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This is the second season to Cassie 12: Original Series with Cassie Benny, Anna,Gastro, and Stallion.

Season 2[]

Episode 14: A startling Revelation

Episode 15: Giant problem

episode 16: Who is this?

Episode 17: Jean 13

Episode 18: One odd dream

Episode 19: Cassie 12,000

Episode 20: The boy with a thunderbolt watch

Episode 21: The Nerd comes!/Cassie 12: The Secret of Screwhedge

Episode 22: Hey is this even real?

Episode 23: Duplite at the beach/ Cassie 12/Chris 12: Heroes of Fate

Episode 24: Jean's...BACK!?

Epsode 25: Uncle Stallion, I somehow shrunk Anna!

Episode 26: Negative

The 8-parter[]

These have already been written since last year.

Cassen's 1st Alien 1

Cassen's 1st Alien 2

Cassen's 1st Alien 3

Cassen's 1st Alien 4

Cassen's 1st Alien 5

Cassens's 1st Alien 6

Cassen's 2nd Alien 1

Cassen's 2nd Alien 2