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Cassie is a girl with a black and blue shirt, complete by black shorts. Her eyes are blue similar to The Omnidewtrix. She has a birthmark on her left cheek,but she is oftenly called 'Case' since its misheard by reckless bullies and villians.

Whenever this happens, she is really ticked but kept back by her friend Anna.


Cassie  is a girl who bluffs,Name-calls Aliens, is adventerous, and bold in her ways. Nuf said.

How she gained the Omnidewtrix

One day during summer vacation,while exploring a deep valley with her friend Anna at the Festival Groyd Park, Cassie finds a watch and inadventurely reaches her left hand out to the object. This is when she get's the omnidewtrix with a handful of aliens. Like 12. With the watch comes a encounter of action.

Cassie 12: Omniverse

Cassie is likewise still  who she is before all the events after Cassie 12 meets Ben 10 had not occured, however she has a different set of twelve adventures. She is shown to have developed another catchphrase such as "Sweeet beams! "

It's revealed she doesn't know if she has scottish relatives in her family tree in Store 22 as her other self displayed it in her speaking. Cassie also has made a new enemy primary an astrodactyle by the name Santanio before the series conclusively started, however, she still has her friend Anna and Uncle Stallion who now has a Sami truck and Trucky.

In Outta control Ghost Crab!  Uncle Stallion reveals  Cassie snore's  when she is sleeping.


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Cassie 12: Omniverse

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