Captain Blacknova

Designed by PDFletcher. appears in Ben 10 Omniverse: the unseen adventures.


Captain Blacknova is a robot and has the appearance of a traditional pirate, He wears a eye patch, and armour. He is furnished with a Cutlass and a variety of laser pistols and blades. His eye patch is robotic and has a variety of functions.

He has a pet "parrot". Named Polly. 

Polly the parrot

Polly is a robot made to look like a parrot, his feathers are completly black, with silver or grey tips. He has sharp claws,beaks and laser eyes.


Blacknova's Cutlas: Blacknova's cutlass contains unstable iso-topes causing the blade to give off heat and radiation, it is deadly to organics, especially species like human's, who can only be in the blade's unsheathed presance for a few minutes before they are sick.

Blacknova's eyepatch: Blacknova wears an eye patch that can fire a intense laser beam at anything he looks at, he can also use it to see through objects and pick out heat signatures. 


  • Captain Blacknova knows about Captain Kork, and considers him a rank amertuer.
  • His crew are called the nova bucaneers.
  • His ship is called the shooting star.
  • He knows, and likes, the Vreedle brothers.
  • He is penny pinching, leading to him having a run down crew of robots.
  • He loves his ship.
  • He claims to own a planet
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