Carcharodontohomo sapiens (Carcharodontosapien)
General Information
Home World Hydrosii
Body Humanoid Great White Shark
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Water and Air Breathing
Enhanced Strength
Serrated, Sharp Teeth
Enhanced Bite Strength

Carcharodontosapiens are a race of indrustrial sharks.



Normal Carcharodontosapiens are gray, humanoid sharks.


Evolved Carcharodontosapiens are blue versions of their de-evolved selves. Their dorsal fins grows longer.

Powers and Abilities

Carcharodontosapiens have the ability to shoot pressured water from their hands which is actually the water they breath to get its oxygen. Their bite strength is also 3x the normal bite strength of a great white shark. Evolved Carcharodontosapiens's bite strength is 10x the normal bite strength of you-know-who!

Notable Carcharodontosapiens

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