Cartoon Guy
New CG
General Information
Species Cartoonian
Home World Cartoonia
Body Centaur-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cartoon Powers
First Appearance N/A
Cartoon Guy is an alien that I thought of. You can use him in your series if you give credit to me.


  • Armed with a frying pan
  • Pulling stuff from behind his back
  • Making heavy stuff fall on people
  • Turning stuff into cartoons
  • Pan acts like a boomerang
  • Can say something will happen and the opposite will
  • Can look weird one moment and then look normal the next
  • Breaking the laws of physics
  • Cannot get hurt because he is a cartoon (gets flattened instead)
  • Shapeshifting into cartoon characters
  • Can jump into cartoons


  • Too much reality
  • Can only pull stuff that he needs for the situation
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