Carvos Redwind is a character from Ben 10 (Rebooted). He is the brother of Looma Redwind, and is the prince of Khoros. He is also a high ranking Plumber. After Azmuth created the Omnitrix, he gave it to him. At the time, it only had the DNA for a Galvan, a Galvanic Mechamorph, and a To'kustar. Carvos is the Tetramand DNA sample inside the Omnitrix. He managed to scan the DNA of Petrosapien, a Crystalsapien, a Pyronite, a Polar Manzardill, a Citrakayah, and a member of Astrodactyl's Species. Eventually he was killed by the Incursions, and as he was dying, he tracked down the Rustbucket so that he could give the Omnitrix to Max Tennyson. His grandson, Ben Tennyson, was borrowing it at the time. Carvos had no choice but to give it to Ben, but after seeing him in action, Carvos realized that maybe Ben was the right choice after all. Carvos' dying request was for Ben to turn into a Pyronite and burn his dead body.

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