Captain Leon
Captain Leon
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Warp Universe
Status Alive
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliations 25th Legion
Occupation(s) Captain
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Expert Tactician
Equipment Legionnaire Armor
First Appearance Hollow Striving
Captain Leon is a Human from the Planet Earth who currently resides in the Warp Universe. He is the Captain of the 7th Company of the elite 25th "Red Legion".


Captain Leon wears a dark blue colored armor with red shoulder pads - the standard color for the Red Legion troops. In addition, Leon's rank allows him to add extra features to his armor such as a pauldron and a transverse crest on his helmet.


Far from being a subtle man, Leon preferred straightforward tactics, employing overwhelming firepower as opposed to complicated strategies. He eventually became famous for his bombastic approach to any given situation, which awarded him the rank of Captain the Red Legion.

Despite his more destructive approach, he is capable of recognizing when overwhelming firepower isn't required. As he refused to set an entire jungle on fire just to quickly destroy a single scout company.


In Hollow Striving Captain Leon is shown commanding the invasion of an unknown planet with Nosyerg and Red Leader . He was able to guess what Evan's next orders were going from just a single glance at him while he was Warp Champion and ordered Red Leader to take Red Mist Squad and wrap up the battle.

Powers and Abilities

Leon is a highly skilled tactician, enough so to be given the rank of Captain and full control of Red Legion's forces that were fighting on the planet.


Duplex Tribulatio


  • Captain Leon and Red Leader are both based after ARC-77 "Fordo" from Star Wars the Clone Wars with Captain Leon's having a similar personality to the captain and wearing armor that closely resembles Fordo's Phase 1 Clone Trooper Armor.
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