Captain Smugglebeard
General Information
Species Human
Age ~58(?)
Home World Earth
Residence America
Dimension Delta Dimension
Affiliations Smugglebeard's Crew
Occupations Criminal
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Third Arm
Enhanced Strength
Alias Captain
Friends Loose-Eye Lucy
Pegleg Pete
First Appearance Pirates!

Captain Smugglebeard is a self-proclaimed Pirate Captain and a villain from the Delta Dimension in Earth-1010. He is a Human from the planet Earth. He first appeared in the episode Pirates! in Ben 10: Delta Days.


Smugglebeard is a large man with a huge black beard covering most of his torso. He wears a wide black pirate hat with a skull on it, and typical brown clothing with a red belt.

Hidden beneath his beard is a large muscly arm protruding from his chin.


Captain Smugglebeard is a chipper and commanding figure that is obsessed with getting as much money as possible. He is not very smart either, living his life like an actual stereotypical 1800's Mediterranean pirate. On the other hand, he is a very skilled speaker and can put aside his delusions long enough to bluff people.

Power and Abilities

Smugglebeard is already fairly strong and durable, but his third arm is unusually strong for human feats.


A fairly obvious weakness of his is his uninformed world view. He lives his life as though it is one long pirate movie, and therefore will believe anything so long as it fits that narrative.


Smugglebeard speaks in a Welsh accent and attributes his third arm to his mother taking Thalidomide pills during her pregnancy. Thalidomide pills were outlawed in the UK in 1960, making Smugglebeard give or take 58 years old.

Which is a solid theory until you take into account that Thalidomide stunted fetal development, causing babies to lose limbs not gain them. Thalidomide is almost certainly not the actual cause of his mutation, so his age is unknown.

Ben 10: Delta Days

Captain Smugglebeard made his debut in the episode Pirates! in which him and his crew raided the Hostile Coasts theme park in order to steal the riches they believe were hidden in the Scot's Fury ship, the wreck of which lay at the end of the Doomed Galleon ride. He was almost defeated by Ben Tennyson as Omni-Enhanced Overflow, but managed to escape when the police showed up.


Ben 10: Delta Days

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