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This is a short fan fiction episode for Cassie 12: Original Series.

Cassie 12: Original Series
Season 1, Episode 8.1
Written by Natalie
Directed by Speedygal
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Truck status:...Stolen
A...Scorpion Ghost?


In the far future, where Cassie has gone bored of her watch and knows how to remove it...She meets Natalie Drogonner. Who we see rely on in the episode for everything.


Cassie 12 Meets Natalie

I was at the mall in the comic book store, when I saw a gorgeous young lady in black shorts, and a neon green shirt with a picture of a alien on it. She was with another young.African-American lady in a cute purple and pink outfit with a black skirt. They were looking at the same comic books I liked, so I walked over to them.

Me:Do you like ' Mr. Monk '?

Cassie and Anna:We love 'Mr.Monk'!!!!

Me:What are your names?

Cassie: I am Cassie Bennys.

Anna: My name is Anna Cappula

. Me: My name is Natalie Drogonner. *I spot Cassie's watch* Where did you get that watch?

Cassie: I got it from a pawn shop. I really like it. Do you?

Me: I love it!!!!

Cassie: You can have it if you want.

Me: Are you sure?

Cassie: Yes I am sure.* She removes the watch from her hand.*

Me: Okaaaaaay! I will take it. Thank you so much!

Cassie: No problem.

  • Then some aliens fell from the ceiling!*

Me: Uhhh...'looks to warpwettrix.' Dragon time! ‘Slams the watch* 'becomes a alien dragon'.CASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did you do to me? I am going to kick your butt!!!!!

  • The aliens land*

Cassie: Hey kick the aliens butt!


  • The writer who wrote this is also the one who made up the ice-cream truck scene in Cassie 12 Meets Ben 10.
  • The Writer loves the lyrics: Cassie 12. 1,2,3,4,5 C-Casie! 6,7,8.9 Cassie! 10 11 12! It's Cassie 12! and from Earth to Space. She says it is a catchy song.
  • This is non-canon.