Firefly): HEY! YOU WANT SOME OF THIS?!

[The zombies made a confused but thirsty look.]

Nikki (Firefly): WELL COME GET IT!!!

[Nikki shut her eyes as she unleashed the orb. The blast fired diagonally across the room as it reflected and bounced off the cavern walls. This destroyed the zombies and hummingbirds one by one until they all exploded. Blood was splattered all over the ground as Nikki stopped glowing and opened her eyes, witnessing the bloodbath she created.]

Nikki (Firefly): Ew…

[Nikki looked up towards the glowing tunnels above her.]

Nikki (Firefly): No time to gag, only time to fly!

[Nikki increased her speed as she flew her way towards the tunnels. The scene shifted to Terence’s end as the zombies and hummingbirds were chasing him.]

Terence: Dang it! Why couldn’t they equip me with some kind of laser blast or something?! Did they really think I wouldn’t be in this position?!

[Terence jumped to dodge one of the hummingbird’s attacks.]

Terence (Thoughts): I gotta figure out where Hannibal’s Toolbox is hiding!

[Terence glanced over to notice the Toolboxx was laying by the stream.]

Terence: There it is!

[Terence reached over and jumped over to grab the Toolboxx. Terence tripped over a stone and fell off toward the ground. Before the zombies could grab him and the hummingbirds could strike him, Terence raised his palm out and unleashed a bright white flash. This stunned the enemies and left them completely blinded. Terence looked at his palms and noticed.]

Terence: Huh, I forgot I could do that.

[Terence stood back up as the hummingbirds and zombies began to snap out of it.]

Terence: Oh ho-ho you are in so much trouble!

[The hummingbird screeched and Terence prepared the Toolboxx into its lightsaber mode. Terence swung it as he sliced the zombies and hummingbirds in half. One of the hummingbirds reached toward Terence as he shifted the Toolboxx into a pencil, then stabbed its eye out. The bird screeched and punched it off the Toolboxx. Terence switched the Toolboxx into a projector as it fired large energy blasts.]

Terence: Hah! Nothing's stopping me now!

[A zombie pounced on Terence from behind, and he fell over. Terence had dropped the Toolboxx as it went flying a few feet away from him. The flesh zombie opened its mouth and pink liquid dripped from his mouth. It tore through Terence’s armor and burned part of his arm’s armor off. Terence screamed from the top of his lungs and he struggled to break free.]

Terence: Get off me! I swear, when I get out of this, you’re going to regret-

[Another flesh zombie stepped toward them, but it had pressed onto Terence’s toolbox and blasted another laser blast. Terence noticed this blast and turned away as it destroyed the flesh zombie. The remaining flesh zombie roared and Terence raised his palm to blind it with a white light. From it’s point of view, Terence had reached over and punched a flesh zombie in the face, making its head explode. Terence grabbed the Toolboxx and put it back in his pocket. Terence collapsed into the ground and took deep breaths.]

Terence: No… I have to keep moving… I’ve gotta get stronger if I’m going to protect everybody from the Teotls.

[Terence stood back up, pressed on his arm and looked up towards the tunnels. The song ended.]

Terence: Now how am I going to climb that thing?

[We zoomed out from Terence as he groaned.]

[The scene shifted to Hannibal firing energy bolts at the hummingbirds and zombies as the scene spun in circles. Hannibal sprung into the air and used his rocket boots to create a superpowered kick which sent the remaining zombies into the walls. The flesh zombies exploded as Hannibal took deep breaths. A bright white glow surrounded from behind Hannibal. Hannibal turned around to notice Huitzilo flew down toward him with his arms folded.]

Huitzilo: Well done, young Hannibal. I see you managed to defeat Tezcatlipoca’s corpse puppets and my hummingbirds.

Hannibal: Yeah, and I ain’t afraid to take you out either.

[Huitzilo laughed for a brief moment.]

Huitzilo: You amuse me. In fact, you remind me of myself when I was in my youth. You know, we’re quite similar, you and I.

Hannibal: I am nothing like you or your other gods!

Huitzilo: That’s where you’re wrong. You see, I am not like Tezcatlipoca, nor my fallen ally, Tlaloc. Before my family and other comrades passed, I only sought to protect them. But when they were killed by the Ectonurites, my only thought was to avenge them, as well as the rest of my kind they wiped out.

Hannibal: Yet you wipe out species all the time.

Huitzilo: Yes, but that is because they’ve got what was coming to them. I began to realize that only the strong can survive, and if you want to earn that strength, you have to take it, even if it means no holding back. Sometimes you have to make quite the sacrifices just to achieve what you want. All I want to do is find the perfect planet to reinhabit and revive my species, and while yours may be a sacrifice, I only want what’s best for my kind. Even though Tezcatlipoca and I are the only ones left.

Hannibal: Then why are we similar? You know killing others is wrong, even if it is just to achieve what you want. Just because you’ve achieved something, doesn’t make the pain go away. If you want to revive your species or protect what’s left of your kind, you have to work for it and make sure no harm ever comes to them, but when someone does try to harm it, you make sure they serve justice.

Huitzilo: I see. You have my respect, Hannibal. I hope I get the chance to fight you on the battlefield. You only have the rest of my tunnel to climb. I will see you above.

[Huitzilo flew above the tunnels and disappeared as Hannibal glared at the exit. The song ended. The scene shifted to Heatblast unleashing a supernova blast as this wiped out the remainder of the zombies and hummingbirds. Heatblast propelled out toward the tunnel as he passed through parts of the caverns.]

Heatblast: I have to make my way up there before the Teotls get a chance to hurt anybody.

[The Omnitrix beeped and Heatblast powered back into Ethan in a red light. Ethan lost momentum and floated in the air for a moment.]

Ethan: Not again…

[Ethan began to fall as he screamed from the top of his lungs. To his surprise, a blue blur managed to catch him in time.]

Alice: I got ya!

Ethan: Huh?!

[The song ended. We zoomed out to Ethan laying on Hypnotick’s back. Ethan sat up and turned to Alice.]

Ethan: Hey, you made it, I knew you could!

Alice: Yeah. Are you okay back there?

Ethan: I’m fine. How was your challenge?

Alice: Annoying. Yours?

Ethan: Oh, ya’know… challenging.

[Alice snickered.]

Ethan: You think the rest are holding up okay?

Alice: I hope so. I think we’re about to exit out of the caves.

Ethan: Good. I’m glad to finally get out of this hellhole.

[They reached toward a white light, which blinded the scene. The light faded as they appeared to be surrounded by the night sky, and noticed a stadium surrounding the area. Ethan and Alice looked down below to notice the crowd.]

Ethan, Alice: Whoa…

[The crowd consisted of zombie corpses surging with electricity as they and a large number of hummingbirds making an uproar.]

Ethan: They weren’t kidding when they were saying they wanted to set up a tournament.

Alice: All the more reason to keep your guard up. Set us down, girl.

[Hypnotick screeched as she sat Ethan and Alice down below into the stadium. They noticed Huitzilo and Tezca we’re sitting by an open radiobox.]

Huitzilo: Welcome. You two are the first to make it out of the tunnels alive.

Tezca: About time! If you died I would have been disappointed.

Alice: Disappointed?

Ethan: Not surprising coming from the alien god who wants to kill us.

Huitzilo: You two, as well as anybody else who manages to make it out of the caverns will participate in some of our many challenges. I hope you both are ready, because there will be no interruptions.

Alice: So they plan to work us to the bone? I gotta say, that's not very gentlemanly of you.

Huitzilo: Enough! Your first challenge will be to take on one of our many henchmen!

Tezca: But first I’d like to introduce you to the one, and only… SOLID CORPUS!!!

[A largely shaped figure stepped out into the arena. It was covered in both flesh and rock armor. It had a helmet surrounding its face as its eyes flashed white. Its shadow covered Ethan and Alice as they looked up to see Solid Corpus standing before them.]

Ethan, Alice: Oh man…


Ethan: Okay... I'll just stay right here!


[Alice screamed as she raised her sword and sliced through the Solid Corpus. We cut to Tezca growling.]

[We pan up to see Solid Corpus standing before Ethan and Alice. We cut to Ethan’s frightened reaction as he tapped the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Four Arms!

[Nothing happened. Ethan became irritated and continued to slap the Omnitrix.]


[We cut to the Omnitrix as it’s core was colored red.]

Ethan: Ugh...

Alice: I’ll take this one.

Ethan: Alice, are you sure you can fight that thing? I still have my Deku powers.

Alice: Don’t worry, I’ve tackled worse before. Besides, you’re going to need all your energy if we’re to fight the Teotls. And I’m not going to back down to some… horrible creepy flesh monster…

[Solid Corpus made a smirk.]

Huitizilo: BEGIN!

[A split-screen surrounded the scene, showcasing Alice on the left and Solid Corpus on the right. Solid Corpus punched the ground and red purple energy blasts began bursting from the ground like a geyser. Ethan and Alice jumped out of the way to dodge the blast. The arena was covered in smoke as Alice created an energy sword and raised it.]

Alice: Things are about to get interesting.

[We cut to the smoke clearing on the back end of the arena. Ethan popped his head up and hollered.]

Ethan: Okay! I’ll just stay here! Holler if you need me!

[Alice ran towards Solid Corpus as it raised its arms towards her direction and smashed the ground. Alice dodged the tremor, and she slid below him, as she sliced its foot off. Solid Corpus fell off balance for a moment, and slowly regenerated its foot.]

Alice: So it regenerates?

[Alice’s sword faded into particles and she threw energy stars at Solid Corpus. They landed onto its chest and exploded. Solid Corpus began to fall backwards, as Alice called for Hypnotick.]


[Hypnotick flew toward Alice and she hopped on it. Alice created an energy rope and dragged the creature to the ground. It covered the ground in smoke as the flesh zombies in the audience made hateful noise. Solid Corpus looked up and fired energy rays from its eyes as it zigzagged around the arena. Alice gasped and created an energy dome around her and Hypnotick. Its lasers knocked her and Hypnotick down to the arena to where Ethan was watching. Solid Corpus roared as the crowd went wild. We cut to inside the caverns as a pair of hands grabbed onto the ground from below. As struggling noises could be heard, it was revealed Terence had finally climbed his way up to the top. Terence took a deep exhale as he collected himself.]

Terence: Phew, Finally. Never thought I’d make it out of there. Glad I grabbed Hannibal’s Toolboxx when I did, [Stands up] or I would’ve been…

[Terence looked up to see an army of roaming flesh-zombies and hummingbirds watching them.]

Terence: … Toast.

[The song shifted. Terence raised the Toolboxx into its lightsaber position.]

Terence: Come at me, any one of you! Let’s go and get this over with!

[The zombies and hummingbirds screeched as they flew toward him. Terence swung the lightsaber and began slashing them piece by piece. Terence blinded the Hummingbirds then smacked them to the ground.]

Terence: You know, I may be an animal lover. But I am not fond of what you birds are giving!

[A zombie jumped onto Terence and breathed the purple liquid onto his damaged shoulder. Terence screamed as it burnt through more of his skin. Terence raised his arms back up and flashed a white light at the two zombies to break free.]

Terence: Get off me!

[Terence pressed onto his injured arm.]

Terence: Can’t fight like this.

[The blinded hummingbirds snapped out of its confused state then went flying toward Terence. Terence noticed and blinded it with his palms in time and sent it to the ground. Terence began to pants and a zombie smacked Terence back, and he was sent flying toward the hole down below. Terence looked over to see it was right next to him. Terence struggled to move, but he couldn’t. He laid his arms and legs out as he took deep breaths.]

Terence: I can’t believe this. I can’t believe Ethan dragged me into this again…

[We cut to the zombies and hummingbirds slowly approaching him as Terence spoke.]

Terence: No, it was me. I did this. I did this to myself. I dragged myself into this so I wouldn’t stand by and watch those stupid devils take the people I cared about. So I had to help. But what good am I for if I can’t even protect myself? How am I supposed to save the people I care about if I’m so useless? It’s pointless. I might as well give up now.

[As they approached closer, Terence closed his eyes.]

Terence: Trying to change anything would be pointless. It’s not like there’s anybody who cares about me anyway. I lost everyone. I pushed my family away, I pushed my friends away, I pushed May away. Wait.. May… No wonder May left me. I couldn’t even be honest with her. I couldn’t even be honest with myself.

[Terence opened his eyes.]

Terence: No… I have to keep moving.

[Terence turned over and crawled towards the zombies.]

Terence: I have to do this… For May’s sake…

[We cut to a shot of May.]

Terence: For Hannibal’s sake.

[We cut to a shot of Hannibal.]

Terence: For Alice’s sake.

[We cut to a shot of Alice.]

Terence: For Nikki’s sake.

[We cut to a shot of Nikki. Then we cut to Terence finally standing up.]

Terence: For Ethan’s sake!

[We cut to a shot of Ethan. Then the zombies approached closer and ran towards Terence at quick speed. Terence looked up at the zombies as his palms were charged with electricity.]

Terence: …For my sake!

[Terence unleashed a bright white light which surrounded the entire room. Meanwhile, Nikki was flying down the tunnels as she noticed a white light flashed before her.]

Nikki (Firefly): Wait, is that Terence?

[Nikki flew over and we cut to Terence’s raising his arms down as he looked over to notice all his enemies were paralyzed.]

Terence: I did it! Haha, I did it!

[Terence ran over and grabbed the Toolboxx.]

Terence: I better make this quick before they-

[The flesh zombies and hummingbirds began to snap out of it, then screeched.]

Terence: Uh oh.

[The flesh zombies charged toward him while the hummingbirds soared at him. Terence raised the Toolboxx as it transformed back into a lightsaber.]

Terence: Alright, you ugly freaks of nature! Let me show you what I’m really made of!

Voice: No need!

[Terence turned over to the voice, as orange electricity surrounded the zombies and hummingbirds. They fell to the ground and went unconscious. The blast was revealed to have come from Nikki as she raised her arms down.]

Terence: Nikki?!

[Nikki flew down toward Terence.]

Terence: About time! I almost got killed by those things

Nikki (Firefly): Yeah, well I’m sure everybody almost got killed by those things today. And show me some gratitude, I just saved your life.

Terence: I had them right where I wanted them!

Nikki (Firefly): Uh huh…

[Terence smiled at Nikki, then she smiled back at him. Terence hugged Nikki tight as he sniffed and shed a tear.]

Terence: Nikki, I-

Nikki (Firefly): I know.

[Nikki flew into the air.]

Nikki (Firefly): Come on, let’s go meet with the others.

[The song ended. Terence placed the Toolboxx back into his pocket. Nikki grabbed onto Terence and they flew upward towards the tunnels.]

[We cut back outside to Alice and Hypnotick as they were surrounded by their energy dome next to Ethan. She laid down her energy field and took a deep breath.]

Ethan: You okay?

Alice: Yeah. [Jumps off Hypnotick.] Watch Hypnotick for me okay? I don’t want her getting caught in the crossfire.

Ethan: Will do.

[Alice ran back into the arena as Solid Corpus bashed its fits down to the arena, as energy blasts continued to blast from the ground toward her. Alice smirked and created an energy dome before the ground could blast her. The next geyser shot Alice into the air as she focused on the energy in her fists. Alice began charging her fists, then unleashed a whip with maces sticking out. Alice sent it towards Solid Corpus and she put the rope around it as the mace hit Solid Corpus in the face. Alice threw energy stars which blew its arms off. The explosion sent Alice back into the air as she charged herself with energy. Alice created a large lightsaber, and before Solid Corpus could regenerate its arms, Alice sliced its head off. It exploded off Solid Corpus and its head exploded in a massive purple blast. Solid Corpus collapsed and went flying toward the ground. Alice was also flying toward the ground.]

Alice: Hypnotick!

[Hypnotick flew as fast as she could to reach Alice. As the remainder of Solid Corpus’s body was falling on top of Alice, Hypnotick flew below Alice and caught her, then they flew away just in time. The guardian’s body fell to the ground and smoke surrounded the entire arena. This sent the crowd into an uproar. The song ended. We cut to Tezca and Huitzilo watching from the stands.]

Tezca: WHAT?! NO WAY!!!

[Huitzilo made no reaction. He just stared at Alice flying back toward Ethan as the two hugged. We cut to the zombies jumping out of the arena. Ethan and Alice turned to notice this and Huitizilo gushed a blast of wind, making the zombie’s heads explode. This made Alice gag as Ethan cleared his throat.]

Huitzilo: Enough. Tezcatlipoca, take better care of your pets.

Tezca: Hmph… Fine.

Huitzilo: In the meantime, we will move onto the next challenge.

Voice: Good…

[Ethan and Alice gasped and turned to the voice.]

Hannibal: Because I’m going next…


[We zoom out of Tezca who had an enraged look on his face.]



[We cut to Hannibal raising his Toolboxx over to him.]


[An Omni-Spliced Goop screamed from the top of his lungs.]

Hannibal: ‘Sup guys.

Ethan, Alice: Hannibal!

Huitzilo: About time you made it. I was wondering when you were going to show up.

Tezca: Agh, man! Another one showed up! See, I told you we should’ve made the challenges harder.

Huitzilo: We will move on with the next challenge. The girl has shown us that she was able to take out at least one of our Solid Corpus’s.

[Tezca snapped his fingers as three of them formed out from the ground. They each stood above the three of them.]

Tezca: But can you defeat all three of them? [Hard laughter]

Hannibal: No problem. I’ve got this, guys.

Alice: Hannibal, are you sure you don’t want our help? I was barely able to take out one of these things.

Ethan: Yeah, and it did not look easy.

Hannibal: It’s no big deal, besides you take out giant monsters like this all the time. This’ll be like the final arc of Warrior Fighters C when Gene went huge and tried to evaporate the entire universe after it went berserk after watching its cat die. I got this!

Alice: That was oddly specific.

Ethan: Good luck.

[Hannibal nodded backwards.]

Hannibal: You guys should probably get back.

[Ethan ran away from the scene, and Hypnotick followed him.]

Alice: Oh, and remember to aim at the top of its head.

[Alice ran out of the scene.]

Hannibal: Thanks.

[Hannibal raised his fists. We cut to Ethan, Alice and Hypnotick watching from the stands. We cut to a faraway shot from the stands as we panned down toward Hannibal.]

Huitzilo: You ready?

Hannibal: Ready as I’ll ever be…

Huitzilo: BEGIN!

[We cut to a split screen surrounding the scene. It showcased Hannibal on the left, while the three Solid Corpus stood on the right. Each of the Solid Corpus’ bashed the ground as energy came blasting from the ground. Hannibal sprung in the air and used his rocket boots to fly and dodge the blasts.]

Hannibal: Whoa! This will not be easy!

[One of the Solid Corpus appeared before Hannibal and tried to grab him.]

Alice: Hannibal, watch out!

[Hannibal noticed and he jumped higher into the air, then landed on its arm. Hannibal ran up its arm as it tried to grab him with its other hand. Hannibal fired multiple energy blasts at its head. It blew little holes around its mouth and nose, then regenerated.]

Hannibal: Damn, I’m going to have to try harder.

[Hannibal noticed its hand trying to reach over to him. He jumped out of the way, only to notice the other ones were also trying to grab him.]

Hannibal: WHOA!

[Hannibal flew around the Solid Corpus’ to dodge the attack.]


[Hannibal groaned, and flew to the ground.]

Hannibal (Thoughts): I’m going to have to time this just right!

[Hannibal charged his fists as he flew up toward the three of ‘em. Hannibal zigzagged as he tried to dodge their arms as they tried to grab him. Hannibal flew into the screen as he had managed to dodge them all, then flew up into the sky. Hannibal was positioned to right where the moon was shining. Then flew down towards the Solid Corpus’s. The three of them were standing perfectly aligned in a circle.]


[Hannibal’s fists were completely charged with energy and he raised his arms out.]

Hannibal: TAKE THIS!

[Hannibal flew towards their heads, and clapped his hands. This created a sonic boom and it blew their heads off. Their heads shattered into rubble and their bodies collapsed into rubble as Hannibal safely landed on the ground and caught his fall.]


Ethan: WOOO!!!

[The crowd roared in anger, as we cut to the stands with Tezca’s reaction.]

Tezca: WHAT?! AGAIN?! Agh, that’s it. I will not have you make a mockery of our creations! Huitzilopotchli! I demand you let me challenge him next.

Huitzilo: Tezcatlipoca, think for just a moment. It is too soon for you to-

[The song shifted.]

Hannibal: Hey, I don’t mind. I don’t care which of you freaks I take out first. Besides, I’ve got a bone to pick with him.

Huitzilo: Very well. I will accept your request.

[Tezca flew onto the battlefield like a lightning dagger. Tezca stood before Hannibal.]

Tezca: Oh-ho-ho! I can’t wait for this!!!

Huitzilo: And begin!

[A split screen surrounded the scene. Hannibal appeared on the left, with Tezca appearing on the right. The screen faded and Tezca blasted zig-zagging lightning bolts in different directions towards Hannibal. Hannibal flipped in the air and dodged the first one. The second one shot Hannibal and he was sent into the ground. Hannibal stood up as Tezca went up to his face.]

Tezca: Had enough?

Hannibal: AH!

[Hannibal jumped backwards and fired energy bolts. They went through Tezca and yawned, he redirected the blasts, then fired multiple of them. Hannibal continued to jump around to dodge the attacks, while some of them had managed to hit him. We cut to the stands where Ethan was watching.]

Ethan: He can’t go on like this. We’ve got to help him.

Alice: We can’t. Only Hannibal is allowed to fight him.

Ethan: The gods wanted to challenge all of us, not just him. Tezca may be playing with him, but he will kill him. Hannibal won’t last for very long.

Alice: So what do you suggest we do?

Ethan: Hmm… Tezca is made up of electricity, but the worst idea would be to overload him.

Alice: Yeah, and if you went Zerox, he might be expecting you to use Power Spike again and just absorb him.

[Ethan turned the dial and had Lodestar’s icon activated on his playlist.]

Ethan: Hmm…

[Hannibal slid back as he tried to catch his fall.]


[Hannibal groaned. We cut to inside Hannibal’s suit as we see the computer interface beneath his mask.]

A.I.: Power Percentage 45%

[Hannibal kicked himself off the ground, then flew into the air.]

Tezca: Ooooh! One of your flying tricks!

[Tezca flew after Hannibal, to his surprise. The fight took into the skies while Tezca began to smack him repeatedly as Hannibal continued to take the hits.]

Tezca: Face it, human! You can’t stop a god no matter how much you power yourself up!

[Hannibal clenched his fist then tried to smack Tezca, only to have his fist go through him.]


[Tezca bashed him with both fists as he went flying towards the ground at sonic speed. Alice gasped and in slow motion, Ethan jumped off the stage as we cut to a shot of Huitzilo taking notice of this. We cut a shot of an unconscious Hannibal falling towards the ground as his suit turned red, then we cut to a shot of Ethan slamming down onto the Omnitrix as a green light blinded the screen.]

[LODESTAR TRANSFORMATION: A swirling ball zoomed into the screen. We cut to a white flash blinding the scene for a split second, and we cut to small magnetic material beginning to form around Ethan’s hands, and then his entire body. Ethan’s body shapeshifted into Lodestar, as his whole body stood out until he jumped out to the screen. A white light blinded the area and we cut to a yellow spinning background.]

[OMNI-SPLICER LODESTAR TRANSFORMATION: Lodestar’s body floated in the air as golden armor surrounded his chest, it formed up to his shoulder as he spun in a circle while he raised his left arm. Electricity surrounded his claw, forming into a large energy claw. We zoom out from Lodestar’s claw into his full body and a white blinded from the Omnitrix symbol into the screen.]

[Hannibal woke up to notice he was falling and gasped. Hannibal shut his eyes only to realize he stopped moving. Hannibal looked up and noticed Lodestar was using his magnetism to catch him, then set him down gently.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: You okay?

Hannibal: Yeah, I am. Thanks.


Huitzilo: Remain in your seat, shapeshifter or you will be punished.

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: You send three freaky flesh titans after him, and let him get pummeled around by a superpowered god, and I can’t join the battle?! Don’t you think that’s a bit unfair?

Huitzilo: You will remain seated or else I will personally-

Tezca: Actually… Let him join the battle.

Huitzilo: Excuse me?!

Tezca: Yeah. I don’t care which one of them I take on, I’ll kill them either way. Plus now that I think about it, I remember you cutting off my hand and nearly obliterating half my body. I would love to return the favor...

Huitzilo: Very well, I will agree to these terms. But no more interruptions.

[We cut to Terence and Nikki flying out of the tunnels. Nikki sat Terence down as they flew into the arena.]

Nikki (Firefly): Hey, what’s going on here?

[Terence squinted his eyes and looked closer.]

Terence: Wait… is that?!

Nikki (Firefly): [Gasp] HANNY, NO!

[The song shifted.]

Huitzilo: BEGIN!!!

[A split screen appeared with Lodestar and Hannibal appearing on the left, and Tezca appearing on the right. We cut to Tezca launching a blast of electricity as Lodestar created a forcefield around them. Lodestar raised his other claw to zap Hannibal.]

Hannibal: Hey!

[To Hannibal’s surprise, this charged his suit’s battery.]

A.I.: Power Battery at 100%

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: You’re welcome.

[Tezca grabbed Lodestar’s forcefield and ripped through it.]


[Lodestar fired a magnetic wave from his chest and sent Tezca backwards. Small parts of metal began to attach to Tezca’s body.]

Tezca: What is this?!

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Oh so you don’t have the power of magnetism?! Well that's unfortunate for you...

[Electricity charged through Lodestar’s claws as he used this to push himself off the ground. Lodestar flew into the air as he used his diamagnetic abilities to raise a pillar off the ground, and as it swirled its way towards Tezca, he shredded it in half to stop the attack.]

Tezca: It’ll take more than that to stop me!

[Another swirl of the ground attacked Tezca from behind and sent him toward the ground. Hannibal ran over and created another sonic boom, sending Tezca into one of the stands.]

Tezca: UGH!

[Tezca flew over and unleashed lightning bolts towards the group. Lodestar took control of his lightning bolts, then threw them back at Tezca. It hit the damaged part of his body, allowing this to take damage.]

Tezca: Agh!

[Lodestar raised his claws and created a large magnetic wave, as electricity swirled around it and blasted at Tezca.]

Tezca: Hah! What’s that going to do to me?!

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Electricity…

[Suddenly a bunch of smaller objects attracted to Tezca.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Meet magnetism!


[Tezca found himself attracted into a magnetic aura-field as to his surprise, larger objects attracted onto Tezca.]

Tezca: AGH! [Tries to throw them off.] GET THIS OFF ME!

[Hannibal found himself floating toward Tezca.]

Hannibal: Whoa…

[Lodestar surrounded Hannibal in an aura to catch him.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: I gotcha! [Turns to Hannibal] Ready to finish him off?

Hannibal: You know it.

[Lodestar freed Hannibal, and Hannibal went flying towards his direction.]

Tezca: I will not be beaten by the likes of you!!!

[Tezca tried ripping off everything as best as he was cluttered with much material. Hannibal charged his fist with energy. Meanwhile, Lodestar flew beside Hannibal as he also charged with his right electrical claw.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar, Hannibal: HAAAAAAA-

[Tezca’s eyes widened and gasped.]

Tezca: NO! NO-NO-NO!

Omni-Splicer Lodestar, Hannibal: -AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

[Lodestar punched him from his left and Hannibal to his right. This threw the objects off Tezca as we zoomed into Tezca’s body as an electrical surge from both sides began to obliterate his atomic structure. They bursted and we zoomed out of Tezca’s body as he grabbed his head, then screamed from the top of his lungs.]


[Tezca’s body turned grey, then turned a bright yellow and exploded. The song ended. Tezca had turned into particles and began to fade in existence. We cut Alice gasping on one end, and to Terence and Nikki gasping on the other. Huitzilo jumped out of his seat with a shocked look on his reaction.]

Huitzilo (Thoughts): How is this possible?!

[The crowd screeched as the electricity surrounding their bodies faded, and began to just lie there as corpses. Lodestar and Hannibal jumped to the ground as Lodestar transformed from his Omni-Splicer state back to Lodestar, then to Ethan in a green light. Ethan and Hannibal each took deep breaths. Nikki and Terence ran to them as Alice flew to them with Hypnotick. Hypnotick sat her down and Alice hugged onto Ethan.]

Alice: You did great, honey.

[Alice kissed Ethan on the cheek.]

Nikki: You too!

[Nikki hugged Hannibal tight.]

Terence: That was really cool!

[Ethan and Terence high fived, as Nikki let go of Hannibal.]

Nikki (Firefly): I knew you were going to make it out of that one.

Hannibal: Yeah, well if it wasn’t for Ethan I’d be toast.

Ethan: Come on now. I can’t take all the credit.

[The group laughed as we cut back to Huitzilo staring at them.]

Huitzilo: First my brother Tlaloc, and then Tezcatlipoca. There’s something about this boy…

[We zoom into the Omnitrix.]

Huitzilo: It’s that watch of his of course... That… Omnitrix…

[We fade back into the group’s conversation.]

Hannibal: And now… I finally avenged my Granny.

Terence: Don’t get too cocky, guys. We’ve still got another fight to win!

Ethan: Yeah, let’s not get hasty, we need to figure out a way to beat Huitzilo before he has a chance to-

[Electricity scattered around the Omnitrix dial. It began to electrocute Ethan.]

Ethan: AGH… AHHH…

Alice: Ethan!

Ethan: AGH… AHH..

[Ethan’s eyes glowed green, then a green light blinded the screen.]

[GOOP MINI-TRANSFORMATION: A swirling ball spun to the right side of the screen until we cut to particles morphing around the screen, resuming to its normal transformation background. In a green flash, we zoom out of the Omnitrix symbol as electricity surrounded Goop’s chest. A white light surrounded Goop’s body as the background turned yellow.]

[OMNI-SPLICER GOOP TRANSFORMATION: Armor formed around Goop’s chest, as his stomach turned into energy. Reptilian armor formed around his arm, then to his head. His eyes flashed yellow as the yellow light blinded the scene.]

[Goop collapsed to the ground as electricity continued to form around his chest.]

Omni-Splicer Goop: AGGGHH…

Hannibal: Ethan’s watch must be acting up again.

Alice: Ethan talk to me! Ethan, are you okay?!

[Goop went silent, then looked up at Alice as his eyes turned yellow, he roared at the group. Goop raised his arm back and before he could slash Goop, Nikki formed a shield around Alice.]

Nikki (Firefly): Quick, Alice! Get back!

[Alice scooted back toward the rest of the group. Goop threw energy blasts at the group and Nikki created a large shield to block the group.]

Terence: C’mon man, you’ve got to snap out of it.

Hannibal: This isn’t like you, Ethan.

Alice: Please, Ethan! Snap out of it!

[Huitzilo took notice of this and smirked. Huitzilo went flying towards the group.]

Alice: Ethan! Please!

[Goop screeched.]

Alice: Ethan…

Hannibal: [Looks up] Uh oh…

[The others looked up to see Huitzilo fly toward Goop as he grabbed the Omnitrix’s symbol.]

Huitzilo: I see you’re having a bit of a problem with your Omnitrix there, kid. Let me help you with that.

Omni-Splicer Goop: AAAHHH…

[Goop shifted into Four Arms.]

Four Arms: AAAAHHH… [Shifts]

Heatblast: AGH! [Shifts]

XLR8: AGH! [Shifts]

Zerox: OWWWWW… [Shifts]

Goop: AGHH… [Shifts]

Huitzilo: I’m about to take more than what you took from me. Surrender… Give me your power…

Lodestar: NEVER!!! [Shifts]

[Ethan swiftly shifted into all his forms a few times at rapid speed.]

Alice: ETHAN!!!

[Ethan shifted to normal, as his eyes flashed yellow.]


[Huitzilo grabbed a hold of the Omnitrix symbol, still on his chest. It unleashed a massive shock wave, which surrounded the arena in smoke. As the fog began to lift, Nikki placed her dome down.]

Alice: Ethan! Ethan! Where is he?!

Nikki (Firefly): Alice, just stay calm!

Alice: Don’t you dare tell me to stay calm! I just saw my boyfriend nearly blown to bits, and if I find out he’s dead I’ll-

Terence: Hey, there he is!

[They turn over to see Ethan lying on the ground unconscious with his clothes torn.]

Alice: Ethan!

[The group ran toward his direction. As they made their way to him, Alice tried to help him up.]

Ethan: Agh…

Alice: Ethan, are you okay?

Terence: Alice be careful! He might still have that monster-mind set.

[Nikki gave Terence a stern glare.]

Terence: What, I’m just saying!

Ethan: Agh, don’t worry I’m fine… The only thing that’s monstrous around here is this headache..., and man I'm in a lot of pain!

[Ethan collapsed to the ground. Alice caught him before he could completely collapse.]

Alice: Easy.

Ethan: Where’s Huitzilo?

Huitzilo: Right here… [Laughs]

[The fog on the other end of the arena lifted as Huitzilo was floating before them.]

Ethan: Oh, great. Now what did I cause...

Huitzilo: You see, it’s thanks to your device, you have been able to kill off the last remnants of my kind. But now I realize that they were just weak, they were merely fooling around with the abilities of our gods that have fallen before them. Only true gods can wield true power.

Ethan: Don’t tell me…

Huitzilo: Now you’re about to witness true power, as I’ve taken your power and have made it my own.

[We zoomed out to appear the rest of the arena had cleared from the fog. Before them stood mutated versions of Ethan’s aliens. They appeared to be full on species of their homeworlds, surrounded by the same golden armor and energy as the Omni-Splicers. From left to right stood a drooling Four Arms, a serious Heatblast, a hungry Wildmutt, a pulsating Goop, a hissing Ghoulseye flying above, a sparking AmpFibian floating nearby, a large and hungry Diamondhead, a crouching Zerox, and a hunching XLR8 who had his tongue stuck out. XLR8 ran towards Nikki, as she created an energy dome. Nikki used this to push XLR8 back. The other aliens began rampaging throughout the stadium as it began to demolish around them.]

Terence: Oh great, it’s like a rerun of last year, only worse!

Ethan: We’ve got to get them back somehow!


[Hypnotick screeched and sprayed a red powder around some of the aliens. Nothing happened.]

Alice: It’s not working!

[Heatblast threw a fire blast at Hypnotick, and it was sent flying to the ground, near the group.]

Alice: Hypnotick!

Huitzilo: You see! You weren’t able to truly take control of these transformations you spoke of. Now I’ve mastered their power, and made them into the very beings they were supposed to be. Mutants…

[Four Arms demolished a pair of pillars hanging at the top row.]

Huitzilo: ...pets…

[Wildmutt demolished another pair of pillars.]

Huitzilo: ...scavengers…

[XLR8 ran through the corpses as he demolished the entire row.]

Huitzilo: ...destroyers!

[Ghoulseye fired his arrow and it exploded a small portion of the entire arena.]

Huitzilo: I shall do what I’ve carried out since the moment I was born and conquer the universe and everything in it! [Points at Ethan’s direction] And you wouldn’t dare to think to stop me.

[We zoom into Ethan’s face of horror and everything went black.]


[Huitzilo raised his arms out with the Omni-Spliced Monsters standing behind him.]


Ethan: Oh man, I can't stop this...



Huitzilo: Now... destroy them!

[The Omni-Splicers made an uproar and charged out of the scene.]

[We zoom out from the horror of Ethan’s face to showcase the mutated versions of the Omni-Splicers demolishing parts of the arena from left to right.]

Ethan: Four Arms, Ghoulseye, Heatblast, Wildmutt, Lodestar, Zerox, Diamondhead, Goop, AmpFibian, and XLR8?! Oh man! I can’t stop this!

[Ethan turned to the Omnitrix, and he had suddenly gained an idea.]

Ethan: Oh wait, I know there’s one thing that can!

[As Ethan began to turn the dial, he was stopped by a foot stepped toward him. This caused Ethan to fall backwards and land sitting up.]

Huitzilo: Don’t think I’m going to fall for your tricks so easily!

[The large foot was revealed to be the mutated Four Arms, standing before him.]

Huitzilo: Now destroy them!

[One by one each of the aliens turned toward Ethan with hungry looks on their faces as their eyes shone bright. The mutated XLR8 zoomed towards the group at lightning speed. Ethan screamed and shut his eyes. For a moment, everything went silent until Ethan opened his eyes and realized an orange electrical shield formed around him. We zoom out to see Nikki creating a forcefield around the two, Alice, Hannibal and Terence.]

Nikki (Firefly): I believe I deserve a thank you.

Ethan: Yeah, thanks.

[XLR8 managed to pop in through the electrical field with half his body inside. XLR8 hissed at the group. The group screamed which led Terence to stun the creature with a flash of light from his palms. Then Hannibal rushed over and punched him in the face, sending XLR8 back.]

Hannibal: We’ve got to do something about these aliens.

Alice: What’s the plan, Ethan?

Ethan: We run.

Hannibal, Alice, Terence, Nikki: Huh!?

Ethan: We can’t fight these guys. They’re too powerful for us to stop.

Nikki (Firefly): That hasn’t stopped us before.

Hannibal: Yeah, we can take these guys.

[Nikki’s electrical field was suddenly absorbed from above. It was revealed to be the mutated AmpFibian and he threw back a larger blast towards the group.]

Terence: Actually, I’m with Ethan on this one.

[The group made a run for it as they ran from three large electrical blasts. Alice whistled and Hypnotick looked up at the group. Hypnotick screeched and charged right into the group. It climbed below Alice and Terence and they hopped on board. Nikki prepared her wings and sprang into the air. A mutated Ghoulseye popped before Nikki. The mutated Ghoulseye laughed as he fired multiple arrows at her. Nikki flew around to dodge the arrows until suddenly one of them hit her wings. Nikki lost her momentum and began falling towards the ground. Nikki screamed by the top of her lungs and we cut to Hannibal, who kicked his rocket boots then flew in the air. Hannibal managed to catch Nikki as the two gazed at each other.]

Nikki (Firefly): Thank you.

Hannibal: Yeah, no problem.

[Fireballs went flying towards the two and Hannibal dodged the attack to notice Heatblast was blasting them. We cut to Ethan down below as he was making for the exit of the stadium.]

Ethan: Aw man, what have I done. Why didn’t I listen to A’taenda when she told me to reboot the Omnitrix? Why did I think I ever stood a chance against these gods?!

[Ethan tripped and fell over a couple times until he finally reached the ground. Ethan turned around to see all ten of his former transformations standing before him. Ethan stood up and by instinct he slammed on the Omnitrix. Nothing happened. This resulted in Ethan raising fists, prepared to fight.]

Ethan: Come on! I don’t need an alien to take you on… I hope.

[The aliens screeched and roared at him. Wildmutt was the first to charge towards Ethan, and the others followed. Suddenly a rocket went flying towards Ethan and the ten aliens and an explosion occurred between them. Ethan was sent flying back into the ground and he looked up to notice something in the sky.]

Ethan: Huh?!

[Above them, showcased a large SACT helicarrier flying before the stadium. A ramp opened below the ship as a couple agents threw a ladder made out of rope down below.]

Lieutenant Steel: COME ON!

[Ethan ran towards the position of the helicarrier. Hannibal and Nikki took notice of this and Hannibal flew them over to the ship. Alice and Terence took notice and Alice signaled Hypnotick to charge towards the ladder. Hannibal and Nikki managed to make it into the ship as Alice dropped Terence off by the ladder.]

Alice: Keep going, I’ve got to help, Ethan!

[Terence nodded. Alice and Hypnotick flew off as Terence managed to climb to the top as Nikki hollered to her.]

Nikki (Firefly): Hurry!

[Ethan continued to run towards the ship.]

Ethan: Come on! Come on!

[Ethan’s eyes widened as he suddenly lost his breath. Ethan fell to the ground as he tried to catch his breath.]

Ethan: That’s it. I’m done for…

[A mutated Goop, Wildmutt and Four Arms appeared before Ethan.]

Ethan: Just do it, and get it done and over with.

[The aliens pounced toward Ethan, but were stopped as energy blasts startled them, and pushed them back. Alice was revealed to have made the shot as she was holding an energy gun in her hands. She and Hypnotick flew down toward Ethan. Alice raised her hand to Ethan.]

Alice: Quick! Grab my hand!

[Ethan smiled and grabbed it. Alice pulled Ethan up and he sat behind Hypnotick as they flew off towards the ship. Ethan suddenly cried down Alice’s shoulder.]

Ethan: Alice... I’m so sorry...

Alice: [Smiled] It’s okay. We’ll find another way.

[The song ended. We cut down below to the ten Omni-Spliced monsters aligned and ready to jump.]

Huitzilo: [Signals] Let them go. They don’t stand a chance against my newfound kingship over this world. Finally… I’ve won…

[The scene shifted to the ocean as something was making its way towards the coast.]

Huitzilo (Narrating): You lifeforms think you have it so easy don’t you. To think even the simplest lifeform thinks they have all the power, all the resources and has everything handed to you.

[Everything faded out as we cut to a brightly lit Seattle at night. Bystanders were walking around, while others would take pictures, or others were at restaurants having drinks. Nearby Seattle was the ocean as it appeared an island was approaching towards the city. This made the bystanders curious.]

Huitizilo: Well you don’t.

[The island landed right by a crowded beach, as this created a cloud of fog surrounding the entire area.]

Huitzilo (Narrating): Because only higher beings can command higher power.

[Huitizilo stepped forward out of the fog, as the Omni-Spliced mutants jumped forward and began to attack.]

Huitzilo (Narrating): True power can be tapped into one’s abilities for if they wish to further seek it. To control, to conquer, and to be feared.

[Multiple Omni-Spliced monsters began attacking different areas at once. AmpFibian short circuited light posts and fired multiple blasts at close bystanders. Zerox created copies of different people as they rushed over and began to attack them. Wildmutt charged into a restaurant while others ran.]

Huitzilo (Narrating): Only with true power can you become a god. And for whatever a god wants, a god shall take.

[We cut to the Omni-Spliced mutated Lodestar who threw parts of the city onto other people. Lodestar turned to the space needle and we cut to the space needle nearly collapsing. We cut to Huitizilo watching over Seattle as the buildings began to fall one by one.]

Huitzilo (Narrating): The second you come up for air, I will be there to suffocate you. If I wish these people dead, then they are already dead. I am Huitzilopotchli! God to the gods! Slayer of Titans! I am the most powerful being in the universe!

[The scene shifted to the SACT building as we panned down toward Ethan who sat inside a dark and empty training room.]

Huitizilo (Narrating): And no being in the cosmos can withstand a chance to stop me!

[We zoomed into Ethan as he is facing the wall, looking down. The song ended.]

12 HOURS LATER… [Alice arrived toward the doorway, as she noticed A’taenda was yelling at him.]


Ethan: A’taenda…


Ethan: A’taenda…

A’taenda: You have no idea what you just created. And it’s thanks to you, the entire galaxy will be wiped out by these ancient species, which apparently YOU SET FREE!

[Ethan was startled.]

A’taenda: And it’s all thanks to you. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

[A’taenda made her way toward the exit, barging out of the room in anger. Alice tried to hide until A’taenda noticed her standing by the door.]

A’taenda: I don’t know what you see in him!

[A’taenda walked away and Alice sighed. The song shifted.]

[The scene shifted into Portland, Oregon as Lieutenant Steel was operating a task force against Four Arms. A group of SACT soldiers ran toward the mutated Four Arms, they placed high-tech traps on the ground and attached tachyon cannons to it.]

Lieutenant Steel: [Pointing to Four Arms] And… fire!

[The soldiers fired large blue lasers swirling towards Four Arms. Four Arms punched the laser blasts away as they had no effect on him. However, this charged Four Arm’s shock braces on his spiked hooves. He squealed and raised his hooves. The other soldiers gasped as Lieutenant Steel shouted towards the soldiers.]


[The mutated Four Arms smashed the ground and we zoomed out as a city block was covered in a crowd of smoke. The cloud faded as we cut to many soldiers lying on the ground, some covered in blood. A few soldiers stood up as they noticed a mutated XLR8 stood before them, licking his lips.]

Soldier: NO… NO… AHHHHHHH!

[We cut into XLR8’s mouth as everything went black, hearing tearing noises made. We pan to the right as a mutated Heatblast screeched from the top of his lungs as he prepared a massive fireball and threw it towards the crowd. The setting took place in Merridale as the city was surrounded by flames. Hannibal rolled over to dodge a blast and he sat up, firing a group of energy bolts at Heatblast. Hannibal was still wearing his exosuit.]

Hannibal: How’s the new wings holding up?

Nikki (Firefly): Pretty good. Although I wish I could get a good aim at this freak!

[Nikki charged her palms and fired a zig zagging electrical blast at Heatblast. Heatblast fell to the ground, then looked up and fired an electrically charged fire blast at a building. The building began to collapse as it appeared Naomi was running by it. Hannibal gasped.]

Hannibal: NAOMI!

[Hannibal flew over towards Naomi as she screamed from the top of her lungs. Hannibal pushed Naomi out of the way before chunks of the ceiling could fall on top of them. Hannibal helped Naomi up.]

Hannibal: You okay, Naomi?

Naomi: I am now.

[A group of people continued to run past her direction. Some of these people included Professor Meechum, Dexter Ottoman, Alexia, Cassie, May, Bryce, Drew and Hugh.]

Hannibal: Everybody! Head toward your evacuation shelters! Go!

[Heatblast stood over and fired another fire blast, stopping the group for a moment.]

Hannibal: Aw man…

Nikki (Firefly): Hannibal, we need to get these people out of the city.

Hannibal: And how are we supposed to do that?

[An SACT ship arrived as it opened the ramp. A few SACT soldiers were standing by it.]

Hannibal: Hey! This way! Make a break for the ship!

[The group ran towards the ramp. The mutated Heatblast squawked at the group and flew in the direction towards the ship. Nikki electrocuted Heatblast, stopping him from moving for a moment.]

Nikki (Firefly): Not you, beak head!

[Heatblast squawked and flew towards Nikki’s direction. Before Heatblast could ram into Nikki, she trapped him in a circular electrical orb. Heatblast tried to break him free, and squawked to it’s frustration.]

Hannibal: Firefly, let’s go!

Nikki (Firefly): Right behind ya, Armor!

[Nikki flew into the ship and the ship managed to take off. The ship flew into the sky, escaping the area and the electrical orb around Heatblast faded away. The song ended. Heatblast squawked again to its frustration. The scene shifted back to Ethan as he continued to sit in silence. Alice entered the room and knocked on the wall as a way of signaling Ethan.]

Alice: Can I come in?

Ethan: You can.

[Alice sat next to Ethan.]

Alice: How are you doing?

Ethan: Um, not so good. You?

Alice: I guess I’m okay. But I’m more worried about how you’re feeling right now.

Ethan: Oh.

Alice: Listen, Ethan. You made one mistake. A pretty big one… But that’s okay, everybody miscalculates some of the time.

Ethan: No… it wasn’t just one mistake. It’s… everything.

Alice: Ethan…

Ethan: I endangered you guys and put yourselves into a situation I caused again. I’m the one who accepted the Teotls’ challenge. I’m the one who allowed the Omni-Splicers to roam free and become monsters, just like how I allowed Hex to remove Echo Echo and Ghoulseye from the Omnitrix. And all I’ve done this past year was disappoint everyone and hurt people over and over again until the point they eventually died. [Ethan’s voice shook.] It’s all my fault… I even saw you die… I caused that… I can’t do anything right…

Alice: Ethan, you can’t blame yourself for everything. We’ve all put ourselves in situations that were beyond our control. The important thing is that you've learned from those mistakes and you moved on. Ethan, I think you’re a much better person now than from where you were two years ago.

Ethan: That’s encouraging...

Alice: Ethan… Agh. [Stands up] Look, we can stop this, just like we always have.

Ethan: We can?

Alice: Yes. But only if you stop being so negative and snap out of it.

Ethan: It’s not that easy, Alice. You of all people should know that.

Alice: Fine, if that’s how you wanna act. Lay there and mop for the rest of your life, I don’t care.

[Alice turned around and walked toward the exit. Ethan turned around with shock.]

Ethan: Alice!

Alice: The Earth needs you to protect it, Ethan. So get it out of your system and snap out of it soon, or you’re going to lose the people you care about… [turns back] and who care about you.

[Alice left the room and the door shut. Ethan looked down and turned back around.]

Ethan: Get it outta my system… But it is my fault!

[Ethan stood up and began to punch the wall.]

Ethan: I’m the one who caused all of this! I found this stupid device!

[Ethan punched the wall again.]

Ethan: I’ve defied other people’s orders and gotten myself in trouble for over countless times!

[Ethan punched the wall again.]

Ethan: And because of that I lost Maria!

[Ethan punched the wall again.]

Ethan: Hannibal lost his grandma!

[Ethan punched the wall again.]

Ethan: And I… I lost Alice…

[Ethan hesitated, then collapsed to the ground.]

Ethan: How could I do this to myself? What good am I for, if I’m just going to keep losing the people I care about? Why didn’t I just end myself before this all happened? Why couldn’t I have just stayed a regular human being, or taken my life so that none of this could have ever happened...

A’taenda: Because you have a purpose.

[The song shifted. Ethan turned around to see A’taenda re-entering the room.]

Ethan: What?

A’taenda: I allowed you to keep that Omnitrix because I saw a spark in you I saw in no one else. Just like me, you’re a creator. You want to create something that brings life to other people, so you create stories just as I create devices like that gadget that’s on your wrist.

Ethan: A’taenda...

A’taenda: And like every creator, we always create something that turns into a big fat mess. But the important thing is that we learn from it and move forward.

Ethan: Then what am I supposed to do? How do I stop Huitzilo? How do I put my aliens back inside the Omnitrix?

A’taenda: Well for the moment, you are powerless. Right now the DNA pods inside are left without any alien DNA to be activated inside your playlist. So to restore their DNA, you need to capture them back inside, just as you did with Ghoulseye.

Ethan: But I can’t fight. Can’t you just give me a new playlist of aliens while I capture them?

A’taenda: No. That would create more Omni-Splicers which would generate more monsters for Huitzilo to control. We cannot risk any more transformations being affected by the Omni-Splicers. You will just have to do this on your own.

Ethan: Then how-

A’taenda: Look kid, I don’t have all the answers, but you’ve got a world to save, so what are you going to do?

Ethan: I think I know exactly what to do.

[Ethan rushed out the room as A'taenda looked back at him.]

A’taenda: There ya go, kid.

[The song shifted. The scene shifted to Ethan entering a hallway filled with trapped villains. This grew a minor uproar, as we passed through Gi Kwan and his crew, Waverider, and other various villains. Ethan sighed until he stopped at a certain cell.]

???: Well, well, if this isn’t a pleasant surprise! I thought you’d never come to see me again.

[The figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing to be Hex.]

Ethan: Hex.

Hex: Get on with it, Wellington. What do you want?

Ethan: I need your help.

Hex: Help? [Laughs] With all the noise outside, I figured you would come to my cell just to ask for my help.

Ethan: So you know?

Hex: Oh yes! I still have access to my spells after all. Your cells can’t contain my magic.

Ethan: So how have you not escaped?

Hex: Think about it like this. If I were to be back on the run, you would know. And it would make things more difficult for me to get around if you went searching for me.

Ethan: Look, the planet is being taken over by a god more powerful than the both of us.

Hex: Them, more powerful than me? [Laughs]

Ethan: I’m serious.

[Hex stopped.]

Ethan: They already wiped out a couple other people close to me, and the last thing I want is to watch my planet die because of my mistakes.

Hex: So what do you purpose? You think I’m just going to help you out and let bygones be bygones?

Ethan: No. But if you help me, I’ll let you out and you’ll never have to deal with me or the SACT again. I’ll let you roam free and do whatever you want until absolutely necessary.

Hex: And if I were to betray you?

Ethan: Then Huitzilo will obliterate you before you have the chance to use one of your spells.

Hex: He’s that powerful?

[Ethan nodded.]

Hex: Very well. So we have an arrangement. Shall we?

[Hex raised his hand out. Ethan noticed it, and then shook it. Hex phased through the energy surrounding his cell. The villains in their other cells were shocked and in awe. This created an uproar.]

Hex: Alright, Wellington. Lead us to your party.

[Ethan and Hex walked down the hallway as the uproar grew.]


Ethan: [Raises fist] Now we have some serious firepower!



[Tattooed Man unleashed a wave of energy, breaking free from his parachute and went charging towards Ghoulseye. Tattooed Man's energy formed an eagle as he went soaring towards Ghoulseye.]

[The scene shifted to a helicarrier arriving inside the SACT base. The ramp opened as a group of agents escorted the civilians inside the base. We cut to inside one of the metallic hallways.]

SACT Agents: This way.

[The SACT agents escorted the crowd to turn left. Naomi looked back at Hannibal.]

Naomi: Can I stay with my brother?

SACT Soldier: I don’t think that would be wise.

Hannibal: It’s okay, I’ll keep an eye on her.

[The soldier nodded and went back with the group. The civilians went down the hallway as we cut to Hannibal and Nikki having serious looks on their faces. We cut to a meeting room where Lieutenant Steel was discussing with a group of other operatives, Alice and Terence. Hannibal, Naomi and Nikki enter the room.]

Lieutenant Steel: Good, glad you could come. In the last 18 hours, Huitizilo and the Omni-Splicers have scattered all over the globe, managing to conquer the country after country. They’ve also taken out a good portion of our men, making it harder for us to contain them. If we’re to save this planet, we need to gather the Omni-Splicers all at one position and wipe them out.

Hannibal: Nikki and I were barely able to take out one of those things.

Terence: Yeah, I don’t think bringing them all at one spot is such a good idea.

Lieutenant Steel: We have no other choice. The military is already considered dropping an atomic bomb at all spots. If so, then-

Alice: -Game over…

Lieutenant Steel: Correct. Unless one of you has a hot idea, our only choice is to trap them, then wipe them out.

Nikki (Firefly): Then what about Huitzilo? He’s too powerful for us to fight. He’s a living energy air god that can suffocate us with one flick of his wrist.

Lieutenant Steel: Our best course of action would be to contain him with some sort of vent. I doubt that would hold him long, but that’s the best we can come up with.

Hannibal: What about Ethan?

Alice: He’s busy moping right now.

Lieutenant Steel: Right, regardless of Ethan’s condition, all we can do is hold them off for as long as we can. I need all GLEE members armed and ready for when we’re ready to go.

[The song ended. The group hesitated.]

Ethan: Then how about I make a suggestion.

[Ethan and Hex entered the room, as Ethan folded his arms and smiled.]

Alice: [Smiled] Ethan...

Lieutenant Steel: HEX!

Terence: Watch out!

[Everybody in the room aimed their weapons at Hex.]

Hannibal: Ethan, what are you doing siding with Hex?!

Hex: Easy. I only came as an asset to your… alien hunting hit squad. [Shudders]

Alice: Ethan, are you sure we can trust Hex?

Ethan: With Hex’s magic and our armed forces, it’s the only way we’re going to be able to stop the Teotls.

[Hex whipped out a magic wand.]

Hex: Indeed. I just need to wave my magic wand and make all the bad gods go away.

Terence: Really?

Hex: No you buffoon! I just need to shred him into air particles and wipe him out with one of my spells. Although, I would need you to give me some time before I can unleash my spell at this Huitzilo you speak of.

Ethan: And as for the Omni-Splicers, we just need to capture them. If we can gather them all in one spot, I can use the set the Omnitrix to capture them, just like I did with Ghoulseye.

Hex: There won’t be a need to gather them. My senses are telling me they’re all at San Francisco as we speak.

Naomi: Yeah, we saw one of the Splicers attacking downtown just about an hour ago.

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, I’m not sure if this is the best course of action.

Ethan: We need to do this, Lieutenant. It’s the only way we can stop Huitzilo.

Hex: Yes, because a powerless Ethan would mean the end of the world… Oh wait, it already is! Haha!

Ethan: You know, you’re really starting to get on my nerves.

Lieutenant Steel: Alright, we’ll go with your plan. But should it fail-

Ethan: Then that’s another failure we can add to my record.

Alice: Glad you came back to your senses, Ethan.

[She kissed him on the cheek. The two hugged.]

Ethan: Well, I didn’t want to lose you, so-

Alice: Seriously? Ethan, you won’t lose me that easily.

[As Ethan smiled, Hex began gagging in the background, leading for Ethan and Alice to turn to him with annoyed faces.]

Hex: Let’s just get on with it!

Lieutenant Steel: Everybody suit up. I want you all down by the hanger bay in no less than 15 minutes.

[Lieutenant Steel and the other soldiers began to leave the scene.]

Naomi: I’m coming too.

Hannibal: Naomi, it’s too-

Naomi: Yeah, yeah I get it. It’s too dangerous. But I wanna avenge Granny’s death too! And I don’t want the Teotls to take anymore from me.

Hannibal: [Deep breath] Okay.

[The scene shifted as the group exited the stairway as they made their way toward the elevator.]

Terence: I can’t believe we have to go and fight these monsters.

Nikki: Hey, Hannibal and I have been doing it all day.

Hannibal: Yeah, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Terence: Ugh, great. I am so not looking for to-

[As the group walked down the doorway. They spotted May waiting for them.]

Alice, Terence: May?!

[Alice rushed over to May, while the rest followed along. Terence tried his best to look away.]

Alice: Oh my gosh, May! What are you doing here?

May: I was evacuated here, along with some of the other Horizons class. Cassie and Alexia are here too.

Alice: Are they?

May: Yeah, they’re okay. But uh, actually, do you guys mind giving me a moment alone with Terence.

Alice: Oh, yeah.

Hannibal: Sure.

Ethan: Okay.

Nikki: Good luck, Terence.

[The group walked past him as Terence approached May.]

Terence: Hey.

May: Hey.

Terence: So I guess you now know where I work, huh.

[They were silent.]

Terence: Listen, I’m sorry about everything. I should’ve told you about this sooner, and all I thought about was protecting you. But seeing as you're here, I guess I never really did a good job, huh.

May: You were only doing what you thought was right. Which it wasn’t… But regardless, I think I have a better understanding of why you work for him.

Terence: …Actually, he works for me.

May: Really?! [Eyes sparkle up]

Ethan: WHAT?!

Terence: And if it weren’t for me, he would be dead more times than I can count.

May: Wow!

Ethan: Why, I outta…

Alice: Just, let him have this one.

Terence: Look, uh May. I promise going forward, I’ll stop trying to protect you from things, and I’ll be more honest with ya. Are we cool?

May: ...Yeah, we’re cool. Just promise me you all will come back safe, okay?

Terence: I promise, I’ll try.

Nikki: C’mon, man! Let’s get a move on.

Terence: [Hollering] Alright, I’m coming! [Turns to May] See you later, May!

May: See ya. [Smiled]

[Terence caught up to the elevator.]

Nikki: Man, you two really know how to take your time.

Terence: [Snickers] Shut up.

[We cut to May who smiled at the group as they entered the elevator offscreen. We cut to Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki and Naomi standing aligned inside a dark green moving elevator with light green circular lights surrounding the room. As different colored suits swiftly surrounded Ethan, Terence, Alice and Naomi’s entire bodies, solid metallic armor began forming around the suits. Nikki tapped her watch as a black and orange suit also formed around her. Armor formed around Naomi’s chest as suddenly gloves formed around her hands.]

Naomi: Whoa… do you do this a lot?

Hannibal: We sure do.

[Hannibal placed his mask on, as we zoomed out to notice he was formed in his Exosuit. Hannibal then flexed his arm, as his arm was all charged up, Hannibal’s palms glew with a bright blue light. We cut to metallic armor formed onto Alice’s shoe and she tapped her foot a couple times. We zoom out from Ethan as the armor finished forming, to zoom further out to reveal everyone was completely armored. Ethan raised his arms up and struck a pose.]

[We cut to the group’s footsteps as they each left the elevator one by one. We cut to outside where multiple ships began taking off. The group was entering one of the rams that lead to their ship. A’taenda called out for Ethan.]

A’taenda: Ethan.

[Ethan turned back to notice A’taenda was standing from below.]

A’taenda: You know what to do?

Ethan: Yeah, I do.

A’taenda: Atta boy.

[Ethan turned back around and ran up the ramp. Their ship floated in the air as they flew up into the night sky and zoomed off. The song ended.]


[The scene cut to the ships landing and GLEE stepping out. Ethan and Alice looked around to notice parts of San Francisco were on fire. We zoom out to see the Omni-Splicers were rampaging through the hills and around town.]



Ethan: No matter what it takes... I WILL STOP YOU!

[Ethan body was covered with green energy as his eyes lit up.]

[The scene shifted to the helicarriers making their way towards San Francisco through the clouds. We cut to inside one of the ships where Ethan was zoning out the window.]

Alice: You know, you do the zoning thing a lot.

Ethan: [Turns to her] Yeah, sorry. I’m just thinking about how we’re going to return the Splicers. I’ve never had to jump into a fight powerless before.

Alice: Well don’t worry, that’s why you’ve got us. And you still have your GLEE suit.

Ethan: Well I don’t know if that is enough, Alice! You’ve seen them! They’re far too powerful to fight! I’m… I’m just weak...

[Alice puts her hand on Ethan’s shoulder and gives him an affirming look.]

Alice: No, you’re not, and I’m not gonna let you think that. You’re E-10. You’ve saved people multiple times, and you’ve ended a world-ending event just like this one before! [Smiling, giving him a nod.] I believe in you.

[Before Ethan could make a comeback, Lieutenant Steel came into the room.]

Lieutenant Steel: [Clears throat] I know you wanna keep your chit-chat going, but we’re here.

[Alice stood up, and turned to Ethan, giving him her hand. His face went from sad to determined, and he took it. The scene cut to the ships landing and GLEE stepping out. They looked around to notice parts of San Francisco were on fire. The golden gate bridge was being attacked by AmpFibian. Other Splicers were rampaging through the hills and around town. We zoom out from the streets to see the flesh zombies were attacking downtown all together. We cut to the ship pulling down onto one of the main streets. The ramp opened as Ethan, Terence, Alice, Hannibal, Nikki, Naomi and Lieutenant Steel setting foot off the ramp. Hex floated down the ramp as Hypnotick phased out from the back and flew down beside the group. Other ships appeared as well.]

Ethan: Whoa…

Naomi: They’ve really done a number on this city.

Hannibal: You can say that again.

[Deputive Reiny approached Lieutenant Steel.]

Deputive Reiny: Lieutenant Steel, all soldiers are accounted for.

Ethan: Reiny?!

[Lance approached them.]

Ethan: And Lance?! You guys came too!

Lance: And we’re armed and ready too. [Cocks gun]

Ethan: Alright! Now we have some serious firepower!

Nikki (Firefly): Guys, look!

[The flesh zombies began to approach the group. Some of them were walking while others were charging directly towards the group.]

Nikki (Firefly): It’s the flesh zombies!

[Suddenly one of their heads exploded and it was revealed Lance was firing at the zombies.]

Lance: They’ve must’ve known we were coming!

Lieutenant Steel: Which means Huitzilo must know we're here.

Ethan: Which makes this all the more exciting doesn’t it? Okay, team…

[We zoom out from Ethan to the group as they stood aligned, armed and ready. The song shifted.]

Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: It’s Action Time!

[Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Naomi jump out towards the flesh zombies. Ethan charged up his fist as his veins were covered in energy. Ethan unleashed a powerful blow, sending a few of the flesh zombies back. Before another group could resume further, Terence blinded them with a white light.]

Terence: Don’t think so!

[Alice charged in with a battle cry and she raised her energy sword, then sliced the flesh zombies in half. They exploded and Alice resumed forward. We cut to Nikki soaring through the air as she fired electricity at the flesh zombies. The zombies exploded as Hannibal jumped in, realizing more were approaching him. Hannibal raised his arms and fired energy blasts, destroying the group of zombies.]

Hannibal: Naomi, how ya’ doing?

Naomi: Uh… how do you work this armor?!

Hannibal: Just shoot!

Naomi: What?!

[Naomi accidentally fired an explosive energy blast which obliterated the zombies. The dance recoiled Naomi, sending her backwards into a flesh zombie. Naomi screamed and Hannibal blasted the zombie off her, then helped her up.]

Naomi: Guess I need more practice huh?

[We cut to Hypnotick swinging the flesh zombies around with his tongue and it released the zombie into a group of other zombies. This made the flesh zombies mash into each other and became a pile of flesh, laying on the ground. We cut back to Lieutenant Steel, Deputive Reiny, Lance, and another group of squad members firing at the flesh zombies.]

Deputive Reiny: They just keep coming at us in circles. What do we do?

[Hex floated from behind the squad and into the air with his palms covered in a red aura.]

Hex: Well, if you want something done right? You’ll have to do it yourself!

[Hex fired the red aura and made it rain energy blasts from the sky. This destroyed the army of flesh zombies around the group. Meanwhile in other parts of the city, the Omni-Splicers gathered in different directions were intrigued by the red light and made their way towards it. We cut to Huitzilo standing at the top of a building as the red light attracted his attention.]

Huitzilo: He must be here…

[Huitzilo smirked.]

Huitzilo: Perfect…

[We cut back to the group as the streets were clouded in smoke. The fog lifted as Hex flew back towards the group.]

Hex: I believe a thanks is in order?

[Hex flew away from the group and laughed maniacally as he continued to fire more blasts at the zombies.]

Deputive Reiny: He sure is something.

Lieutenant Steel: Agreed. Orion Squad, keep moving. I have a call I need to make.

[Lieutenant Steel’s squad went moving north and before he could press a dial on his phone, he was called out to by a voice.]

Voice: Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Steel: Forever Knight. [Turns back]

Forever Knight: I don’t recommend calling any more soldiers for reinforcements. That Clode~Hinc beast has made itself an army that they will have to take care of. I shall assist you in destroying the Teotls, instead. No aliens should be the cause to the death to humanity.

Lieutenant Steel: You tried that the last time. That hadn’t really worked out.

Forever Knight: I have a plan.

Lieutenant Steel: Right, like you tried to destroy them the first time? Like how you thought possessing an armor would work? And how you allowed this to destroy one of the closest things I had to a son.

Forever Knight: I tried to stop him from going down this path.

Lieutenant Steel: Then why did you push him?

Forever Knight: Believe me, its not because it's what he would've wanted, but at the time I felt that our force was strong enough to stop him. I was wrong.

Lieutenant Steel: So what do you plan to do?

Forever Knight: Just trust me on this one.

Lieutenant Steel: Okay, but don’t make me regret this.

[The scene shifted to Ethan charging his legs as he sprung into the air. His fists were charged with energy as he continued to bounce around, punching every flesh zombie in his path. To Ethan’s surprise, something pounced him into the ground. Ethan flew backwards and was trapped by a vicious mutated Wildmutt as it roared at him. Suddenly, an electrical blast threw Wildmutt away from him as Ethan turned over to notice the blast.]

Nikki (Firefly): Bad dog!

[Nikki ran over and helped Ethan up.]

Ethan: Thanks.

Nikki (Firefly): I’ll deal with Wildmutt. You go try and stop Huitzilo!

Ethan: That was the plan!

[Ethan ran down the street as Ghoulseye floated before Ethan.]

Ethan: Uh oh…

[Ghoulseye latched onto Ethan, as he struggled until he activated his comm. link.]

Ethan: Lieutenant! I think I could use a little help here?!

Lieutenant Steel: Agreed. I think it’s time to let my team in on the action.

[Lieutenant Steel pulled out a device from his pocket and pressed a button. We cut into the sky as a helicarrier appeared above the city. A latched open from down below as six figures jumped out, wearing parachutes. We cut to Nikki trying to dodge Wildmutt’s toxic blasts as she looked up to notice the figures.]

Nikki (Firefly): Wait, is that?!

Fistrick: WHAT’S UP, BROS!!!

Apollo: You look like you could use some help!

[Rose was hanging onto Phoebe.]

Rose: Whoo! Yeah! This is fun!!!

[It had appeared that Galena, Rose, Phoebe, Fistrick, Apollo and Tattooed Man were flying down from the sky. Tattooed Man looked down to notice Ethan was being grabbed by Ghoulseye.]


[Tattooed Man unleashed a wave of energy, breaking free from his parachute and went charging towards Ghoulseye. Tattooed Man unleashed an energy eagle as it went soaring towards him and Ghoulseye.]

Ethan: NO-NO-NO-NO-NO, NO!

[It unleashed an explosive energy blast. A red energy dome was surrounded by Ethan.]

Rose: I got you, Mr. E-10!

[Rose sat Ethan down, as the others approached Ethan.]

Ethan: Thank you, Rose.

Rose: You’re welcome.

Phoebe: Are you alright?

Ethan: Yeah, I am. Glad you could come.

Phoebe: We’re happy to help.

[A mutated Four Arms approached the group.]

Fistrick: You ruined my entire operation!

[Fistrick grabbed a pair of energy guns from his pocket and fired at Four Arms as the two collided into each other.]

Phoebe: Don’t worry, I’ll help you!

[Phoebe sprouted a few vines from the ground as they went flying towards their fight. Suddenly the vines were sliced in half as a mutated XLR8 appeared before the two. XLR8 rammed into Phoebe and sent her flying back.]


[Rose slowed down XLR8 as XLR8 tried to run as fast as he could. XLR8 glanced over to the sky to notice a red lightning strike appeared from the air. This sent XLR8 backwards. We cut to the cloud of smoke fading away as Tattooed Man stood out with his tattoos full of energy.]

Tattooed Man: I’ve been waiting to do this to you for two years!

[Ghoulseye flew up from the fog and Tattooed Man unleashed a train at him. Ghoulseye swirled in circles to dodge the train. Ghoulseye attempted to grab Tattooed Man until he unleashed energy boxing gloves, smacking Ghoulseye away from him. We cut to Galena running down the road.]

Galena: Alright, who do I fight?!

[Galena turned over to notice Diamondhead attacking a group of soldiers.]

Galena: Well, alright!

[Galena smashed the ground as energy came barreling towards Diamondhead. Diamondhead turned to notice the blast and absorbed it. Diamondhead opened his mouth, preparing to charge an attack.]

Galena: Of course...

[Diamondhead unleashed an electrical sonic wave, sending Galena backwards, as she screamed from the top of her lungs. We cut to Terence as he continued to blast the flesh zombies as they exploded and hit the ground.]

Terence: Alright, who else wants a piece of me today?!

[Goop came slithering towards Terence.]

Terence: It had to be the disgusting one…

[Goop slithered towards Terence and tripped him off to the ground.]

Terence: Gah!

[Goop went towards Terence’s face as it roared at him. Terence flashed a bright light and blinded Goop, as it covered his face. Terence looked up and grabbed onto its UFO. Terence went searching for a switch.]

Terence: Come on! There has to be an off switch on this thing?!

[Goop turned over and gave him a stern glare.]

Terence: Uh oh.

[Goop’s Anti Gravity Projector floated in the air and began spinning in circles, which resulted in Terence following its orbit. We cut to Heatblast and Hex flying in the skies as they each had energy charging through their palms.]

Hex: What are you supposed to be? Some sort of eagle straight from the depths of hell?

[Heatblast unleashed a flamethrower and Hex dodged the attack.]

Hex: If so, I’ll have you know that not even you can withstand my hellfire!

[Hex unleashed a large energy blast, which sent Heatblast back. We cut to Four Arms and Fistrick clenched into each other's' fists. Four Arms used his other two arms to smack him from below, sending Fistrick back. Fistrick grabbed an explosive from his pocket and slapped it onto Four Arms’ chest. It exploded and sent Four Arms backwards.]

Fistrick: Don’t mess with me, bro.

[The scene shifted to the mutant Lodestar throwing Apollo back into the ground. Lodestar sent many magnetic objects headed his way and Apollo screamed a sonic wave to destroy all objects flying to him.]

Apollo: I hate Biosavartians...

[The scene shifted to Zerox firing energy blasts from his mouth, as Hannibal and Naomi jumped over to dodge the attack, then hid for cover.]

Naomi: I thought Zerox was the easiest one to fight?!

Hannibal: Apparently not.

[Zerox screeched as he looked over at the damage toy shop. Zerox scanned a group of monster trucks hanging out, then popped out a batch of them from his tubes. The monster trucks changed appearance as it grew triangular eyes and large mouths. The monster trucks went flying towards their direction. Hannibal jumped out and ran towards the trucks.]

Hannibal: I got these guys!

[The monster trucks were driving in circles around Hannibal. Hannibal blasted the toy monster trucks as each of them exploded one by one until they were completely gone. We cut to Naomi looking at the fight to notice Zerox was gone.]

Naomi: Wait, where’s…

[Zerox tackled Naomi to the ground as she screamed from the top of his lungs. While Zerox was drooling, Naomi created a burst of energy and sent Zerox flying off him.]

Hannibal: Nice job, Naomi.

Naomi: See, I can fend for myself.

[The song shifted.]

[We cut to Alice slicing through a group of flesh zombies. As the zombies were cut in half, Ethan was making his way down the street then collapsed to the ground. Alice noticed this and helped Ethan up.]

Alice: How are you holding up?

Ethan: I feel... like I’m... going to vomit.

[Alice swiftly let go of Ethan as he grabbed onto his knees and caught his breath.]

Ethan: I can’t find Huitzilo, and I can’t keep running around the city in hopes of trying to find him… I… I’ve been trying to think of how to stop him but… I can’t think of anything… I… I don’t know what to do…

Alice: It’s okay, Ethan. Just take it easy, I’m sure we’ll think of something.

Huitzilo: Actually, there won’t be a need for that!

[Huitzilo flew over and grabbed Alice.]

Ethan: Alice!

[Huitzilo flew above Ethan as Alice struggled for freedom.]

Huitzilo: See, I’ve been watching this fight for sometime. I have to say it’s been quite the entertainment. But you cannot stop me if you just plan to dive in and kill me. Allowing your judgement cloud your mind is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen you do. Really Wellington, If you had a brain, you would’ve known there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

Ethan: Let her go, Huitzilo!

Huitzilo: Actually, I think I’m going to take her with me as I take the next town over. I hope you are to visit me once you’ve finally come up with an actual plan!

[Huitzilo laughed as he flew off with Alice. Ethan clenched his fist as energy soared through his fingertips and his legs.]

Ethan: Not yet… I won’t let you escape so easily!

[Ethan jumped into the air and bounced around the walls to catch up. Hutizilo glanced over to notice Ethan reaching toward them.]

Huitzilo: You think you can catch up to me?!

[Huitzilo increased his speed.]

Huitzilo: Omni-Splicers, retreat!

[The Omni-Splicers noticed their call and escaped from each of their battles. This knocked over Tattooed Man, then Fistrick. Goop ran away as Terence fell over from his UFO. Hex noticed Heatblast trying to escape as they each tried to meet up with Huitzilo.]

Hex: Where do you think you’re going, monster?!

[Hex caught up with Huitzilo to notice they were meeting at the golden gate bridge and pursued them. Meanwhile, Forever Knight and Lieutenant Steel tried taking down a rampaging AmpFibian. Forever Knight sliced off the energy off of AmpFibian’s arm. AmpFibian screamed and to their surprise, his arm grew back.]

Forever Knight: We can’t contain this creature any longer. We must eliminate it before it hurts other people.

Lieutenant Steel: We can’t until Ethan manages to return them into the Omnitrix.

Forever Knight: We don’t have time for that.

[Huitzilo appeared before the Forever Knight and Lieutenant Steel. They noticed Alice was caught and wrapped around him. Lieutenant Steel cocked his gun.]

Lieutenant Steel: Let her go, Huitzilo.

[Hex floated beside them.]

Hex: I agree. Coming from my experience alone, taking hostages is quite futile.

[Ethan managed to caught up with the group, and took deep breaths to notice the fight in front of him.]

Huitzilo: You think you can challenge true power?!

[Huitzilo unleashed a blast of air, sending Lieutenant Steel back. Hex used a spell to prevent from being flown back as the Forever Knight stabbed the ground with his sword to also prevent from flying back.]

Hex: True power? Oh, I’ll show you true power! Emocha Objectia!

[Hex unleashed red energy blasts. Huitzilo blocked them with a gust of wind. Forever Knight jumped over and dropped explosive energy maces towards Huitzilo. They exploded, but Huitzilo blew the smoke away as the damage did nothing.]

Alice: Agh, you think you could try not to obliterate me along with the process?!

Huitzilo: I’ve had enough of this.

[Huitzilo lifted Forever Knight and Hex into the air.]

Huitzilo: Your spells and your weapons do nothing to me!

[Hex teleported away from Huitzilo, then appeared behind him.]

Hex: Then perhaps I should step up my game! [Charging fists] Clearus Airus-

[Hex was stabbed by a diamond shard and was sent flying into the ground, covered in blood.]

Hex: Agh, what the hell… [Turns back]

[It was revealed the mutant Diamondhead had stabbed him as his hand transformed to normal. Alice and Ethan gasped. Huitzilo blew the Forever Knight back into the ground, and he was thrown into the ocean.]

Huitzilo: Let us move.

[AmpFibian was covered in pink electricity as he unleashed a dark purple portal surrounding AmpFibian. The other Omni-Splicers were sucked into the portal.]

Huitzilo: Say goodbye to your girlfriend.

[Huitzilo flew into the portal as Alice looked back.]

Alice: Ethan, hurry!

Ethan: I’M COMING!!!

[Ethan charged himself with energy as he threw himself towards the portal.]

Ethan: Agh, I won’t be able to make it in time...

[Ethan was pushed by a gust of wind. Ethan looked back to notice it was Hex's doing.]

Hex: Save your girl, Ethan.

[Ethan used the energy in his armor to give himself a stronger push and made it towards the portal.]

Hex: …Do it, before you lose her, like how I lost mine.

[A bright white light blinded the scene. The song ended. The light faded and Ethan found himself surrounded in a space realm.]

Ethan: What is this…

Huitzilo: The end for you.

[Ethan looked up to see the Omni-Splicers were standing beside Huitzilo, as he still had Alice held in his clutches. Alice struggled to break free, but did nothing.]

Huitzilo: While I can’t believe you managed to bring yourself into the void. It did you no good.

Ethan: Let her go, Huitzilo…

Huitzilo: You think you’re in any position to give me demands? Fool. Even if you tried to negotiate with me, it won’t do you any good. All of you are insignificant insects. Why do you still oppose me? Why do you continue to struggle through my army rather than submit? Wouldn't it be easier to just give away your life? Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! Those without power, flee while you can. The tide will bring those of unmatched power and the New Era will begin!

[Ethan sprung his way toward Alice until she was blasted back by an energy blast. Ethan was sent back to where he was. It was revealed to be done by AmpFibian.]

Huitzilo: Do you really think it was going to be that easy to save your friend?

Ethan: Huitzilo… please… Haven’t you and your gods taken enough from me. Don’t take her too... please…

Huitzilo: Fool, the moment you brought her into this, you also made this about her. Everybody you brought into your battles, your friends, your transformations. You’ve made this about every single one of them. Now you get bare witness as I wipe out the rest of your kind as I conquer the universe!

Ethan: And you think taking the person I love away from me is going to do you any good?

Huitzilo: Yes, All your species do is take just like every other species does. You take people’s food, their drinking supplements, their lives! So what say I don’t do the same back?

Ethan: Huitzilo. I get where you’re coming from, but this isn’t the way to seek justice.

Huitzilo: Justice?

[Huitzilo laughed along with the other Omni-Splicers one by one. Ethan watched them laugh with fright in his eyes.]

Huitzilo: I’m doing this because it’s fun…

[Ethan flashed back to Tezca saying those exact words and killing her. We cut to the present where Ethan froze and fell to the ground.]

Ethan: You think it’s fun? Is that it… You think it’s fun to see me go through hell?!

Huitzilo: Yes. The moment that knight freed us from our prisons. We were set back up to conquer the universe, and to do so we needed all the power we could provide. Tlaloc and Tezca were just pawns, tools I needed to achieve what I wanted to acquire. It’s thanks to you I’ve acquired true power. I have control of your aliens, and your entire planet will soon belong to me. There’s nothing you can do that could possibly stop me.

[Huitzilo wrapped his fingers around Alice’s neck. Alice reacted with her eyes widened.]

Ethan: Don’t do this, Huitzilo!

Huitzilo: I gave you plenty of chances to escape and you disregarded them. Now you get to watch as I kill the one you love!

[Alice reached her arm out.]

Alice: ETHAN!!!

Ethan: ALICE, NO!!!

[Ethan reached his arm out and everything paused for a moment. We cut to everything moving in slow motion until we found Ethan paused in a subconscious void.]

Ethan (Thoughts): It’s hopeless… What was I thinking… Thinking I could do anything, Thinking I could change anything… It’s hopeless… All I do is lose everything anyway, my family... my friends… my aliens… and now the woman that I love. Why did I ever think I could defy fate with just a stupid watch? Why do I always keep putting myself in these places? Do I like to see myself suffer? Well it doesn’t matter anyway, I’ve lost. There’s no point in even trying anymore. I spent all year trying to change everything just so I keep everything around me, just so I can make everybody happy. But it’s pointless, I’m a loser, I’m a failure, and now I’ve lost everything.

[Suddenly an image of Maria popped in Ethan’s head.]

Maria: No, you’re wrong.

[Ethan’s eyes widened as he saw Maria standing in front of him.]

Maria: It’s not over yet. You can still stop them.

Ethan: How? Huitzilo has all my aliens, he has Alice clutched in his hands. What am I supposed to do to change anything now? It’s pointless… I’m not fast enough to keep up with everything else, I’m not strong enough to endure anything… I’m just a waste of space.

Maria: No you’re not. You’re a human being just like everyone else.

[Figments of Hannibal, Terence, Naomi, Nikki, Lieutenant Steel, Alice, A’taenda, Hypnotick, Hex, Forever Knight, Tattooed Man, Fistrick, Apollo, Phoebe, Rose, Galena, Cassie, Alexia, May, and his family appeared alongside Maria.]

Maria: Sure things may look tough, but we’re all counting on you. We know you can do this.

Ethan: But Maria…

Maria: It’s like what you told me. You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it, as long as you don’t let anybody mess with your head, you can do anything. Believe me, Ethan. I know you can do this.

[The figments disappeared.]

Maria: Now go get him…

[Maria disappeared.]

Ethan: Maria’s right. I may not know how to stop him, but I know that I can do this.

[A bright white light shone in front of him.]

Ethan: So what if I’m powerless, that doesn’t mean I’m just going to let him win and take everything from me. I know there’s more that I can do, there’s more than what I can do… The whole world is counting on me, and I can’t sit by and feel depressed anymore. I can’t let my past control me any longer. I can’t let my situations control me either. I have to save the people I love, no matter what it takes… I will stop you!

[We zoom out of Ethan’s thoughts as his eyes shined bright. We pan over to the Omnitrix as it was covered in green electricity. The song shifted.]


[Ethan noticed this with the core of the Omnitrix available. Ethan slammed down as green cracks began to surround his entire body.]

Ethan: HUITZILO!!!

[The cracks exploded as Ethan’s body exploded as he became surrounded in a green light. Huitzilo and Alice turned to notice this.]

Huitzilo: WHAT?!

[The green light shone brighter as the other Omni-Splicers noticed this. Alice smiled as tears dropped.]

Alice: Ethan…

[The light faded as he was revealed to be in Echo Echo’s true form. Echo Echo zoomed towards Huitzilo and punched him back. Huitzilo was sent backwards as he freed Alice from his clutches. Alice screamed as she was falling towards the ground. Echo Echo grabbed Alice in time and sat her down.]

Alice: Ethan… how?!

[XLR8 rammed towards Echo Echo, as he caught XLR8 from his claws. Echo Echo tapped the Omnitrix symbol as it unleashed a yellow light surrounding XLR8 until it eventually absorbed him back into the Omnitrix. Echo Echo flew over as Heatblast tried to slash him with a scythe protrusion. Echo Echo dodged it, then tapped the Omnitrix again to absorb Heatblast back inside. Lodestar surrounded Echo Echo in a magnetic aura and sent Echo Echo his way to him. Echo Echo tapped the Omnitrix, then grabbed onto Lodestar and absorbed him back inside. This allowed him to break free from his magnetic containment. Echo Echo wooshed over as Ghoulseye fired arrows toward him. Echo Echo spun in circles and dodged left and right from the arrows. Echo Echo screamed a sonic wave at Ghoulseye, which sent him into the ground. Echo Echo absorbed Ghoulseye back inside as Goop tried to surround him. Echo Echo tapped the Omnitrix and absorbed Goop back in as well. Huitzilo stood up and noticed the fight.]


[Echo Echo flew towards Four Arms and they collided fists with each other. Four Arms smacked Echo Echo from his sides, then bashed him back with his own fists. This sent Four Arms back as he tried to charge on all eights toward him. Echo Echo flew up and screamed in his face, then hopped over his falling body and tapped the Omnitrix, which allowed him to absorb him back inside the Omnitrix. Diamondhead stomped his way over to Echo Echo as he noticed the largely sized Diamondhead standing before him. Diamondhead fired his own sonic waves as Echo Echo flew up his way to dodge the attack. Echo Echo flew up and screamed a giant soundwave which sent him falling towards the ground. The mutant Wildmutt tried running out of the way until eventually both Wildmutt and Diamondhead were down. Echo Echo tapped the Omnitrix and absorbed Diamondhead, then Wildmutt back inside.]

Huitzilo: GET HIM, ZEROX!

[Zerox shot a yellow laser which scanned Echo Echo’s entire body, unknowingly. Zerox created a copy of Echo Echo and the two collided fists with each other in the air. They flew around and bashed fists as fast as they could. Echo Echo duplicated an army of clones to the fake’s surprise. They unleashed a wall of sound which destroyed the fake Echo Echo. Zerox prepared another beam to fire, but Echo Echo dodged the attack. Echo Echo tapped his Omnitrix as he flew towards Zerox and screamed in his face. This created a smoke cloud until the fog faded, revealing Zerox was back inside. AmpFibian’s tendrills came swirling towards Echo Echo but he dodged the attack. Echo Echo flew up as AmpFibian had control of him, and swung him in circles. Echo Echo grew dizzy until he shook his head. Echo Echo created a larger number of clones and unleashed another Wall of Sound attack.]

Echo Echoes: WALL OF SOUND!

[AmpFibian held onto its head and grew dizzy. One of the Echo Echo’s clones tapped the Omnitrix and absorbed him back inside. Slowly, the realm began to fade away.]

Huitzilo: NO… MY REALM!

[Echo Echo grabbed Alice as the realm completely collapsed and faded out of existence. Echo Echo sat Alice down next to Lieutenant Steel.]

Lieutenant Steel: You’re alright!

[Huitzilo flew above the group.]

Huitzilo: You may have destroyed my Splicers and this realm. But your new form won’t hold on forever!

[Echo Echo created a stack of clones and they changed shape to a hammer-like weapon.]

Echo Echo: ECHO HAMMER!!!

[Echo Echo slammed his hammer into Huitzilo. This sent Huitzilo flying backwards until he caught himself in the air. Huitzilo flew towards Echo Echo as he did the same. Echo Echo and Huitzilo continued to strike blows at each other as they soared through the air.]

Huitzilo: Fool. You can’t stop me! I am Huitzilopochtli, the last and most powerful of my kind left! What makes you think you could stop a god?!

Echo Echo: By doing this!

[Echo Echo created an army of clones as they each struck blows from every corner.]

Huitzilo: STOP THIS! [Gets smacked.] STOP THIS AT ONCE! [Smacked again.] I AM YOUR GOD. YOU WILL ALL BOW DOWN TO ME!

Echo Echo: You’re not a god, you’re just a cheap knock-off one trick pony. Where I on the other hand...

[The Echo Echo’s surrounded him.]

Echo Echo: ...have one more trick up my sleeve! ECHO ECHO!!!

[Echo Echo unleashed a final wall of sound attack which made Huitzilo scream from the top of his lungs. Eventually we zoomed into his body as his particles began to explode. We zoom out as parts of Huitzilo’s body burst one by one.]


[His body continued to burst.]

Huitzilo: NO… STOP…

[The cracks reached toward his head.]

Huitzilo: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

[Huitzilo’s body bursted until it eventually faded into particles and then disappeared. We cut out to parts of the city as the flesh zombies disappeared one by one. The other agents, and the group noticed this, as Rose reacted amazed as they turned to dust. We cut to Echo Echo flying back into the streets as Alice and Lieutenant Steel met up with Echo Echo. Echo Echo changed back into Ethan. Alice hugged tight onto Ethan.]

Alice: You did it, Ethan! I knew you could!

[Ethan hugged back. The song ended.]

Ethan: Yeah, I almost lost you there for a minute… I’m uh… glad you’re okay.

Alice: Yeah, you too.

Lieutenant Steel: What happened back there? I thought you said Echo Echo was gone for good.

Ethan: Yeah, I thought so too.

[A’taenda appeared below the group.]

A’taenda: I’m afraid I forgot to tell you this.

Ethan, Alice, Lieutenant Steel: A’taenda?!

A’taenda: When Echo Echo left the Omnitrix his body faded into particles due to his kind not being able to last very long in their true state. But apparently some of his particles fell onto the Omnitrix which allowed a tad bit of DNA left still intact. When I found this, I decided to refuel his DNA pod, but it would’ve taken some time before you could access Echo Echo again.

Ethan: Which explains why you gave me a new alien to take his place.

A’taenda: Correct. And right when you were fighting a being that only a Sonosarian could have killed, too.

[Electricity began to scatter around the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: What the-

A’taenda: Your Omnitrix can’t contain 11 aliens at a time, despite having over a million aliens stored inside. Which means…

[A’taenda hopped onto his leg, then jumped onto his wrist and removed the Omnitrix.]

A’taenda: I’ve got to take this back and do some repairs.

[A’taenda hopped off.]

Ethan: Great! When can I expect it back?

A’taenda: Never…

Ethan, Alice: What?!

A’taenda: This is the second time I’ve given you the Omnitrix and you allowed this to happen. I won’t let your or anybody else risk putting the entire universe in danger for a third time.

Ethan: But you said I was worthy?

A’taenda: And look at what you’ve done.

[We cut over to see the city covered in flames with areas covered in damage.]

A’taenda: Why should I allow you to keep bearing the Omnitrix, if you’re going to keep creating damage such as this?!

Alice: Now hold on. None of this is all Ethan’s fault, you caused these events to happen too, might I add.

A’taenda: What do you mean?

Alice: You were the one who wanted to explore the Omni-Splicers too, even when you suggested they would become Omni-Mutated monsters. So instead of removing them immediately, you allowed him to keep using them for your research. So this is also your fault.

A’taenda: Well I-

Alice: Not to mention, Ethan has saved the day nearly countless times and hasn’t given up on anybody as I bet many others would. I think not allowing Ethan to wield the Omnitrix would be the most selfish and stupidest thing you’ve ever done. And aren’t your species known for breaking and fixing things? Huh. I wonder how this is going to look on your permanent record.

A’taenda: AGH… Fine! Alright, fine! But I still have to take the Omnitrix back with me. I need some time to clean up the DNA pods now that your transformations are mutated. Expect a new set of 10 when I come back.

Ethan: Wait! Can I keep Echo Echo?

A’taenda: I don’t see why not. He’s not mutated like the others. Very well. Alright, I’m off to fix your watch! Until next time!

[A’taenda tapped the buckle on her belt, then transported away in a flash of blue light. The song shifted. The scene shifted back to the golden gate bridge as Hex stood up with his wound healed.]

Hex: I knew that would’ve taken some time to heal.

[Hex glanced over as he could see Ethan and Alice were laughing in the background. Hex smirked.]

Hex: To Be Continued…

[Hex transported away in a flash of red light.]


[The scene shifted to two weeks later as we pan down to a beach with festival tents, tables and chairs surrounding a small area. The tables were gathered with food as people stood around with conversation. We shift over to see Hannibal, Nikki speaking to each other as Naomi was looking down. Hannibal walked over and pressed his hand on her shoulder. She looked and smiled, then joined the conversation. Fistrick, Tattooed Man and Apollo were making conversation by a punchbowl. We pan over to see Lieutenant Steel, Deputive Reiny in a cast, and Lance speaking to each other, then laughing. Galena and Phoebe were making conversation until Rose went up to hug her below. The scene shifted to Terence speaking with Hannibal until May gave Terence a surprise hug, as Cassie, Alexia and Alice approached them. Terence was annoyed from the hug as the girls laughed. Alice noticed Ethan had stepped away from the party and was sitting on a rock, staring at the ocean view. Alice approached Ethan and sat beside him.]

Alice: Hey, what are you doing out here?

Ethan: I’m just thinking.

Alice: About what?

Ethan: Just about how far we’ve come. I’ve never expected myself to become a superhero two years ago, and for over the past year I put everyone’s lives in danger, I’ve had to make dozens of sacrifices that I’m not proud of. It’s just… Now I question whether I’m good enough to be a superhero or to become this artist I want to be.

Alice: You are. Ethan, it’s because of those sacrifices that we’ve learned to become better people. And without that, we wouldn’t be the people who we are today. I say you are an amazing superhero so far. But as an artist, you still need to work on those proportions.

Ethan: Way to call me out like that out of the blue!

Alice: Hey, you’re the one who needs practice!

[The two laughed.]

Ethan: Yeah, you’re right. Alice, I’m sorry for everything I’ve done for the last year. Putting you in danger and waiting so long to tell you my feelings.

Alice: Don’t worry about it, I’ve held my feelings back from you too. You don’t have to apologize for anything.

Ethan: But I do. Alice, I almost lost you countless times this past year. To Maria, to that one guy and almost to Huitzilo. And I never want that to happen again. So starting now, I’m going to stand by your side and treat you better with the proper respect and love you deserve.

Alice: [Blushes] Thank you. [Waves hair] And Ethan, I promise you won’t lose me to someone ever again, even if you went flying halfway across the universe. I’ll still stand by your side no matter what.

Ethan: Same.

[Ethan and Alice kissed each other on the lips for a moment until Nikki interrupted them.]

Nikki: Hey are you two done making out over there? Come on, join the party!

[Ethan and Alice looked over to see everybody was staring and waiting for them. Hannibal appeared next to Nikki, then Cassie, then Alexia, then May, and Terence.]

Hannibal: Yeah!

Cassie, Alexia: Wooo!!!

[May learned closer to Terence, who rolled his eyes. We cut back to Ethan and Alice blushed as she blushed.]

Alice: We better get moving.

Ethan: Right.

[Ethan stood up and helped Alice up. Alice ran towards the group as Ethan stared at his wrist, now wearing a newly designed green Omnitrix on his wrist.]

Alice: Hurry up, Ethan!

[Ethan looked back up at the group.]

Ethan: I’m coming!

[Ethan ran over towards the group, and we zoomed out to a shot from the tents as Ethan reached his way towards everyone. The shot turned abstract.]

Catch the Moment - Ladybird Girl (Next Time...).png


Major Events

  • Ethan's Omni-Splicer transformations begin to mutate and overwhelm him.
  • Ethan and the gang travel to the island the Teotls is hiding on.
  • Tezca officially reveals that he did indeed kill Granny Judith.
  • Huitzilo offers Ethan and the group the chance to beat them by entering their tournament.
  • Ethan accepts their challenge and they race out of the caverns to beat him.
  • The group manages to exit the caverns and take on Huitzilo's tournament.
  • Terence overcomes his weakness of feeling weak and powerless.
  • Alice defeats Huitzilo's first challenge.
  • Hannibal defeats Tezca's first challenge, and accepts Tezca's challenge to face him head on.
  • Ethan intervenes Hannibal's match and Tezca accepts it.
  • Hannibal and Omni-Splicer Lodestar manage to defeat and destroy Tezca.
  • The Omni-Splicers overwhelm Ethan once again.
  • Huitzilo takes advantage of Ethan's weak state and releases the Omni-Splicers.
  • The Omni-Splicers take on their completely mutated forms and Huitzilo turns them into his minions.
  • Ethan is now unable to transform.
  • The Chuptili arrives on Seattle's shore and Huitzilo begins his new world order.
  • Ethan asks Hex for a favor, in return he bows never to bother him again.
  • Naomi takes Maria's spot and joins the Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaries.
  • Hannibal and Nikki no longer where the G.L.E.E. armors as they now wear their super suits going forward.
  • Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki, Naomi, The Remedial Force, Lieutenant Steel, Deputive Reiny, Lance, the Forever Knight, and other S.A.C.T. operatives go up against Huitzilo and the Omni-Splicing Mutants.
  • Huitzilo takes the Omni-Splicers, Alice into his dimension and Ethan follows him.
  • Ethan overcomes his depression and fears when Alice's life is on the line.
  • Ethan gains closure to Maria's death.
  • Echo Echo is restored in the Omnitrix due to leaving a particle inside the Omnitrix before he was erased.
  • The escaped Omni-Splicers are restored into the Omnitrix.
  • Echo Echo defeats and destroys Huitzilo.
  • A'taenda takes Ethan's Omnitrix to restore the DNA samples.
  • Terence and May opens up and gets back together.
  • Ethan bows never to let anyone harm Alice and admits his love for her.
  • Ethan receives a new Omnitrix with a new set of 10.


  • In Andrea Sawyer's news report, she recaps over the several different alien encounters with Ethan's aliens fighting various villains.
  • A'taenda warning of Ethan possibility of losing control over his aliens when he Omni-Splices comes to life and temporarily becomes Omni-Splicing Mutated Four Arms.
  • After the events of Knight in Shining Armor, Ethan decides to put his plan into action to put down the Teotls for good.
  • Terence is still questioning his self worth after the events of If It's Meant to Be and Knight in Shining Armor.
  • Terence brings up the possibility of Tezca murdering Granny Judith.
  • Ethan brings up when Tezca killed Maria and the weather disasters he caused during Omnious Thunder.
  • Heatblast mentions the stablizer A'taenda placed on him back in the previous episode when he assumes for it to finally be kicking in.
  • After killing Tezca, Hannibal admits to finally avenging his mother.
  • The Omni-Splicers overwhelm Ethan again like it did in the previous episode.
  • Naomi decides to avenge Granny Judith's death by joining Hannibal and the others to stop the Teotls.
  • For a moment, Ethan sees a figment of Maria's conscious, and reminds him of what he told her about overcoming obstacles.
  • Ethan overcomes from his fears and grief since Maria's death in Destination: St. Moritz and moves on.
    • This is also the same depression Ethan used to hide from others since Season 1.
  • The beach the group celebrates


The Remedial Force


Aliens Used


    • Andrea Sawyer calls Four Arms, "Quad Smack" as a reference to Kevin 11's form "Quad Smack".
  • Omni-Splicer Four Arms quotes his Omni-Enhanced counterpart when he says "I'm going to find a way to beat you and you're going to hate it." This is said in "Innervasion, Part 1"
    • Terence quotes Kevin's "Oh-ho-ho, You are in so much trouble" from the Vengeance of Vilgax, Part 2. This happens when Terence gets his power up, which the same happened for Kevin when he created a mace from his hands.
  • Both openings to the original Ben 10 series, "Ben 10 vs Negative 10, Part 2" and Generator Rex's "Endgame, Part 2" are referenced when Ethan is confronted with Huitzilo and the Omni-Splicers and when Huitzilo narrates his new world order.
  • Life by Rude-A is used as an insert song. (The Season 2 first ending)
  • Sanbaki by Eir Aoi is used as an insert song.
  • Stardust by Ito Kanako is used as an insert song.
  • Catch the Moment by LiSA is used as an insert song. (The Season 2 opening)
  • Ladybird Girl by The Pillows is used as an insert song.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • A Promise
    • A Fight with the Ortus
    • Ideals and Truth
    • Thank Goodness
    • The Protective Pillars


  • This is the second movie event of E-10: Horizons!
  • This marks the first completed second season in the E-10 franchise.
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