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Albedo 10
Season 1, Episode 7
Capture Impel Down Part 1
Air date 1/20/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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The Elemental Lords
Capture Impel Down Part 2


Eon and Albedo were standing on the street in front of the rubble of the warehouse.

Eon: Time to go on the offensive. We must take Impel Down and free the heroes there.

Albedo: Yeah, but how do we get there?

Eon: Easy.

SixSix’s ship landed in front of Albedo and Eon and the hatch opened.

Eon: Lets go.

Eon and Albedo walked into the ship. Inside were SixSix, SevenSeven and Kraab

Kraab: Lets do this.

The ship flew all the way to Impel Down, but was hit by a defense laser. It crash-landed near Impel Down’s engines.

Theme Song!

Eon: We’re in the perfect spot. We have to move Impel Down to the Anur region so it can be secured. To the engines!

Eon, Kraab, SixSix, SevenSeven and Albedo ran to the engine block where Tetrax and several Plumbers stood in their way.

Albedo: Get out of our way.

Tetrax: Make us.

Albedo: Sure (transforms) Albedowolf!

Albedowolf fought Tetrax while the others fought the Plumbers. Albedowolf used his sonic howl to crack Tetrax’s skin, and Tetrax punched him in the mouth.

Albedowolf: Auuurrggghh! (transforms) Echo Echo! (goes Ultimate) Ultimate Echo Echo! (lets call him UEE) Now you’re going down!

UEE used his sonic disks to crack Tetrax to pieces. Before he completely fell apart, he charged at UEE. Eon jumped in front of UEE and blasted Tetrax with his time-rays. The time-rays didn’t age Tetrax to dust, but knocked him over the edge of the platform, where he fell to his death.

UEE: Quickly, to the main engine!

Before UEE and Eon could reach the main engine, Ship in spaceship mode appeared in a flash of Purple light. The ramp lowered and Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and several Plumbers came out.

Ben: Not so fast, Albedo

UEE: Ben Tennyson, of course

To be continued…




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