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Albedo 10
Season 1, Episode 8
Capture Impel Down Part 2
Air date 1/20/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Capture Impel Down Part 1
The Hunt for Vilgax


Ult. Echo Echo: Why must you always show up at the worst moment?

Ben: I’m sorry. Don’t worry; I’ll make your death as painful as possible. (transforms) Swampfire! (goes Ultimate) Ultimate Swampfire! Take this!

Ult. Swampfire threw napalm bombs at Ult. Echo Echo, who countered by using his sonic disks. Ship shot at Eon, who used his time-rays to turn the missiles and bullets to dust.

Theme Song!

Ult. Echo Echo used his sonic disks to knock Ult. Swampfire into Ship, causing Ship to crash into the floor. Eon aged the floor to dust, making everyone, including Ship, to crash into a group of prisoners on the floor below. The prisoners grabbed the Plumbers and dragged them away. Gwen and Kevin ran into Ship, and Ship floated up.

Gwen: Ben, we have to retreat!

Ult. Swampfire turned into Jetray and flew into Ship, who was being held back by the Mummy. Jetray used his neuroshock beams on the Mummy, which caused him to let go. Ship then hovered above the reach of the prisoners. Jetray stood at the hatch.

Jetray: We will meet again, Albedo. And when we do, you will die.

The hatch closed and Ship flew away.

Ult. Echo Echo: That was weird, but its time to finish this!

Ult. Echo Echo flew up to the main engine and turned into Upgrade. Upgrade fused with the main engine, and had Impel Down fly to the Anur region. Ships came from all of the planets and landed in Impel Down, securing it. Sixsix, Sevenseven, and Kraab waved goodbye and started helping releasing the prisoners.

Eon: We better get going.

Eon teleported both of them to Zs’Skayr’s throne room.

Meanwhile in Ship…

Ben was facing the same seven screens that Ra’ad was facing in the Elemental Lords.

Ben: I am afraid that I failed to defeat Albedo, and now Impel Down is in possession of the heroes.

Light figure #6: No worries, we now have Vilgax under out control, and at his full power. Soon Albedo will fall.





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