Capulus is a Efac El from the planet Yuja in Plumbers. His first appearance was in Awake All Night.


Capulus is EXETREMELY hyperactive, talking exetremely fast and never rests. He also LOVES absolutley coffee, and drinks it many times, making him hyperactive. He can quickly change the suject while speaking. He also wants everyone to love coffee, but that got him in trouble with Ledus.


  • Shooting Coffee out of his hands
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Breathing Underwater
  • Very hyperactive, making him faster and talks quicker.

Also, if he get's a different liquid inside of him the coffee will have different effects.

Here are the effects.

  • Cold Water/ When the Coffee hits something it freezes
  • Hot Water/ When the Coffee hits something it catches on fire
  • Acid/ When the Coffee hits something it melts
  • Soda/ The Coffee is more dence


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