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This is a game for Cassie 12: Original Series.

This game is currently being worked on by Speedy and Ahmad.


Oh no! Tailiz has the entire city trapped in a energy field!

But He has taken something something very valuble to destory the entire city if he does not succeed in getting the watch off Cassie's wrist(Who he had taken to make things easier) While kidnapping her, Tailiz didn't expect her Aliens to go into the nearest human possible.

Now, he has left many Villains behind for Anna and Stallion to face. Including one from the null void.

Will they get the city saved or will it be destroyed?


Playable Characters[]

  • Cassie (Main Character) (Alien Forms only)
  • Anna
    • Attack: Disc (Only 2 every 2 seconds)
    • Defend: Shield
    • Charged Attack: Mana Blast
  • Stallion
    • Attack: Blaster
    • Defend: Forecefield (Traps Near By enemies inside)
    • Charged Attack: Null Void Projector
  • Ben (DS only) (Alien Forms only)

Playable Aliens[]


Alien Attack Charged Attack Shield
SharkDog Bite Dash Duck
Lavathrend Fireball Giant Rock Fire/Rock Wall
Lady Arms Punch Smash Arm Protect
SpeedGate Water Blast Dash Dodge
CoreFreeze Ice Projectile Giant Ice Ball Ice Wall
ScrewHedge Mind Blast Ground Destroyal Telekinesis
Seagrade Punch Energy Ball Liquifaction
ElectricDlat Tail Hit Electric Bomb Dodge
Ghost Scorpion Pinch Venom Intangiblity
Locknecassie Fireball Water Tornado Chest Armor
Turtlesting Laser Earthquake Durable Shell Mode


ALiens Attack Charged Attack Defend
Humungousaur Punch Grow and Smash Chest Armor
Swampfire Fireball Tentacles Regeneration
Jetray Neuroshock Blasts Neuroshock Bomb Dodge
AmpFibian Shock Giant Shock Intangibility
Upgrade Punch Laser Beem Liguifaction
Fasttrack Punch Dash Dodge
Diamondhead Diamond Projectile Large Diamond Attack Reflection
Gravattack Punch Gravity Decrease Project Gravity Increase
Echo Echo Sonic Scream Double Sonic Scream None. (his attacks can destroy them)
Lodestar Magnet Shot Magnetize Metal Forcefield


Villian Attack Level
Vulpimancer Bite (Can also Track you) 1
Arachimp Punches, Webs 2
Evolved Arachimp Heavy Punches, Smash 3
Vaxasaurian Heavy Punches, Smashes, Growing and Crushing 4
Evolved Vaxasaurian Heavy Punches, Smashes, Heatseaking Missiles. 5
To'kuster (only one boss) Cosmic Ray, Heavy Punch, Crash 5


  • Evolved Vulpimancer (Level 1)
  • Evolved Arachimp (Level 2)
  • Vaxasaurian (Level 3)
  • To'kuster (Level 4)
  • Jean (Level 5)
  • Tailliz (Final Level)