Cassie Benny is a hero in the series Cassie 12: Omniverse. She made her first appearance in Store 22.

Background information

This version of Cassie thrived under fame and being treated as a hero, she found her watch way before it was supposed to come exactly. Without her Uncle Stallion and Anna to guide her,  Cassie became a person who attacked aliens, thinking they were bad guys when they came into town. She even has her own crew of camera bots, fans, and franchise. Similar to the canon version of Ben 23.

Apparently, She's Scottish.


Cassie 10 is basically...the opposite of Cassie, personality wise.


Cassie wears a sleeveless version of her counterpart's style, being a black and red shirt; there's a black stripe that goes up and down similar to a 't'. There's also a fire flame mark right at the center of this black stripe as well, she wears dark gray shorts, ankle socks that fall right back down. She has longer hair. One of her bangs is red instead of blue. She even has goggles over her head.


Unlike Cassie's Omnidewtrix, this one has a fire-based version with most of her aliens to have names similar to Cassie Benny's aliens only with a touch of fire qualities. She says that she has ten aliens in her watch (like Ben Tennyson).

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