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Captain Jack is a character from Earth-68, the universe owned by Dioga beta. There is only one Captain Jack, and he makes appearances in the Samurai Tales, John 23: Megaman, Jane Smith 10 and the special Twin Diaries.

A second one appears in Omnimania, which is turned into Eon.


He originates in Dimension 720. He lives in the apocalyptic world where Glacia is in control, and is part of a unit investigating Proctor Servantis and his use of hybrids to fight back. He is the result of his group duplicating Servantis' procedure, and becomes have Chronosapien. He then goes undercover into Servantis' army to prevent him from rising to power later, assisting Samurai in escaping. Jack is killed, but his unique Chronosapien power is to bring himself back to life, which he does to escape.

Jack plays a major role in the Time War, where he is the main one fighting to prevent the Fell One's revival. He is captured by Saturn from Dimension 23, to allow Megaman scan him to unlock Clock Man, to create a future where Saturn can rule without Megaman. Saturn kills Jack afterwards, but he revives himself shortly after Megaman defeats Saturn.

In a visit to Dimension 222, the Twin Diaries dimension, he meets the Puppet Master for the first time. He is tasked with transporting her to a Pocket Dimension to be locked away in isolation.

He engages Puppet Master again, coming to the rescue of Samurai and Kairi. He rescues Naminé, and prevents Puppet Master from using the Galactic Gladiator as her puppet.

His overall goal fails, as the Fell One is revived by Maltruant, Jane, and a yet to be identified Puppet Master. Jack appears to stop Maltruant, as the two begin a confrontation. Fell One creates a portal, sending Jack and Maltruant through a portal. It takes the two to a time before the Fell One's release in his dimension, where Maltruant lands a seemingly fatal blow to Jack. Maltruant boasts on his victory, when Jack is revived, and defeats Maltruant. Maltruant's main body is sent to Dimension 720, while Jack scatters his other parts, revealing he works for Paradox.


Dimension 763 (Omnimania)

Captain Jack appears as a character from Omnimania. After a stroke of fame, an incident aged him, turning him into Eon.


  • Captain Jack is based off Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who.
  • Jack works for Paradox, being his soldier for the Time War.